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  1. But that's exactly it. The flashes were in his first season, and he hasn't shown much since. And it's not just that he isn't showing flashes, he's regressing. Larsson and he are different cases.
  2. When this team is healthy, who would you trust with the defensive zone starts against the opponent's top players, if not Larsson and Greene? Plus, I think they did make an effort to get the two in more advantageous situations by separating them. But that was before Schlemko and Moore went down.
  3. He also receives the most advantageous zone starts and generally faces the other team's weakest players.
  4. I guess with Cory there's always a chance, but we're just missing too much to produce offensively.
  5. Yeah and they're still the 2nd pairing. I don't really know how we could've expected anything else tonight.
  6. There are no dmen left to put out on the PK.
  7. The Devils are already a good team with respect to GA and PK, and that's with Cory at a .927 SV%. Plus they're among the league leaders in preventing shots. How much better defensively can they get?
  8. I laugh a little every time Colin White contributes offensively.
  9. 2 years ago the Rangers were a good puck possession team up until the playoffs, where they got beat by a much better puck possession team in the Kings. Last year they were much poorer at possessing the puck, but were well supported by top 4 ES shooting % and top 5 ES save %. The linked graph shows the Rangers' puck possession numbers for the last 2 seasons: Graph I think you're seeing the Rangers come crashing down to earth right now. Their puck possession numbers are the worst they've been in the last 3 years. Obviously Lundqvist isn't this bad, but he's also not as good as his numbers suggested at the beginning of the year. It's highly unlikely that Lundqvist returns to putting up the numbers he was at the beginning of the year (because no goalie can), so there's not much to suggest the Rangers return to being a team at the top of the conference. Plus, the Rangers have the 2nd highest ES shooting % this year at 9.4%, which is tough to sustain. That could help explain their good start despite poor puck possession numbers, yet also give them room to fall.
  10. Looks like it's working now. Thank you for the help.
  11. I don't see any place to type a reply in existing threads. It appears that I'm only allowed to create new ones. Is this just a thing with new users?
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