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  1. If it helps to make the game accessible to more people via lower ticket prices or television subscription packages, certainly, it's worth it. But if it's just a bit to make the NHL more money without sharing it with the "low guys on the totem pole," then no, I'm not for it. Remember, we're gonna have to buy the jerseys for these teams that have the advertisements on them. Thus promoting the advertised company even more. We have a say in this...
  2. Whats up with the Korean porn music when they show player stats on MSG...
  3. He is done. Give him a note pad and white board instead.
  4. We are as bad as the NY Jets.
  5. DeBoer is gonna claim "moral victories" with this last-minute goal barrage...
  6. Day to day for the Devils usually equates to "Two Weeks to One Month"
  7. Can't we just bring up our hot Albany team to play in the place of the struggling Devils and see what happens?
  8. St. Louis came off a 4-3 SO win against the Rangers, were on the tail end of a back-to-back set on the road, missing both Oshie and Stastny. We had rested, not having played since Saturday. In a league this tight, and when you're playing at home after two nights off, playing a worn team that is missing arguably its two best players, you NEED TO WIN this game. In addition to the obvious - age and speed - I question the killer instinct mentality this team requires to make a serious run at a playoff spot. Not gaining any points against a non-divisional rival that is coming into your build
  9. We are simply too old as a whole to compete against high-caliber teams. Another .500 or so season that will be a cusp playoff year.
  10. My dream would be to see Patrick Kane ripped away from the Blackhawks, but I think we have a better chance of getting Crosby and Malkin in exchange for Larsson and Salvador...
  11. Very simple answer to your question as to why it was Salvador sitting the season and not someone like Rolston. Salvador had a documented injury that is very difficult to predict a return time for. A head injury is a lot different than a broken arm or pulled groin. So, the NHL would have a very difficult time proving that the Devils were "prolonging the return" of Salvador in favor of utilizing his LTIR status to be under the cap. Its difficult to prove. Plus, Salvador's salary was just enough to get the Devils compliant for being over the cap. It was a perfect scenario for the Devils
  12. Andreas Salomonsson...haha...wow. Looking at our history in the draft, we stink.
  13. In my opinion, Sal is the beneficiary of a very generous contract given to him "in gratitude" for helping bail out Lou and the organization from a very dicey situation when Kovalchuk's contract put them over the cap. He sat out an entire NHL season due to "concussion, " being placed on the LTIR, thus nullifying his cap hit and allowing the Devils to go over the cap. IMO, Salvador probably could have played that season, but was kindly invited to "stay sick" because it would help out the Devils. MacLean's short tenure as coach, putting the team in a downward spiral before Christmas helped ce
  14. I say we really ruffle the apple cart by doing a few "unorthodox" moves under DeBoer. IMO, DeBoer's days as NJD head coach are numbered regardless of his success this year... With TooToo out, try Gelinas on the wing. His offensive upside may be a bit more pronounced than, lets say, Ruutu / Gionta / or even Clowe. We used to play Niedermayer on the wing back in the day, so why not try Geli there. Give Larsson his spot on D, scratch Ruutu and Gionta, put in YaYo, and we're in business.
  15. Chico is honest and transparent and doesn't have hidden agendas. I love this guy and hope Dano is as open minded and critical of his team when required.
  16. I was indifferent on DeBoer for quite some time, however, after the shenanigans I saw in the 3rd period last night I am quickly changing my opinion. If the Devils don't come out over .500 for the first 12 games of the season, trust me, Lou has to contemplate a move to replace DeBoer because it would mean that his team would underachieve. Also, my theory on Salvador staying "C" and also continuing with the club is simple - loyalty. Lou gave him the short end of the stick a few years ago scrapping his season due to "concussion" in order to put him on the LTIR to make room for Kovalchuk's sal
  17. If only the relationship between the ownership and the fans was one of true "good faith," then you're statement would make sense. But don't kid yourself, these owners are full of gimmicks to make Pru Center and The Rock as disirable as an entertainment venue as Radio City Music Hall is during the holidays. Money, money, money. The only way I get back into those seats, especially at those prices, is if this team puts together a competitive group that wins, and wins consistently, without all the gimmicks.
  18. Better chance Gelinas gets traded than Larsson...
  19. Larsson will command a good return because he is still young and is still virtually considered as "unknown" as a prospect entering the draft. We must not forget that Larsson was a big part of the SCF run in 2012. He was only a rookie then. He will NOT command the return of a proven, top-25 scorer, but he can definitely command the return of a player the likes of a Yakupov / Zibenejad / Cogliano, etc.
  20. I don't think Easton is gonna like what he said about hockey equipment, although I couldn't agree with him more. Equipment is too expensive, and hockey is becoming an elitist game. Not good for the long term viability of the game IMO. People already don't play games physically, showing preference to TV and game consoles. Imagine if you make the $250 stick a standard these days, very few players will be able to afford it.
  21. It's tough to see the likes of Merril / Severson / and Gellinas get in the lineup ahead of you, especially considering that they're your contemporaries, were drafted lower, and got to the team after you. This is a tough pill to swallow for Larsson. I'm sure Lou is drumming up interest for a trade, but just throwing him away for nothing would be foolish at this point. TG writing these quotes about Larsson can also be inflamatory too...Larsson is a kid, away from his family, and disappointed to not have been considered for the lineup. I would have been in the same boat too if I was Larsson
  22. With Dubinsky and Horton being out long term, you think we can interest CBJ with the likes of Ya Yo / Ryder / or Brunner, or do they move in to poach Gomez from our taxi squad?
  23. The guy had one four goal game and now all of a sudden he's the second coming of Jagr...lol
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