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  1. Switch Hynes and Trotz and see what happens.
  2. Trotz is the main reason that team has been successful. That roster ain’t that impressive. And they still aren’t winning anything significant with Thomas Greiss in net come Spring.
  3. MadDog2020


    New Jersey Devils How soon does Babcock want to go back to work? If it’s sometime within the next few weeks, is it all that far-fetched to believe he could get his wish in New Jersey? The Devils are grasping at straws. They’re one clear of dead-last in the Eastern Conference and NHL. Cory Schneider has been demoted to the AHL. Heck, Taylor Hall, who has one of the worst shooting percentages in the league, couldn’t buy a break right now if he took out an advance on the truckload he’ll command as a free agent this summer. There’s very little about this season that has gone according to plan, with New Jersey failing to even meet their bubble-team expectations. All of this is to say that if John Hynes’ seat isn’t already sun’s-surface hot, it’s likely only a few degrees cooler. One of the league’s winningest coaches – and one who ranks fourth in victories among all active bench bosses – landing on the unemployment line will do little to cool it off. Hiring Babcock could be intriguing for the Devils brass, too, because it’s clear the he has the ability to right a ship. While Toronto suffered through poor results in his first season behind the bench, it was a 40-win team by his second season and a 100-point team in back-to-back campaigns after that. With one post-season appearance in the past seven seasons (quickly heading towards eight) and only one trip beyond the opening round since 2006-07, Babcock could be the answer. https://thehockeynews.com/news/article/where-will-mike-babcock-end-up-next-a-look-at-five-potential-nhl-destinations
  4. MadDog2020


    With a Stanley Cup to his name. Real loser.
  5. MadDog2020


    Hire him NOW. NOW.
  6. MadDog2020

    Fire Hynes

    Dump a Brinks truck on Darryl Sutter’s farm and get his ass down here.
  7. MadDog2020

    Fire Hynes

    How can Shero sit here and honestly tell himself this team responds to this coaching staff? How the fvck does he watch this sh!t night in and night out and not think changing coaches could only help? Enough Ray. Don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining. Fire these fvcking clowns already.
  8. He thought he heard you booing. He mad.
  9. He didn’t fire Bylsma when he was in Pittsburgh until ownership made him..... and he has apparently learned all of jack sh!t from that experience, because it appears the only way he’s firing Hynes is if Harris and Blitzer give him a directive to do so.
  10. My mom is going with a bunch of her co-workers tonight. Hope they bring us some luck.
  11. Judging from Hynes’ comments, this is a conditioning assignment. He’ll be back (of course).
  12. So is this another one of these fake injuries where he goes to the minors and then he’s gonna be back up here losing games again in a month?
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