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  1. https://www.nhl.com/news/ben-chiarot-fined-for-head-butting-ross-colton/c-334165068
  2. When Whalers/Canes moved from Hartford to NC their arena was 2 years from being completed. They played at the Greensboro Coliseum. Folks didn't want to drive 90 minutes west so attendance was very low. Coliseum sat 23K but barely 10K showed up. The upper part of the seating area was covered up so the seating dropped to 13K. Went to lots of games since I was working in McCleansville quite a bit. Was great atmosphere. Usually sat at the glass.
  3. Blues 2 Avs 3 - Manson End OT Avs lead series 1-0
  4. Blues 2 Avs 2 End regulation Going to OT
  5. Bolts 4 Cats 1 - Final Bolts lead series 1-0
  6. Bolts 3 Cats 1 - Kucherov Being challenged for goaltender interference No interference goal stands minor to Cats for unsuccessful challenge 4:06 left
  7. Killorn to locker room due to concussion protocol
  8. Fla penalty Roughing Forsling 4:51 remaining
  9. Bolts 2 Cats 1 - Duclair Challenged for hitting the upper netting Edit: no goal
  10. Bolts 1 Cats 1 2nd intermision Bolt 56 sec PP into 3rd
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