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  1. Our PP is an absolute abomination.
  2. Smith is in some way related to Fitz so he wasn't going anywhere.
  3. I think the reality is the following: Since Fitz and Toffoli were far apart in contract negotiations, and given that the Devils are most likely not making it to the post season - you load up on assets by trading him now. Also, can there be a gentleman's agreement between Chevy and Fitzy on Helleybuck in the off-season? Not likely, but this could be a good will trade between the two sides that sets something bigger up for the off-season. Also, not very likely Toffoli wants to live in Winnipeg, so he might come back to NJ in the off-season anyways.
  4. Fitz isn't a NJ Devil or doesn't have our DNA, so that's a problem for me.
  5. I wouldn't auction off the future for guys like Markstrom or Hallmark. The Devils have to creat their fortune from within - either improve what we have or draft or sign a free agent. All this talk about Holtz, Mercer, a First and Casey for either one of those two guys is absolute insanity. We're not talking about Vasilevsky or Bobrobsky in their hay day. We're talking about Jakob Markstrom or Linus Ullmark ...guys gotta relax.
  6. Markstrom isn't worth a first, let alone Mercer and Holtz. You guys need to relax a bit on this. We need a goalie, yes, but not at the expense of shipping off Mercer, Holtz, and Casey.
  7. Does Schmid use player skates rather than goalie skates?
  8. Can the silver lining be that we flunk so bad on this road trip that they leave Lindy Ruff at the Santa Monica pier?
  9. Toffoli with a the worst cross ice pass in history. Unbelievable.
  10. That first goal on the first shot that ANA scored probably would have been saved better by a stationary shooter-tutor than by Daws. He left him basically the entire five hole gapingly opened. What was Vatrano thinking? Does he think he's hitting the sled in football practice? That was blatant and he didn't even try to hide it. Hughes PS attempt was the epitome of this season - too cocky. Game on the line and he thinks he's Pavel Datsyuk and ends up faking himself out. This team could use a Tortorella-type, Pat Burns type of coach.
  11. It may have to do with money. Maybe there's a separate agreement with the NHLPA for Stadium Series stuff where players don't get money from it, so he doesn't want them produced? Just a thought.
  12. Everyone wondering why Washington sold Vanecek so low can now really reflect on the obvious answer. I have seen bad goalies, but at this point I would take Domingue with two bad knees over Vanecek.
  13. Making a trade at this point is an exercise in futility. First order of business is cleaning up the on-ice culture and that starts with making a coaching change. Not sure who's available to come in mid-season.
  14. One thing's for certain - Lindy has a barrage of excuses to use this year so he's not getting fired - goaltending, injuries, sex scandals, etc.
  15. Michael McLeod is not the NJ Devils. I would be more worried if this was Jack or Luke Hughes in his place. No one member of the team is bigger than the sum of its parts. Keep it moving, and win - that's what the Devils need to focus on.
  16. Explain? How can this be a "dark" day in the history of the franchise? It's not like McLeod was the next coming of Patrik Elias, and it's not like the Devils drafted McLeod knowing he was going to be a suspected group rapist. People need to understand that athletes are people, and they do effed up things. I'm sure this isn't the first effed up thing a Devil's player or any other NHLer did. Only thing is that McLeod was caught, and others were not caught or were covered up well. Let this be a reminder that company culture is important. Setting a culture where your players are model citizens in/out of the rink should be a priority.
  17. For an owner to give a GM a mid-season contract extension, there may be tactical reasons related to this beyond this season that required Blitzer to think ahead or else risk losing some value down the line. First, it's down to economics. On the open market, perhaps Fitz will command a large pay raise by a desperate club. By signing him now, Blitzer hedges future wages by signing at a more team-friendly deal, while at the same time guaranteeing the most essential front-office position is locked up. Secondly, was Fitzy up for renewal at the end of the season? If so, then I'm guessing Blitzer wanted to get a lock on Fitzgerald or else risk losing him AND whoever is loyal to him. No time to go through an interview process at season's end, especially with the draft needing to be planned for. Thirdly, perhaps future-thinking Fitzgerald has names of players that he can coax into coming to NJ, we're talking big names, and so signing him could ensure that Fitzy keeps working on those leads to help stabilize the future team. He may also have an "inside connection" to a future coach of NJ, with that coach's services only being guaranteed if Fitz is at the helm of the team. Fourthly, there may be buzz around the building about the team's front-office's lack of performance. The team is underperforming this year - and nothing worse than to be at the center of all the rumors that this or that may get "axed." What way to quash those rumors is to give your lead guy an extension - just like they gave Ruff an extension at the beginning of the year. In the end, it's a business. Guys like Blitzer could care less if the Devils win the Stanley Cup. It would be a bonus for them, but not essential. What's essential is creating value for the team, raising its worth, and ensuring the bottom line is in the black. Blitzer wouldn't know the difference of a boomerang and a hockey stick if Gretzky were to give him a personal lesson on the two himself. Who we kidding. He and his partners are worried about $$$
  18. Wonder if this extension came about as a result of a conversation that Fitz requested with ownership regarding Lindy's future and this extension was simply a bi-product of that conversation? Curious to understand if that's what went down here.
  19. I just saw the full game recap as I live overseas. Honestly, Vanecek gives me the impression of being a guy "who knows" his time is up with the team. No poise, no passion. He doesn't stand tall in the net. Doesn't cut down angles very well and doesn't read the puck very well. If we make the playoffs, it will be a very miraculous accomplishment, especially given that Lindy is coaching without any sort of sense of urgency. This team isn't bad - it is just playing bad because it isn't prepared properly by the coaching staff.
  20. Mitico12


    Well, as long as the team can stay in the playoff hunt while they recover. My gut feeling however, is this season is going to unravel quite quickly.
  21. I will say it again, especially to those of you who were out planning a Stanley Cup celebration after last year's win against the NYR in the playoffs - the honeymoon is over! Was last year a fluke? No. It wasn't. But we also rode a wave of success coupled by the fact that we had no expectations to go anywhere and players without much pressure on them. The situation this year is different. We still have a coach who is out of touch in today's NHL, teams that are prepared to play us night-in, night-out, and a goaltending tandem that is clearly struggling to gain confidence. Vitek Vanecek, for example, reminds me a lot of a bad version of Scott Clemmensen (and for those of you who recall him, he was shaky at best on a good day). A team that comes into a first period and sh!ts the bed, or takes a commanding lead and can barely hold on to it, is a strong indicator of bad coaching and Ill preparation. Add to that the fact that we have two goalies that cannot bail us out on a bad night, it's a very strong recipe for a top-10 draft pick come Spring of '24.
  22. Replacing arguably one of the most prominent, up and coming stars in the game is an exercise in futility. So, there is no replacing Jack Hughes presence and production. Also, there's little replacing Nico Hischier's ability to play solid on both sides of the puck. You had a bit of a one-two punch here, that drove a bit of how the defense plays as well. However, the team's lack of "collective defense" exacerbated by spotty goaltending is going to be the team's demise this season. Irrespective of whether or not Jack and Nico come back tomorrow or next week, a team that is that porous defensively and is suspect on the back end in goal will not make it past the first round of the playoffs (if they even make the playoffs). Team defense (in exchange for an explosive offense) is what I expected from a Jack-less and Nico-less team. But apparently, our braintrust hasn't gotten the memo.
  23. Mitico12

    Weekes on Hughes

    If there is tissue damage to Jack's shoulder, I'm afraid the situation may not be so short-term, as if they decide to go the non-surgical route, it would require a lot of time of rehab and stregthening of his shoulder before he's back. But, it can also present issues down the road. If they go the surgical route, he's done for the season. I'm hoping that if it was a "surgical" problem, that they would do it ASAP and give the guy a fighting chance to be back for the playoffs. I'm guessing that we will see quickly if they decide to go non surgical, then perhaps the injury is not as bad as they thought it could be. Shoulders are the worst joint to hurt - rotates at 360 degrees unlike any other joint, and it is a pain in the butt to fix. Let's hope for the best.
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