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  1. I think Palat would be a good "keep" but we need to make the playoffs first.  He's a "in-the-grind" type of player when it comes to the playoffs.  Regular season grind - not so much.  

    So, we either take a passenger with us for the regular season, or jettison the "passenger" in the hopes of picking someone up with his cap space.   Palat could be interesting at the deadline for a contender the likes of Edmonton or even Toronto (cap space permitting of course). 

  2. 5 minutes ago, Anhkheg said:

    We got fleeced. Sorry.

    Markstrom at best is a 3rd rounder, with Bahl going back, we should've gotten a 2nd round pick in return as well. With the salary retention, it should look like this: Markstrom for 2nd rounder and 30% salary retention or Bahl and 30% salary retention.

    Curious to know how you developed that formula?  

    Backstrom commanded a 1st round (top-ten protected pick) in 2025 because the demand for goalies is high.  Everywhere we turn we hear of clubs looking for a bonafide #1 goalie to replace their existing set-up.  We heard Carolina, Ottawa, Toronto, New Jersey, Los Angeles...etc.   So, the demand was there to drive up the price on a limited supply.

    While I'm never for giving away a 1st round pick, Fitz is gambling that his team's first round pick will be in the bottom third next year, so it won't make the slightest difference.  Bahl, let's face it, played way below his ceiling in NJ. 

    Was Fitz so darn convinced of Markstrom because he got intel from Toffoli?  

    Truth is, Tampa isn't gonna dangle Vasilevsky on the market.   Winnipeg isn't dangling Hellybuyck.   So, we had to rely on Markstrom.

    Top rated, generational goaltenders need to be developed - and that's what I'm hoping Fitz and Co. do the next few years. 

  3. I believe that supply and demand this summer is not exactly in our favor.  There are multiple teams seeking goalie upgrades and that is naturally going to drive up the asking cost.

    I'm not sold on Markstrom, Ulmark, or even Saros. 

    I was more in favor of a "Billy Beane" move and picking a diamond in the rough with a huge ceiling and growing him ourselves. 

    Knight from Florida perhaps?

  4. 2 hours ago, MadDog2020 said:

    Holik never played for Burns

    I stand corrected. Thank you. Sorry about that. He had Grant Marshall and Mike Rupp. Joe Nieuwendyk, Jamie Langenbrunner.

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  5. 11 hours ago, hit the post said:

    Lets see if he can do what Pat did.

    Pat Burns cannot be replicated.  Lou had his back.  He had Marty in net, both Scotty's on defense, and a swiss-army knife like forward in Patrik Elias and a tough Bobby Holik on the front line.  

    Keefe has a defense soft like doo doo butter on a hot summer night, goalies that have a save percentage on par with that of a Franklin shooter-tutor, and forwards that make Rick Moranis look like Andre the Giant.   So, safe to say different scenario.

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  6. Keefe was highly touted by Lou Lamoriello, and I believe at one point, was rumored to have been possibly an option for one of Lou's last coaching hires here in NJ.   This dates back to Keefe being hired by Toronto for his first gig. 

     I think you live and learn.  Keefe certainly learned a bit from his time in Toronto, takes away the best practices, and adapts them to NJ.

    We need a new goalie, and a bit more of a physical, defensive presence on the backline.  Our forwards lack grit and I highly doubt MacDermid is the answer to that.   We need more depth.

    Question is, do you think Keefe has anyone from Toronto that he wants to import into NJ (player wise)?

  7. I seriously doubt Keefe is taking this long to decide. That would be career suicide for a guy who hasn't won anything at the NHL level and another NHL team wants you and you hem and haw through the process.

    My gut feeling is that it is Woodcroft, in which case we are screwed. 

  8. I think a trade for Brady would most likely involve Simon Nemec and Dawson Mercer. 

    Do I want to give up Nemec? No. And I know this sounds blasphemous, but I would rather give up Luke if Ottawa wants a d-man in exchange. 

    I'm torn on Bratt. I think he's a solid top 6 forward, but the question is, does he have that poise and determination to go in the trenches come playoff time.  He also has a hefty salary which would need to come off the books to fit in a Brady Tkachuk type of player.

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  9. Berube had half a season and won a Stanley Cup, quite remarkable. However, not sure why everyone on this board somehow thinks Berube is the second coming of hockey's version of Vince Lombardi. Guys gotta tone it down a bit.

    I encourage you to look at a larger body of work, in different contexts where a coach was successful multiple times. 

  10. I think 6 months is a bit of an ambitious projection when it comes fo shoulder surgery. All depends what he needs done. 

    Given the fact that he's a star athlete, probably will start rehabbing asap, he should be ready by training camp.

    Fingers crossed.

  11. Creating a buzz about making "still being in the hunt" to make the playoffs can only help ownership rake in whatever funds they otherwise would have made in the post season. 

    Will we make it? Highly unlikely.

    But if the Devs were sitting pretty in a locked playoff position, their last few home games probably would not have had that much interest from the fans.  This way, they have artificially created interest.

    So, financial benefit for ownership.

    But let's be real, this team is not making the playoffs and if they do, it's because the teams in front of them suck just as bad as we have.

  12. 16 minutes ago, Satans Hockey said:

    Anyone planning on going to Prague? I need to look into flights and actual costs but I'm definitely interested. 

    I'm down. Only thing is I live in Italy and would meet the group there.

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