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  1. Oh man this is ridiculous. It takes two people to have sex, and she's just as responsible for her sexual health as he is! Sheesh! It's HERPES. There are worse things to get. And who knows who she got it from--it's a prevalent STD, and many people have it without showing symptoms. Filing a lawsuit for it is just absurd.
  2. ::sigh:: The sad thing is that this is the least of our worries. The EPA listed over 87,000 other potential chemicals found in our environment that could disturb our delicate physiological balance (or disturb other organisms that we eat--PCB-laden fish, for instance), but they lack the funding to properly test them. Plus, they can't just identify them based on similar chemical structures either... but hey! This country has other stuff to worry about--like those heretics and men who like men... cause long-term effects of chemicals in our environment just isn't that important, eh?
  3. Those women went to the parties willingly... it's not like the lady kidnapped them and then forced SEX down their throat (no pun intended). Ugh. I'll both laugh and cry at this--crying over the idiocy of it all, but laughing knowing that most of those uptight religious goofs are probably having awful sex, and will never know any better.
  4. So, selling sex toys is bad, but pornography is still ok with them (so long as its good ol' religiously-sanctioned porn)? I sometimes think Alabama was created to make the rest of the southern states seem less severe.
  5. My personal dilemma is between continuing on with GTA or switching to Sly 2. See, I LOVED the first Sly Cooper, is next to GTAIII as my favorite PS2 game yet, but I don't think you can switch from planting pot in the DA's truck to cutesy animation very well... I'm addicted. I'm in Albany - (in fact, I think I'm posting as MrsSheeps... oops.) - and thus I haven't played it in what, 24 hours? And yet I'm DYING to play it again. Thank god I have no job and very little schoolwork this semester. I'd be dropping out.
  6. I'm getting my B.S. in Human Biology, minor in Psychology... looking to possibly get my M.P.H. here too.
  7. Hi! As you can guess from the name, I'm happily attatched to Mr. Sheeps... and finally joined because he kept on sending me links to this board with various amusing topics... So... I'm a senior at the University at Albany (which means I'm too poor to go to games here) So... um... yeah.
  8. (What a way to start my very first post) I'm a sex health peer educator at the University at Albany--and if there's anything I've learned is that the 15 - 24 year old range is most susceptible to contracting a whole schlew of nasty things. Pregnancy is the least of their worries when it comes to sex. And frankly, abstinence-only education isn't cutting it. A few statistics: * The CDC reports that a teen gets an STD every 11 seconds. It's sick. * Half of all new HIV infections occur in persons between the ages of 15 and 24... every 13 minutes there's a new HIV infection in the US--that mea
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