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  1. A little more info. https://espnpressroom.com/us/press-releases/2021/09/the-walt-disney-company-announces-103-exclusive-nhl-games-across-espn-espn-hulu-and-abc-beginning-october-12/
  2. Whew! Great news! I can't keep up with all this stuff. Thank you very much Crisis.
  3. If no games on MSG I will be seeing no games. No wifi, no streaming, no Center Ice. I hate this NHL/ESPN deal.
  4. Look at your profile and you can see that ranks show differently now. Higher post count badge changes. Rockets are lower on the list. Edit: clicking icon on pic brings to page with ranks and badges.
  5. StarDew

    Who are you, anyway?

    You just made my night!! Always think of you and miss you lots!!!!!! We must catch up. Hope life is treating you well.
  6. It was a good penalty. Definitely score w/o penalty. Lessen the odds. Yup, had to take the penalty.
  7. Sometimes you are absolutely disgusting.
  8. I am not irritated with the players as much as I am with the assistant coaches at times. I find myself disappointed sometimes but rarely irritated. Sometimes people here go ballistic when irritated. Hate to see them really angry.
  9. What I think is contributing to the inconsistency of the entire team is lack of practice and games almost every other night. No practice to work on mistakes. No practice for the young guys to learn. Oppressive schedule especially for the younger players as well as the vets. Ruff can only try to explain stuff. Practice is where you work to execute that advice. Assistant coaching is another severe problem but I am talking about what I think is the biggest problem. I have more patience. Build confidence and don't look for every negative.
  10. 1711 and mfitz why are you 2 going back and forth over an idea or suggestion? What is there to prove? It is like an opinion...it is neither correct nor incorrect. I don't understand what is trying to be gained? Maybe the last word?
  11. Figured it out. I must've hit one of the boxes in the top left of window. Always wondered what they were for. Doh!! Thnx for reply and sorry too. Btw had no cache I delete it on browser close.
  12. When did the change occur so the thread starting post shows the entire 1st post? Soon as I open Hell I see DM's white-listing post in its entirety. Used to just see title. What changed or what am I doing wrong? Thnx. Also why ate the stats for new posts showing after profile pic?
  13. Someone please crazy glue Palms ass to the bench...please!!!!!
  14. Lazer, I was not agreeing with you in the least. I was being sarcastic hence the facepalm. btw thnx for the like.
  15. Yeah, playing with Hall for less than 5 months was a real detrimental influence on Hughes.
  16. Stop with the Ovechkin love. Makes me want to Lug spears to the nuts. Hate him.
  17. Impressive! I have a Dooney on my wish list.
  18. Let's see if anything meaningful happens. https://nhl.nbcsports.com/2021/03/06/washington-capitals-tom-wilson-offered-in-person-hearing-possible-suspension-for-brandon-carlo-hit/
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