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  1. 8-1 Edmonton might wanna save some of these for game 5 lol
  2. Edmonton strikes first, short-handed
  3. https://newjerseyhockeynow.com/2024/05/10/devils-trade-board-3-defenseman-worth-trading-the-10th-overall-pick-for-mattias-samuelsson-shea-theodore-jakob-chychrun-tom-fitzgerald/?fbclid=IwZXh0bgNhZW0CMTEAAR0PbM95C8W1DW5YOlKHC60ZuLsgddT3ttdh_P8875Dw-_EATkYcL4zBS4Q_aem_ZmFrZWR1bW15MTZieXRlcw#lxf0inx54vvdugzfy6b
  4. Agree to disagree. You can let the fans be involved without this stupid unnecessary dragging out of proceedings.
  5. The Cup will be in the house on Saturday.
  6. Thankfully TNT gets the Finals back next year. It will be a breath of fresh air. TNT’s coverage is superior to ESPN/ABC’s.
  7. Bob Wischusen should be calling these games.
  8. Holy sh!t McDonagh is awful Someone pour some coffee down his throat
  9. He’s awful. He sounds like it’s an inconvenience for him to be there.
  10. Sean McDonagh needs a fvcking B-12 shot
  11. Someone needs to slip some cocaine in Sean McDonagh’s drink. Dude sounds asleep.
  12. I hear ya; it’s just stupid though. They can easily name this team but they wanna make a fvcking year-long festival out of it for reasons beknownst only to the newest eccentric billionaire to join the eccentric billionaire’s club.
  13. Yeah I reacted similar to Claude after that game, only it was my remote that I smashed 🤣
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