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    Marty's 40th birthday tomorrow at the Rock

    So any suggestions on what chants/songs we can do at the Rock tomorrow to celebrate Marty's 40th Birthday?????
  2. Lady Stanley

    Marty's 40th birthday tomorrow at the Rock

    My thought was to sing Happy Birthday at the end of the 2nd period tomorrow (40 Minutes played) but don't know how many would jump on the bandwagon to make it loud enough in the arena.
  3. Lady Stanley

    Site funds.

    Hi DM! I sent a small donation the other day through paypal, just wanted to make sure you received it. Thanks for all the time and hard work you put into this site. I am not on here as much as I used to be, but I would never want to see this site disappear. It's the first place I come to find out the true story of what's happening in Devils Land! Merry Christmas!! Laura
  4. Lady Stanley

    Happy Birthday Don!

    Hope you have a great birthday!
  5. Lady Stanley

    Roll Call for Tuesday

    Section 115 I've got to deal with two more days of having GOOSEBUMPS though! I can't wait until Tuesday!! Of course I'm pulling for the win to propel Marty into the HHOF as THE best goalie in the world, but no matter what happens I hope the fans give Marty and this team a big standing ovation and shower them with the love and appreciation they deserve. I hope it's LOUD on Tuesday (The "guys night out" promo with one free beer should certainly help!!) These guys play HARD every night and we, as NJ fans, are so lucky to be able to enjoy them and this superior Devils organization!! LET'S GO DEVILS!!!
  6. Lady Stanley

    Godzilla Video

    Ev0lemi, I'm curious....were you at Wednesday night's game? They showed a person on the big screen (who had a touch of pink/red highlight in her hair) who resembled you. (I saw the photos you posted of yourself with some of the devils players awhile back). I remember thinking "that could be Ev0lemi!" when I saw it, and then you posted the godzilla question - i know it's a long shot - but I just had to ask.
  7. Lady Stanley


    A very happy birthday to you, DM!!
  8. Lady Stanley

    Happy Birthday Peperkorn

    Happy Happy Birthday PK!! Wow, you sure do look great for a 97-year-old!
  9. Lady Stanley


    Marty sure looks lean, but what's with the "kewpie doll" haircut? (Wow! I'm showing my old age here with THAT reference!)
  10. Lady Stanley

    Happy Birthday ESB where ever you are

    Happy Birthday ESB! We miss you around here!
  11. Lady Stanley

    Hey Happy Birthday Lady Stanley!!

    Thanks, all! "quality lurker" hmmmm....i like that! Never have too much to add to the conversations but I certainly do enjoy reading all of the different opinions of everyone else. And some posters here have GREAT senses of humor! My family often wonders about me when they hear crazy laughter coming from the "computer room"!! Thanks for the thoughtful birthday wishes!!
  12. Lady Stanley

    Happy birthday DM!

    Happy Birthday DM! And thanks for another great year of NJdevs.com!!
  13. Lady Stanley

    Help the Devils fill The Rock

    Wow! Very impressed with your finished article! Great job! Hope that the Devils organization will read it and take note!! We all LOVE our team, but they certainly CAN do better to make us feel more welcome and want to spend our hard earned money to watch them more in person.
  14. Lady Stanley

    11/15 Chico Resch Book Signing

    Saw this in The Home News Tribune and wanted to share, in case anyone was interested......... Barnes & Noble in the North Village Shopping Center, Rt. 1 South, North Brunswick Tonight at 8 PM Chico, along with Mike Kerwick, will be appearing at the Barnes and Noble bookstore tonight for a signing event of their new book "Chico Resch's Tales from the Devils Ice". For more info, please contact Miriam Libove-Goldfarb at (732) 545-7860
  15. Lady Stanley

    POD: My last rant.

  16. Lady Stanley

    Matthew Barnaby announces retirement

    Barnaby was not only good at getting under other players' skin, but also the fans. Once, he was a part of an NHLPA "Ask the Player" website, and I posted a statement, rather than a question. It was back when he was playing for the Penguins. I emailed a question, asking him if he thought he should receive an Acamedy Reward" for DIVING, NEVER expecting an answer, I was SHOCKED that he chose my question. He literally berated me, as a "fan", for asking such a question, and TRIED to put me in my place! I was just so pleased that he got riled up enough to even respond to me! VICTORY!!!
  17. Lady Stanley

    Flyers Draft

    I wouldn't count on players being there. Have you ever been to a devils draft day party? Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed being there, but basically we were watching a television screen from the live draft going on in a different city (not sure where this year's draft is being held). They offered face painters, and the mascot was there. They gave out some freebies, had an equipment sale. The time it was in the bubble they set up a couple of playing fields, one for hockey, one for soccer/football where the kids let off some steam, but no players! After all, they're on vacation right now. They go home to be with family and friends. I'd try to get more info about it before making the treck down to Philly.
  18. Lady Stanley

    Happy Birthday DevilMinder

    Happy Belated Birthday, DM!! Hope you're feeling better!
  19. Lady Stanley

    Happy Birthday David Puddy

  20. Lady Stanley

    Hello folks...

    In addition, I think our defense has certainly stepped it up lately and are playing more cohesively. Taking Elias off the 1st line, giving us two solid "scoring threat" lines. Our new "crash line", or "The Dobermans" as Doc calls them, which pump up the excitement level and intimidate the other teams. Our years of Playoff Experience! These boys are NOT ready to play golf! Go LOU! Go DEVILS! Being the underdog is just fine with me!!!
  21. Lady Stanley

    Brodeur, Gomez, Elias signing

    So did anyone get there today? I would love to hear about it if anyone went! Was curious to see if Gomez made it after having dental problems last night.
  22. Lady Stanley

    Some funny pics of Sweden's celebration

    ooooooh! (shudders!) That large one of Forsberg is going to give me nightmares tonight!
  23. Lady Stanley

    Happy Birthday RD!

    Happy Birthday RD! Sorry it's not a beer, but I did make it in under the midnight deadline!
  24. Lady Stanley

    HAppy birthday Darwindog!!!

    Happy Birthday to the most interesting dog to post on this board!! Hope you get a big bone
  25. Lady Stanley

    When did Marty change his anthem ritual?

    I don't have season tickets and only attend about 3-6 Devils games throughout the year. In all the YEARS I've been a fan, I've always enjoyed watching Marty do his little ritual during the Star Spangled Banner. As most of you know, when the song gets to the part "and the land of the free....." Marty taps his goal stick on his left leg, right leg. and then behind his right leg, before the song continues "and the home of the brave." I went to one game back in October and he performed his ritual. but when I went to the game this past Thursday, HE DIDN'T DO IT! After the game, we asked Doc and Chico about it. Chico said "Yeah, I noticed that too! I'll have to ask him about it!" We weren't able to catch the game tonight, so maybe this was answered on the pregame show or between periods. Does anybody know when Marty stopped? Was it when he got the new pads? (although Marty has worn new pads in the past and still continued this ritual) Was it when Elias came back? I'm really curious about what could change his routine after ALL THESE YEARS!

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