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  1. Better soda than beer. I'd hate to not be able to enjoy my 40oz. Olde English 800.
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    Hard to make a lager without adjuncts. Corn or rice, doesn't make much of a difference which is used. You can't taste the corn or the rice in the finished product either way. My fondness for Yuengling lies in the fact that is still an American,family owned brewery that limits their distribution (14 states). I"m looking forward to trying the Yuengling Bock that just came out.
  3. corzman69


    Amazing!....... I have been a daily visitor to NJDevs.com for years and only read the "Hell" section, and occasionally the "The Rock" board. Well, after reading the latest post on our current losing streak, I decided to do a little surfing of the site and found this thread on my all time favorite subject. First, a little about myself. I am from Richmond, VA and have been a Devils fan since since theY were the Colorado Rockies( Denver Broncos fan here). So, living in Virginia, I just want to let you guys know first off, I didn't just jump onto the Devils bandwagon. How many KC Scouts fans are still around? I read the site daily, but seldom post as you might have noticed by the number of post I have made. It took me about 3 hours to read through the 30 + pages on this thread. It is interesting how, just like in politics, how many opinions there are on beer brands. Yes, indeed, Opinions are like a-holes.....everyone has them ! I have been drinking beer since I was brave enough to sneak it out of the refrigerator, brewed my own beer back in the late '70's as a teenager, been collecting beer cans since I was 12, Collecting "breweriana" since I was in my early 20's, Been in the beer business, since I was 21( I'm almost 49). I am a member of the American Breweriana Association, and I am very much into the history aspect of the brewing industry. None of the above makes me an expert on beer, beer styles, or what makes a great beer. With that being said, I find it almost hilarious how someone who drinks Heineken, Stella Artois, or Budweiser thinks they know beer ! In no particular order, here are some random thoughts that I jotted down while reading through this awesome thread...... 1. "devilsfan26" know his stuff and I agree with ALMOST everything you have said concerning the beer business in general. If we ever meet, I think we could spend hours discussing the "biz". 2. Support your local brewery. Unless it is the local Anheuser-Busch InBev plant. 3. Just because it sells for $9 to $10 a 6-pack, does not make it a good beer ( i.e. Corona Light ) 4. I think Blue Moon Belgian White is the nastiest liquid ever put into a beer bottle, but a lot of people absolutely love it. I actually like the Blue Moon Harvest Pumpkin Ale. 5. Be thankful for the Blue Moons and Lienenkugels of the world. Even thought the are owned by the "Big 3", they are gateway craft beers for many that leads to people trying out the local and regional craft beers eventually. 6. Just because it is sold cheap, doesn't make it a bad beer. This subject gets me riled up quick as my favorite all time beer is Carling Black Label . 7. If craft beers are overpowering to you and light beer leaves you wanting more. Yuengling has a style for every taste and all their beers are done very well. 8. How many of you know that Newark has a ton of history of brewing beer? Ballantine, Krueger, & Pabst were huge there "back in the day" 9. All of the above were pretty much put out of business by the mass-marketing tactics of the evil empire Anhueser-Busch 10. When doing beer tastings, always go from lighter styles to heavier styles. Never start out with an IPA then wonder why the stout or pilsener you followed with taste like dirty ass. Eat a piece of bread or light cracker between beer sampling's. 11. My second favorite beer is Sam Adams Octoberfest. 12. I support the 2nd. Amendment,but also support stricter gun laws, However, people who support A-B or drink Budweiser and Bud Light should be shot on site! 13. Yes, the "Corzman 69" does indeed refer to Coors.(don't shoot !) I love Coors Banquet, but at 5% abv, I can't pound em like I used to! 14. Flyers suck! 15. If you didn't already know, Goose island is also owned by A-B. So is Rolling Rock. 16. I have my own beer website. It is devoted to Carling Black Label, but don't let that stop you for visiting and checking it out. www.heymabelblacklabel.com I even have a link to NJDevs on there! 17. If I absolutely have to drink a "light beer" It is usually a Miller Lite. Again, DON'T SHOOT! 18. If you made it this far, I'm impressed, pour yourself a beer ! 19. If the Devils don't start playing like we all know they are capable of, it might drive me to drinkin' 20. I start way too many sentences with "if"....sorry! 21. Friends don't let friends drink Budweiser. 22. I sell many but not all beers from all the major breweries,a-b inbev, millercoors, Sam, Yuengling, etc. but I am still open minded enough to say I'll take a PBR over a Heineken any day. I don't care how much it costs or who brews it. 23. Lets Go Devils!!!! 24. Again, please visit my website and have a great day!
  4. Ya think it is too soon to change the name on my Parise jersey yet?
  5. With so many games so close together, Moose and Marty should be alternating starts. Keep the oldest goaltending tandem in the NHL as fresh as possible.
  6. corzman69

    Devils Fans

    Living in a minor league city ,I can tell you that the players can hear WHAT the fans are saying a whole lot easier in a half empty arena than in a packed arena. I wouldn't sweat what the morons scream when the place is packed. All the players hear is noise.
  7. Took my family for a 2 hour drive from Richmond to catch Saturday Night's game at Scope. I was really impressed with Kinkaid until late in the game when he gave up the tying and game winner in OT. The defense was awesome most of the game until the collapse at the end. There were a few dozen Devils fan in attendance scattered throughout the Arena. The Admirals fans were cordial to us and a few even remembered me from the old Hampton Roads Admirals vs. Richmond Renegades rivalry from the 90's. The game ,however, only slightly eased my NHL withdrawals. Its going to be a long, dreary Spring in the lockout doesn't end by Super Bowl !
  8. Parise makes more than Adrian Peterson of the Vikings. I wonder what the twin city sports brethren thinks of that?
  9. The Devils have lost all composure now. This is painful to watch.
  10. I had a dream that Marilu Henner and her daughter wanted to have a mom/daughter combo with me. With that being said, I never dream about the Devils, hockey,any sport for that matter. If I dream about food eating me, its usually after downing a lot of chocolate. Anyways....back on topic.....Lets Go Devils! The (hollywood) stars are all in alignment. Lets take this show back to Newark after tonight!
  11. My guess is that they are all Flyers fans that traded their Hextall jerseys in for old Gretzky ones!
  12. My hats off to the LA Kings....They play "Devils Hockey" better than the Devils do.
  13. One of the things that make me a proud Devils fan is the way the Devils, as an organization, keep ex coaches and players in the organization. Lemaire, Larry Robinson, Scott Stevens, Daneyko, etc. I have lived my whole life in Virginia and have followed the Devils since before their move from Denver. In the land of Capitals fans, everyone always ask me why I pull for the Devils and I tell them....tradition, loyalty, and dedication to always field a competitive team, year in and out ! What more could any fan ask of their chosen team? I sure have enjoyed the ride the last 33 plus years !
  14. G- All the above. We are working GREAT as a team right now. But still, the main #1 priority this off season is re-signing Zach!
  15. Who needs Viagra when you got Devils Hockey!
  16. Devils in 5 .......I'll concede a 1-0 shutout victory by Quick.
  17. Thanks for posting......I needed a good laugh and that article provided quite a few ! Lets Go Devils!
  18. I'm guessing he got sick of the traffic in DC and used his family/team/farm as the reason.
  19. Marty flat out stunk last night against the Leafs. I say sit him now and rest him up for the playoffs and give Moose at least 50% of the remaining games.
  20. This game reminds me of the second period meltdown in DC last week. I was there for that one. Look for Hedberg to be between the pipes soon.
  21. I agree 100% I'm don't think that Marty should be benched, but Hedberg needs to play his share of games. Any time we play back to back games on consecutive nights, Marty should sit one of them.
  22. I have Directv, not DISHNetwork, but I can relate because of the Versus mess. I'm sure that they will get it settled eventually when MSG backs off the user fees. The only way DISH can compete with Directv is by offering lower prices than Directv. For that reason, I hope DISH stays viable. Without DISH, Directv would cost as much as cable.
  23. ....and you wonder why they want a new arena !
  24. I will be at the Devils @ Capitals on Octobers 9th. Driving up from Richmond with my brother and his two boys. All three of them are Caps fans. Hope for better results than the last game we went up there on 12/26/09 A 4-1 loss We will probably hit the Hooters a block up from the Arena pre-game.
  25. As usual, NBC stands for Nothing But Crap!
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