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  1. 1 hour ago, StarDew said:

                                        Great news! Finished radiation and just dealing with body trying to get that stuff out of system. Best is I saw breast surgeon regarding getting biopsy and she said she couldn't locate mass and to get another pet scan on 6 mos. I am psyched!!! Gonna chair dance since I can't  if standing.      wtf???    Why can't I add emoticon??? Just disappeared??????                                         

    Awesome news Star, congrats!!

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  2. 1 hour ago, NJDevils1214 said:

    I have such high hopes for this kid. I really hope he doesn't end up going anywhere.

    He appears to be wise beyond his years; seems like a really good kid. Plus, he grew up a Devils fan. And obviously the kid can play. The more we get to know Casey, the more I’d prefer to hang on to him. 

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  3. 34 minutes ago, Colorado Rockies 1976 said:

    That's an easy one for me to remember; that's my dad's, his oldest brother's, and his father's birthday (my dad was the last of five boys).  Only my dad is still with us; he turned 75 today.  His oldest brother would've turned 89, and his father would've turned 112.  

    Happy birthday to all of them CR!

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