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  1. Streamed on Devils nhl website. More info at link. https://www.nhl.com/devils/news/devils-open-prospects-tournament-against-montreal--pre-game-story/c-335580672 Edit: forgot starts 6:45
  2. Game is two 8 minutes halves. Very short fast game. Multiple games per tour.
  3. I stumbled across this new league on CBS. It is really different. No fighting, 3 on 3, penalties awarded penalty shots and other stuff. Ed Johnston is CEO. Former players are coaches and some familiar names as players. Not starting this thread to be a "let's make fun of this league." Looking for some thoughts. https://www.3ice.com/ https://www.sporttechie.com/3ice-hockey-league-experimental-rules-technology-fast-paced-games https://www.3ice.com/teams https://www.espn.com/nhl/story/_/id/33842599/3ice-hockey-league-reveals-inaugural-rosters
  4. https://www.nj.com/sports/2022/08/source-bill-spaulding-named-new-devils-play-by-play-announcer.html
  5. Wish they never stopped the CCM sweaters and other stuff.
  6. You are not gonna believe this. The USPS screwed up and said I moved and left no forwarding address after my temporary forwarding ended and sent all my mail back to everyone. Credit cards, insurance renewals, ezpass tags, car registration renewal and my new hockey subscription. Took weeks to fix. Hockey news made me cancel and subscribe all over again to get that gift issue. It arrived today. Looking forward to reading it.
  7. Corrected. Hate auto correct. Beats some stuff some posters allow.
  8. Thnx. I vote for Timex. Edit: I know McGill is defense but I have sweet spot for my choice.
  9. Behind pay wall. Who are the 3?
  10. Oh so I am not entitled to my opinion but others are? Talk about hypocritical. Some do nothing but bitch no matter what is being discussed. Don't like me then put me on ignore. That's the going sentiment, right? btw get new material regarding my past.
  11. I don't know if it is the heat/humidity combo but some folks need to find another team to root for if all they can do is bitch no matter what the organization dies.
  12. Any news on defensive asst. coach possibilities? Keeping same goalie coach?
  13. And so it begins....again.
  14. Sorry if my original reply came across personal. Not meant to be. I hear you. However what you quoted wasn't constructive. It was aggressive. People have a choice now so to compare 2 different jobs is ridiculous. Why keep talking/bitching about something from the past that has been addressed? Seem absurd to me.
  15. It wasn't constructive. It was disrespectful and insulting. They do have different jobs. One doesn't have to like it. If you don't like her then don't read it. This place always has something negative to say about almost everything. It is tiring.
  16. Found this interesting. https://abcnews.go.com/Sports/wireStory/ap-exclusive-skate-blade-off-ice-training-unveiled-86610691⁰
  17. Tony Siragusa aka Frankie Cortese passed recently too in Ortley Beach, NJ. May they both RIP.
  18. Wonder if he gets drafted into army.
  19. And to think there was no plan if Slaf went 1st.
  20. https://www.newser.com/story/322560/star-goalies-career-takes-unexpected-turn-in-russia.html
  21. I am and I agree. Draft dodger since he signed with Flyers. I learned from following that CSKA is considered Russian military. Never realized.
  22. Hmmm...further down that thread mention of 22-23 being last year of deal with MSG. Could be really interesting. I miss no Devs hockey since Comcast dropped MSG.
  23. Now he will set off metal detectors.
  24. https://www.sportingnews.com/us/nhl/news/2022-nhl-awards-show-date-time-TV-channel-winners/um5dgyta5serskxcjfht4dcr
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