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  1. Your logic (or lack thereof) makes no sense. Neids was going to leave to play with his brother regardless of how much he was offered. Stop blaming Lou for everything. It gets old.
  2. When is the tribute to Doc Emrick? Sat or Sun? Anyone know? Thnx.
  3. StarDew

    Who are you, anyway?

    Yes, I was. It was some folks from there that told me about this place. Very happy about that. Remember the get-togethers at a restaurant in Secaucus then go to the game. Since I had season tix from '82 I sat away from the group. I met you at a game. Who used to put those together? Was it Crasher? Met so many folks. Loved going on trips with the fan club, too. Lots of posters belonged to it. Bonjour mon amie. Merci bien. I see your posts and your pics. You didn't have children back when you joined. You still look the same as when you joined here. Miss our chats too. Bles
  4. StarDew

    Who are you, anyway?

    What a precious little soul. Same color eyes. Hazel? May angels watch over all of you.
  5. StarDew

    Who are you, anyway?

    Thank you. Need several more weeks of PT to try and strengthen shoulder muscles.
  6. StarDew

    Who are you, anyway?

    Nah. I have just been a tad hesitant to post here. This is just a little bit. I think I am the oldest female on the forum. Since no 29th this month I guess I will be 17 1/4. Retired Systems Manager for big telecom. Born and raised in NJ. Jersey City was home but now Hunterdon county is home. Been here 30 years. Used to want to move to NC. Now I just want little to no snow. I joined this forum toward the end of Network 54 ( that is what I think it was). This forum was new but not as it exists today. Remember testing this site. So long ago. Been unlucky in health (sucks to have b
  7. Didn't walk over and thru the tunnel. We used to take the shuttle from/to Giants stadium and then after the game the exit went right onto the turnpike. Easy peasy.
  8. Freakin' Palms gets 2. Hope he save some for future games!
  9. Beautiful! What's new? SSDD here.
  10. Palms?? Covid protocol? Sheesh!
  11. So weird. Direct TV both Center Ice and MSG are fine. Wonder why?
  12. Just have to vent. In Cape May at sister's. She has Direct TV with Center Ice and MSG channels. Can I watch the game??? NO!!! Comcast has blacked out all Flyer games regardless of away or home. I can watch MSG Go on my phone but had to disable location settings and sign into Xfinity first. This really sux. I hate Xfinity!!!
  13. Sorry for your loss. Hope you and your family are healing. Peace.
  14. Just edited original post. See above. Yes I remember those ugly white shorts.
  15. I liked their uniforms. Don't laugh. It's true. Never saw them live. Did see Rockies a number of times. Their uniforms sucked. Btw Isles only win 12 games their first season. All 3 teams sucked freshman year. (Scouts, Caps, Isles)
  16. Born and raised in NJ. My dad was a NYR fan. I used to watch games with my dad always rooting for the other team. When the Scouts came into being I picked them since they were new. Man was I elated when they moved to NJ. Prior I could only see my teams live when they played the NYR. I sure miss my dad and those times.
  17. I am one of them and still alive.
  18. Wood I lie to you? PS: Sorry I don't do pics anymore. Maybe someone else can associate one.
  19. Ok how do these guys have the correct sweaters? This draft done ahead of broadcast? What did I miss?
  20. Thnx for replying DM. Somewhere along the line I got old.
  21. I have a few questions. Is there a way to see if forum has new posts without having to open forum? Will next unread post and return to forum listing be back? I need to scroll to top of page to go back to fourm listing. How do I mark forum as read? Thnx for your patience. Just started using phone and Firefox to access site.
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