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  1. I think Tavares has a winner's pedigree, even though he hasn't won anything in Long Island. The guy is a consummate professional, and alongside Hischier, Hall - I think the Devils would tip the balance of power scale in the East...
  2. Does Shero jettison Zajac and make a pitch for John Tavares (age 27) to be the 1 - 2 combination at center along with Nico Hischier? Would he come here as a UFA at $9.5 X 7?
  3. Butcher is killing me. Guy lose a gear or something?
  4. Henrique morphed into Ronaldinho and Zach Parise in that goal. Can't make that sh!t up. Made Vatanen look like a broke @ss Anton Volchenkov on that goal.
  5. NJD turnover machine. Sickening.
  6. Best news about the Devils this past few months. Best. I absolutely adore Chico. He is a class act, a fan of the game, a fan of the Devils, and a genuinely kind person who gets all elements of the business. Congrats Chico!
  7. Poor man's version of Jason Pomminville. Would have preferred BGio however.
  8. 1 yr / 800K NJ.com/Devils
  9. Article sheds some light. You know, this kind of process happens all the time in the world of soccer. Players dictate where they want to go and the contract they are looking for. The agent negotiates with the "acquiring club" and then goes back and presents a deal to the club that owns the player's rights. It's not a far fetched notion. If Shero really said, "I would do a deal with the Rangers," well, then I have to give him some credit. I mean, in this day and age, you can't narrow your trade market by citing the rivalry. Those days are gone. Devils and Rangers players go to d
  10. Apparently Putin had something to do with Kovy staying in Russia.
  11. If someone suggested that Marcus Johansson could have been had for a 2nd and 3rd most people would have laughed their @sses off at that suggestion. And yet, it happened. So, can Trouba be had? Everything has a price. Zajac? Henrique? Zacha? Maybe a combination of Henrique/Severson? It's all about addressing the needs each team has. I think WPG could use some experienced centers - Zajac / Henrique and possibly a "future project" such as Zacha or McLeod... If I'm Shero, I'm thinking of making a huge swoop for John Tavares next summer, so maybe jettisoning either Henrique
  12. I have always had a sense that Shero would make a pitch to the Blackhawks for either Seabrook or Keith. I wouldn't mind Kane either. I would say Kovy (plus 50% retention), Rico, Zacha OR a conditional 1st rounder for Kane and Keith.
  13. Mitico12

    2017 UFA Thread

    Beau Bennett was horrendous. I would rather have Zubrus back in the fold than Bennett (just to give you an idea of what I think of him).
  14. Mitico12

    2017 UFA Thread

    Anyway we can ship off Kovalchuk / Rico and a 1st to Chicago for Patrick Kane...lol
  15. Character pick-up. A lil too expensive but hopefully he pays dividends.
  16. Someone help explain to me, in concrete terms, why Kovy coming back to NJ is not possible? Does he have a beef against the Devils? Everyone is talking about his return to CBJ/NYR/or TOR, but not NJ...I'm baffled.
  17. Mitico12

    2017 UFA Thread

    I don't know what the hype is about Kevin Shattenkirk. It's not like he's the second coming of Scott Niedermayer or Scott Stevens.
  18. I will say it again - I still hold on to hope that Kovy comes back to NJ. If he doesn't, I want something comparable in return...
  19. The Kovy for Ovi, not exactly. But the Kovy for Kane is definitely sarcastic...
  20. A Kovy for Ovi trade would definitely be something to consider. Or, how 'bout packaging Kovy with something to try to lure away Patrick Kane from Chicago...?
  21. Am I the only Devils fan hopeful that Kovy is donning #17 again next year in a NJD uni? C'mon Kovy...sign with us!!!
  22. No need for an impact player right now? Hmmm, I guess Shero didn't get your memo last summer when he sent Lars off to EDM for Taylor Hall? If your argument is we don't need an impact player right now, then I guess Shero should package Kovy with Schneider to get some "future prospects" in return? Schneider's window is NOW. He is not getting younger. He is an elite goaltender that needs positive team stimulus to win us a championship (along with the right pieces). I'm not butt hurt by Kovalchuk bolting to Russia. We're not in the sports business. We don't know what transpire
  23. Honestly, I don't know why Shero would not try his darndest to retain Kovalchuk outright. He is a top-6 forward right from jump street. Unless Shero is going to get a player that can make an impact, trading Kovy makes zero sense. He is a dynamic, flashy, sexy player that can put people into seats - help the team score some goals. I for sure would consider buying tickets knowing Kovy is on the team. Forget his personality. Forget his retirement. There's more to that then meets the eye. Now, I know I'm gonna take a ribbing for saying this - unless the Devils can trade Kovy and some
  24. I'm not sure who this Slava Malmud is, but how does he know about Kovy's intentions? Sign and trade doesn't yield much for the Devils. Teams will know that Kovy won't play for the Devils, so they will low-ball us. Take it or leave it offers. Look, if I'm Ray Shero, I'm talking with Kovy to gauge his interest in playing in Newark. He would instantly give the Devils credibility up front, and is a world-class talent. He would attract other world class talent to join the Devils as well. I think Kovy and a Top 4 D-Man can bring the Devils to the playoffs next year. Kovy over Pa
  25. Shero would be very short sided if he didn't try to get Kovy to come back to NJ. Kovy is a pure, natural talent and would be worth the price of admission. He comes at low risk, high reward. In the end, I think what prevents Kovy from coming back is Kovy himself and whether or not he wants to play on a team that is clearly not playoff bound.
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