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  1. Aside the "technical" deficiencies this team has clearly manifested this season, I think the bigger concern is team culture and intangibles which need to be addressed expeditiously or else we risk another Edmonton Oilers situation.
  2. I still can't believe it that we are talking draft pick...ugh
  3. I think 6 months is a bit of an ambitious projection when it comes fo shoulder surgery. All depends what he needs done. Given the fact that he's a star athlete, probably will start rehabbing asap, he should be ready by training camp. Fingers crossed.
  4. The sad reality of our team is that even with all the help they are getting in the standings they still suck arse anyways.
  5. Creating a buzz about making "still being in the hunt" to make the playoffs can only help ownership rake in whatever funds they otherwise would have made in the post season. Will we make it? Highly unlikely. But if the Devs were sitting pretty in a locked playoff position, their last few home games probably would not have had that much interest from the fans. This way, they have artificially created interest. So, financial benefit for ownership. But let's be real, this team is not making the playoffs and if they do, it's because the teams in front of them suck just as bad as we have.
  6. Torts scratched Couturier tonight. He says "I need to see more from him"... We, on the other hand, allow Luke and Jack to repeatedly stink the house and reward them with more ice time. See the difference?
  7. I'm down. Only thing is I live in Italy and would meet the group there.
  8. I would take Crosby in NJ. Send Mercer and a 1st the other way.
  9. How bout being square to the puck, or does that not work in today's hockey?
  10. Our PP is an absolute abomination.
  11. Smith is in some way related to Fitz so he wasn't going anywhere.
  12. I think the reality is the following: Since Fitz and Toffoli were far apart in contract negotiations, and given that the Devils are most likely not making it to the post season - you load up on assets by trading him now. Also, can there be a gentleman's agreement between Chevy and Fitzy on Helleybuck in the off-season? Not likely, but this could be a good will trade between the two sides that sets something bigger up for the off-season. Also, not very likely Toffoli wants to live in Winnipeg, so he might come back to NJ in the off-season anyways.
  13. Fitz isn't a NJ Devil or doesn't have our DNA, so that's a problem for me.
  14. I wouldn't auction off the future for guys like Markstrom or Hallmark. The Devils have to creat their fortune from within - either improve what we have or draft or sign a free agent. All this talk about Holtz, Mercer, a First and Casey for either one of those two guys is absolute insanity. We're not talking about Vasilevsky or Bobrobsky in their hay day. We're talking about Jakob Markstrom or Linus Ullmark ...guys gotta relax.
  15. Markstrom isn't worth a first, let alone Mercer and Holtz. You guys need to relax a bit on this. We need a goalie, yes, but not at the expense of shipping off Mercer, Holtz, and Casey.
  16. Does Schmid use player skates rather than goalie skates?
  17. Can the silver lining be that we flunk so bad on this road trip that they leave Lindy Ruff at the Santa Monica pier?
  18. Toffoli with a the worst cross ice pass in history. Unbelievable.
  19. That first goal on the first shot that ANA scored probably would have been saved better by a stationary shooter-tutor than by Daws. He left him basically the entire five hole gapingly opened. What was Vatrano thinking? Does he think he's hitting the sled in football practice? That was blatant and he didn't even try to hide it. Hughes PS attempt was the epitome of this season - too cocky. Game on the line and he thinks he's Pavel Datsyuk and ends up faking himself out. This team could use a Tortorella-type, Pat Burns type of coach.
  20. It may have to do with money. Maybe there's a separate agreement with the NHLPA for Stadium Series stuff where players don't get money from it, so he doesn't want them produced? Just a thought.
  21. Everyone wondering why Washington sold Vanecek so low can now really reflect on the obvious answer. I have seen bad goalies, but at this point I would take Domingue with two bad knees over Vanecek.
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