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    Winterpeg..Manitoba!! Slurpee/Mosquito capital of canada!! The Paris of the Prairies
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    umm..this always sucks..watching hockey..(nhl,ahl,chl)going to motocross, hanging with the girls, SOCIALS, and watching bad canadian tv..(trailer park boys, hockey night in canada)..LMAO!, working with mentally and physically challenged individuals(luv luv luv my job!), posting on message boards..;)

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  1. So who are you rooting for in the playoffs?

    Vancouver,,,,,and when they chok..Detroit..
  2. I love you. Just saying... lol <3

  3. Saturday: Canadiens @ Devils

    this is awesmoe! Im in to watch the game tonight and the one on the 6th|!!! have fun!!!
  4. You in Jersey yet??

  5. Gary Bettman Tonight on Center Stage on YES

    it's nice to be back!!
  6. NHL player poll

    They don't want to be traded somewhere where they would be scrutinized like T.O but don't want to be traded somewhere like NJ where people don't care... right on guys
  7. Gary Bettman Tonight on Center Stage on YES

  8. The Redemption of Mike Danton

    He's no great guy...but it's not like he was trying to have some great guy killed either... but yeah he tried to have some perv killed
  9. Concerts

    Goo goo dolls are playing the Pantages Playhouse in winnipeg..I'm waiting to hear back about some second row seats but who knows..i might end up on a balcony...it's an awesome venue..saw Bryan Adams there a few valentines days ago, front row..acoustic/..amazing...the only thing is that because it's considered historical 9100 and some years old) there is no alcohol permitted in the main concert hall only the lobby..UGH\ Also gonna check out motorhead this weekend..that should be INSANE...Think im being dragged to nelly as well...LOL
  10. Concerts

    Holy Crap NewFound Glory! Gonna check out Goo Goo Dolls later this month..should be nostolgia-tastic!
  11. World Juniors Thread - Russia wins the gold. Canada Chokes.

    It's 1:30am and Im watching canada/Norway even though i know what the score was...
  12. World Juniors Thread - Russia wins the gold. Canada Chokes.

    Of course Canada kicked as$ today....I thought the play looked pretty sloppy at times..kept missing passes....also that last Czech goal was pretty weak...whatever, we'll take it!
  13. Bizarre Tweet of the year

    zajac probably figured hed be fine....we have some crazy storms here that don't shut down the city..guess he was wrong!! No need for a pee jar..thats what outsides for!!
  14. Random Thoughts & Stuff

    Im at work and my boss was walking and keeps farting super loud as he runs to the washroom..old people are fricken creepy
  15. Darryl Sutter

    Good riddance..replacing garbage with garbage