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  1. He's a special consultant to Isles iirc.
  2. And so it begins. First holiday order today. Many more to come. Please see if default to app works. I rarely use website. I did remember today.
  3. Laugh all you want. Shows how little you really know.
  4. Look who's here to correct everyone's typos.. the board's grammar police.
  5. If an employer pays for the health insurance they fall under HIPAA.
  6. No one has any right to know anyone's medical situation unless they want to give permission to. It is called HIPPA. If you don't like it well too bad. You have enough info..hip requires surgery. Instead worry more about his health.
  7. Hips for Miles? Affects skating in Mogilny. Crossovers can be tough. Hope it is just muscle tear. Jack..yikes..maybe done? wtf Did I read that wrong? Please yes.
  8. Was that Danton Cole as a head coach?
  9. Guess not. Channels removed and RSN fee going down $3 a month. At least I'll get to see home games on MSG while recovering with sister and brother.
  10. I remember. Not the best choice. I agree.
  11. Same here just that I watch Science channel.
  12. Does anyone have the answer to my question? No need for crude answers.
  13. Anyone know what Ty Smith's injury was? He has only played like what? 3 games?
  14. Who is the Banana and the Cat in the Hat?
  15. Thnx Haven't seen Hughes #3 play.
  16. Tonight don't feel so bad I have Comcast. From posts game sounds depressing
  17. Special consultant to the Islanders.
  18. Thnx for all the great info. I assume you get to watch games.
  19. You mean dislocated, right? Separated, dislocated and displaced are all different.
  20. Yeah, it is especially since I cannot take pain meds. Screws with my kidneys. Sure hope your meds work. Pain sucks.
  21. I wish they were giving me back my shoulder before I fell. Ball and socket reversed.
  22. Field of life. I live with a dying skeleton. In Oct. 2020 I fell on my shoulder just like Jack did. Fractured humerus along humeral head and fractured humeral head, glendoid and collarbone. Live with displaced shoulder. Indescribable pain. Cannot wait for reverse shoulder replacement in December.
  23. No need for Google. I live it everyday.
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