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  1. Change in World Cup Format

    The finals for the 96 cup were best of 3. Now they're 1 game elimination. Why'd they make the change. The best of 3 format is what made the 96 cup so intense. I can make assumptions, but has anyone read anything explaining the official reason for the change (other than poor marketing of course).
  2. A breath of fresh heir at BU

    I'm just thankful he's there long after i left. I'd hate to have to route for the son of ray borque.
  3. Brylin signs 3 year deal

    To me, the most shocking part about this story is I can't believe Brylin's already been here 10 years. Doesn't seem that long ago that much of the offense rested on MacLean and Captain Kirk.
  4. Proof that Brylin Signed...?

    could be a hint... Rafalski, Devils agree on new deal Associated Press 8/13/2004 EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. (AP) - The New Jersey Devils avoided arbitration with Brian Rafalski, signing the veteran defenseman to a one-year contract. He was seeking a deal worth just under $4 million, but the Devils had planned to offer him $2.8 million. The two sides agreed on a $3.1 million contract late Wednesday, a source close to the negotiations told The Associated Press on condition of anonymity. Rafalski played in 69 games this past season, amassing six goals and 30 assists. The signing leaves Scott Niedermayer as the Devils' only unsigned player. He had an arbitration hearing on Wednesday and a decision is expected Friday. Niedermayer won his first Norris Trophy this past season as the NHL's top defenseman. With Scott Stevens missing half the season with problems resulting from concussions, Niedermayer had 14 goals and 40 assists in 81 games. He had nine power-play goals and three game-winning goals. Devils center Scott Gomez was awarded a one-year, $2.9 million contract in an arbitration settlement earlier this week. Gomez earned $1 million last season, when he had 14 goals and 56 assists in 80 games.
  5. $60 million

    I would hardly take comfort if Lou's been given the green light to escalate payroll. Just because the new owner feels that he can afford a big payroll doesn't mean that he can. It's not uncommon in sports (especially hockey) for a new owner to come in, spend millions more in payroll, then realize it was not a fiscally sound move and have a firesale or sell the team. And no owner in their right mind would willing take a loss until a Newark arena happens when that is at least 4 years away and still not even a certainty. I don't have an apocalyptic outlook, but there certainly doesn't appear to be a silver lining to the payroll issue.
  6. Brylin signed

    Well I can't vouch for the road. I CAN vouch for her looks though. So no one else has seen her? She's freaking gorgeous.
  7. Brylin signed

    Unfortnately I've retired from my stalking days so I don't have a picture of her. Don't know if he has other girls, i just know this is his one at home games. I know because a friend of Stevens told me so, when Gomez's brother is in town he sits with her, and when they won the cup she was on the ice with Gomez. On to the important stuff... she's above average height, long straight blonde hair, and slim figure. Really gorgeous girl. hmmm... maybe my stalking days aren't over.
  8. Brylin signed

    Don, if this team had cloning abilities the first person they'd have to clone would definitely be Gomez's girlfriend. Elias!? Stop thinking small time.
  9. Where the heck is all this money coming from!

    Big market denotes big revenues, big ratings, big attendance. Not big payroll.
  10. Where the heck is all this money coming from!

    The team supposedly lost over 20 million last season. What happened in the last 3 months that they became a big market team? Pray for a hard cap devil fans.
  11. Matvichuk and Madden make top 10 FA signings

    Wow, given what those players signed for Madden should be 10 on that list. The guys making more money and for more seasons than Rolston, Conroy, and Draper. Tuff to say he had a better season than those guys. Can't say I agree with Lou on that.
  12. Who Stays, Who Goes?

    Niedermayer is spamtastic. But giving him 7 mil when he's not even a UFA and before the new CBA is done not something i can agree with. I'd offer 5.5 to 6. If he doesn't want it, let him sit. Once the new CBA is signed (assuming it involves some type of cap or tax situation) he'll be forced to sign for even less and have only himself to blame.
  13. Goodbye Wall St., Hello Hockey

    The article says that the Devils are the only team to win 3 cups since '95. Makes you wonder what other parts aren't true.
  14. Neids..

    Neidermayer will never win a norris with the Devils.
  15. Top 9 Changes To Improve The Sport

    I'm not sure i'm sold yet that tag up offsides will improve forechecking and offense. I think it should be used at least 1 year in the AHL first to see. I definitely think the ice can handle another 5 minutes of overtime. And while I hate shootouts deciding a game I think only a very small number of games would make it till the end of the 10 minutes still being tied. About 150 games ended in a tie last year. While it's only a guess I would bet that only a third of those would still be tied at the end of 10 minutes of overtime. I could live with 50 games being decided by a shootout out of 1230. I really hate ties.