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  1. I don't think this was a bad trade by Lou, and I am one of those folks who was over Lou when others still drank the Kool Aid, so yeah I quite like the deal for the Islanders. They basically traded there own Zacha, a kid who dropped like an anchor to the second round when his minus 1 draft year he was one of the top players and a draft pick top 12 protected. so yeah not very much. They are an old team, but a lot of their best players including probably the best goalie in the game are not old, and now they added another core piece who is also not old who will probably resign with them as his agent represents like 4 or 5 players on the team so Lou probably has a decent idea on how the guy thinks and if it was smart to trade for another of his clients. They are a team who still needs a big time younger wing, but those are hard to find and that team is in a place where they could be a good team but unless things go great not a great team. This trade gives them a chance of being a better team, while still not great it does improve their awful powerplay and makes them much improved down the middle.
  2. Yeah, I understand why you can't trade them both now, it's again why I really wanted a move before the season. I don't think they trade either unless we get a veteran or 2 back, and it's like you said the season has gone so well that you want this team to play meaningful games and you don't want to hurt it if you don't have to. I was just in the you have to get assets for these two good players and they decided not to do so, and now because of how well the team has played they will be losing one or both of them for probably very little or nothing at all.
  3. I think it's time we start to get a little excited about what Filmon is doing, especially because of all the growth he has done in the last year and a half. Do we know if he is still growing by the way? I remember at the draft it was said that he might still be getting taller, but he was already 6-1 and that was one of the main reasons he was so skinny was the growth spurt he was hitting. He showed up in the games he played up in Buffalo and he has done nothing since but be a pure goal scorer this season. He and Casey have basically turned into 2 good prospects right away, and to get that out of non 1st rd picks is great. I think if they did a re-draft there is no way Casey is not going in the 1st rd, maybe the bottom half but still a 1st with the jump his game has taken, and it might be very valuable sooner than we think if he is the other big piece who gets us a certain Swiss player. Oh and I am not in favor of trading Casey unless it's for Meier and if so, no 1st rd pick is being offered with him and lets say Holtz, as I think those two plus a 2rd and a forward like Foote is something I don't see other teams beating. Casey has lots of value and it might grow even more next season when Luke is gone, so I am only selling him very high.
  4. The reason why I was so strongly in favor of trading one of Severson or Graves before the season was because of this situation we are now facing. The odds are they will not get anything for Severson unless they trade him right before FA so a team can talk to him before and lock him up, so maybe they get a 3rd for that. I don't agree with the odds being very favorable for Graves staying, and that's because he will never have the chance to get a big contract than right now, and the Devils should not sign him unless it's a very team friendly deal. I just don't see any situation where Luke and Simon are not on the team full time next season unless something goes very wrong, you do not see top 2 picks spend time in the minors besides that first year and Luke is never sniffing the minors unless it's an injury situation where he needs to play games for conditioning. No neither of them are going to be perfect, yes they will make many mistakes, but next season they will both be on the team, that's just how top picks are dealt with, again unless injuries and or serious in game issues with Nemec that I don't think are there happens. With this being my basic foundation the question is, do you want to have Graves on a long term deal for 5 million a year or do you go with searching for a short term deal with a veteran or one of the other kids are ready to go? The issues with this is, if you go with another kid, that's 3 in the line-up but I think that's more likely with the 3rd kid being part time with a veteran than Graves being back, unless he stupidly signs for less than he can get on the open market.
  5. The Devils have 3 players who can change the end of this season in Nemec, Hughes and Gritsyuk, I really hope he signs and then comes over with Muk and they have him practice with the Devils to see how he might fit in before they send him to the AHL. Not saying any of them will be a big impact, but the possibility is there and it's something to be excited about. I should add there is one more player I really would like to see this season and that's Clarke, he is producing and his shot is NHL legit, so if his skating is ready, I would call him up at some point and give him a few looks.
  6. That's the thing you and others say, and you might be right, but I just don't think there should any concern about that when you don't even know if they will burn their year or not. They have 9 games, I think they should use them, because if Nemec is a better player now than Smith, you should make the team better and not worry about the Cap 3 or 4 years from now, especially when we know it's going up and the team is in great shape with the team friendly deals Nico and Jack are under. Teams don't keep their best players in the minors because of burning years off their deal, it does not happen in hockey with the top kids. we have seen this over and over with different teams and players. This again is something that is not even a given, what should be a given to me is to see if Nemec right now is better than Smith and then you worry about it.
  7. The Dougie factor is something we will have to get used to for a long time here in Devils fandom, as Luke will be his own adventure as he grows and learns how to defend. I just hope everyone understands what that entails and gets there will be games that our goalies are going to have to make big saves because of Luke, Dougie and even Simon are caught out of position. The benefits will be that in terms of skating, passing, and puck possession , teams are going to be in big trouble and that should lead to more goals for than against. I know that Fitz can not force teams to make moves earlier than they want, but it would be really nice if he can make the big move for Meier or someone else sooner than later as it will give the team a chance to see if they need to add anything else at the deadline. I get everyone might not want this, but I am still in favor of seeing Nemec up here to see how he plays for some games, I think he would be an improvement on Smith, and I really don't care about burning his first year thing, but even then we have 9 games for that.
  8. Reality check for this game with some thoughts... The Devils were the better team for most of the game, but Vegas scored twice in transition after good to great scoring chances for the Devils did not go in. Haula simply can not be an anchor on Jack's back anymore, his failure to shoot the puck and instead try to make a fancy pass led to the first transition goal. He was alone in front and he did not shoot, what is he doing there? He is a good 2 way player, but he can not play with Jack, he simply is wasting too much of games eating up 86's minutes. I know Boquist is not liked by many of the fans, but I would much rather he get those minutes where he plays with Jack than Haula, at least he can skate with him, and Jack won't have to lesson his pace with him. I would prefer Shango being on the line, but they seem to not want to do that and have that second faceoff guy there. Tatar had a really bad game tonight in terms of playing with the puck, he also should not be an anchor to Jack, we need guys who can skate, but Tatar has been excellent this year overall so I won't kill him for a bad game. Smith was really bad tonight, they really need Marino back sooner than later. Wood needs to sit, he might be playing injured I don't know, but since the big hit he took in Dec he has not been the same. Nico and Bratt were the two best players on the ice until the last minute of the game and OT when Jack and Dougie took over. Jack, Mercer and Shango would be my second line until they make a big trade for whoever, hopefully Nico's Swiss teammate, but that is what I would do and then go Jesper 2 with Tatar and Haula as line 3. Jack is still just a baby in terms of his future, look at McDavid now at 26 and how he took another jump, Jack has 3 or 4 more jumps in his play when he gets stronger and smarter, the rest of the league should be worried, very worried.
  9. Come on Bahl, this is your showcase for SJ, use your height and weight, you will like Cali, it's nicer than NJ.
  10. I don't know if Gritsyuk is ready for the NHL or if he needs time to develop in Utica and on a smaller ice surface, but I hope they bring him over as soon as his season is over, and see what the answer to that question is.
  11. I think with what is going on with the Devils, there is a possibility that Nemec is going to go play in the World Juniors and if the coaches in Utica and Fitz think he is ready, we might see him afterwards to see how he does. He had 2 more assists tonight, and he was a plus 4, I know plus minus is a take or leave it stat, but that's still good. I don't see a this team not making a trade in the next 6 weeks, I think they will make a move sooner than later before the deadline, and I think one of the defenseman are going to be moved especially if Nemec is impressing them as I think he might be.
  12. Sometimes you see something on the internet that can only be one of two things, a complete and utter troll job that is meant to take a piss out of everyone who reads it, and can me laughed about in the future by those who wish to do so. The other thing is that someone can be so ill-informed that you should try to ignore the car crash that happens right in front of your eyes every time they share there thoughts once you reach that point. Jesper Bratt is worth more than Severson and Graves, that's without taking into account the 2nd and 4th overall left and right handed defenseman who you just took in the last two draft. Of course who knows maybe the Devils are looking to trade those two players plus Bratt for a guy like Josh Anderson and a bag of pucks, lets hope not though. A nice win last night, let's hope they have some jump later today against the Capitols who also played yesterday.
  13. If you find a desperate team who wants and needs a defenseman like Severson and they offer you a first in a loaded draft plus one of their top prospects who fits what you might look at a potential need for the future, you can absolutely make that trade right now. Do I think it's a great idea to make a trade during a winning streak and potentially hurt the chemistry, no it might not be a perfect time to do so. The actual trade offer is what matters and Damon is not going to be here next year, it's just not happening, so if the best trade offer is right now at the end of November, and you have confidence that your young Utica defenseman will not crush your D, you have to do what is best for the future of the team. You can keep Severson and Graves the entire year and make no trades and lose them for nothing, I just think that is really poor asset management, especially with Severson who might have some team out there make a very bad offer for them and overpay. Graves I can be convinced to sign to a 3 or 4 year deal with a non crazy average as you know he should have decent value if you need to move him in a year or 2.
  14. Simon Nemec has 5 points in 11 games for Utica so far, but the most impressive thing to me is he is plus 3 in those games. I know plus minus is something many folks look down on, but for me, a 18 year old on a team that has been blown out a few times this season and given up tons of goals, this is a very good stat. I watched all the preseason games and while he got himself in trouble by jumping up at every chance he impressed me by his presence in his own zone and his ability with his stick and defending. I am not saying he is going to be up this season, but I think as he continues to get used to the smaller rink and when to jump up and when to be patient, the odds grow that the Devils will have to think about that possibility. Damon's and Graves clocks are ticking, and the question is do the Devils want to lose 2 defenseman for nothing in the offseason or do they make a move in the next 2 months with one, both or neither of them to possibly improve in another area and or for future assets. The incredible start does not change this, but the defense and how they look with Damon being on the bottom pairing does make you think if other teams still value him as a top 4 should the Devils make a move if they think Nemec, Bahl and Okhotiuk who was injured earlier in the season and just came back, can replace him and the team not be too wounded by that loss. I do think there is a possibility that if they are not happy with Bahl, Smith and Okhotiuk and his price is not crazy that Graves could be signed to a 3 or 4 year extension, as if they can get him on that type of deal, he should be a very tradable type player when the time comes to do so.
  15. I was looking at a post at allaboutthejersey earlier and I saw a name of a young goalie I remember seeing on here during one of the draft posts this year. Dmitri Nikolayev is only 22, and I think Guadana mentioned him as a possible pick up either in the draft all as a free agent back then, I just looked up his numbers and they are silly in the KHL. He seems to be a free agent after this season, so if Fitz and Marty, plus the other scouts are on this kid, I think it would be a very good thing. What can you tell everyone about him Guadana? Does he want to play in the NHL, does he have a preference of where he wants to go if he does or is he planning on staying home for another couple of years? Any information you have is muchly appreciated.
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