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  1. Joining the Hello-section: Hello from Austria!

    what's so bad about your politics-section? i'm sorry for all the americans suffering under bush and his fellows.
  2. Joining the Hello-section: Hello from Austria!

    next time i'll try to take better pics. all my photos are just showing action on the ice. i tried to catch patrik but it was too hard. i can send you a picture of me and him if you want.
  3. Joining the Hello-section: Hello from Austria!

    hi! the orli-games aren't broadcasted here in austria, so i have to go there and watch the games live. the atmosphere in their stadium is great, people feel with their team and i think patrik knows that. nevertheless, karel rachunek and martin havlat left to play in russia 2 weeks ago and patty is the only nhl-player in the team now besides goalie vokoun. patty is the crowd's declared darling but i'm not sure if he's happy there. he fits in the team and is a perfect assist-provider. but he seems not to play 100% - maybe because he doesn't want to or because he sees that the level he's playing at is okay for the team. i talked to him a week ago and he wasn't as happy as i expected him to be because of all that darling-stuff. maybe he just wants back to the usa, maybe he had a hard day, i don't know. my feelings are that he isn't the patty he is when playing for the devils, he's more like a guest to this team. if that's what he wants to be, that's fine for him. although i could watch him every week over here i'd prefer to see him back with the devils. we all know how the last shortened nhl-season ended
  4. hi everyone! i found this forum accidently but i guess i like what i see and read. that's why i'm here now. i'm a devils-fan from vienna, austria and cheering for them since 1994 (that's when i started to follow the nhl). unfortunately (the guy from germany will agree) it's hard to watch games over here. the only possibility is pay-tv but they broadcast 3 nhl games a week. it's hard being a devils fan over here. but as unpleasant as the cba-discussions are the better it is over here: lots of nhl-players spend their time playing in european leagues, especially the czech extraliga. that's what made it possible for me to meet my favourite player, patrik elias. he's playing for the "hc znojemsti orli" but i'm sure u all know that. as long as there is no nhl-season i can watch him right across the czech border, 60 miles away from vienna. that's fine check out www.icehockey2005.com for informations on the world championship next year in vienna/innsbruck. if anyone has a question or wants to tell me anything just go on and do it. i hope i'll have fun in here. that's all for now
  5. Hello from Germany

    dem schlie