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  1. Scott Gomez doesn't want to go to Newark? Hmmm...is Neverson buddy-buddy with Scottie? I think Neverson should stay out of Newark...he'll be ending up selling fake Rolexes on the corner of Broad Street... You ++++ bastid!
  2. Good first win. I thought Fahey and Zajac looked good last night. I predict a Pando goal tonight (my predictions are always wrong, but hey, why not)
  3. Mitico12

    Scott Lachance

    Kind of. I guess he didn't guess that anyone would notice him. But, I sort of remember what he looked like from his Isle days. I later found out he traveled to Columbus, OH. I suppose he went to visit his family for the weekend, and will return to New Jersey at the end of the weekend to resume training with the team.
  4. Mitico12

    Scott Lachance

    I work in Newark Airport and noticed Scott LaChance yesterday having a bite to eat. I approached him and asked him "are you Scott LaChance," to which he replied "yes." I thanked him for trying out for the team, and asked him if he was signed yet. He replied that he was not signed yet, and said he was hopeful that something would be done. I also told him about Tommy Albelin's situation last year, to which he replied "he had heard about what Tommy had done to stay with the team" We also got on the topic of Grant Marshall, and he said he felt bad for the guy being waived. Silly me I forgot to ask him if he was going to Raleigh. However, I did check with some sources who said that he was not booked on any flights to Raleigh or Charlotte, or anywhere near there. I'm guessing he was flying back to Switzerland to collect some items or something. Anyways, he was a great guy, really approachable, and very hopeful that Lou would give him a shot on the team. I hope he makes it!!! Good luck Scott Lachance!
  5. Awwwww....how nice. Two ceremonies for this great team. I guess they don't plan on winning it again anytime soon, so they might as well keep the party going... Gimme a break! They make me sick... YUK!!!!
  6. I liked Suggy, and thought shipping him to Toronto for "Phlegm" Klee was totally unnecessary. Let's hope Suggy makes it big in Toronto...following in the footsteps of Stevie Sullivan and Jason Smith, two guys we shipped off to Toronto for other "not-so-good" returns... Go Suggy!
  7. http://www.canada.com/topics/sports/hockey...f37&k=17383 Alexander Suglobov hopes his sweet moves keep him with the Maple Leafs Chris Johnston Canadian Press Thursday, October 05, 2006 TORONTO (CP) - They call him "Sugar" inside the Maple Leafs dressing room because the things Alexander Suglobov can do on the ice are pretty sweet. He's got more flair with the puck than any bartender with a bottle and the 24-year-old has finally been given a chance to show it on the game's biggest stage. Suglobov has earned a spot on an NHL roster for the first time out of training camp and his teammates in Toronto aren't the least bit surprised. "There's nobody in the minors with his skill and his shot and his speed," said forward John Pohl, who also cracked the Leafs lineup after three years in the American Hockey League. "He can turn nothing into something very quickly." Players with that ability are as exciting as they are rare. Suglobov plays the right wing and scored three pretty goals during the pre-season, earning him a spot on coach Paul Maurice's team. If he's going to keep it, Suglobov knows he'll have to show a commitment to defence as well. "The main thing that I have to do is just to eliminate any mistakes," he said Wednesday morning. "I need to just play a simple game and after that, if I get a chance, go for a goal." The Maple Leafs acquired Suglobov from the New Jersey Devils at last season's trade deadline for defenceman Ken Klee. He arrived in the city with a reputation. The Devils believed that Suglobov had the natural ability to play in the NHL, but lacked the mental discipline to become a two-way player and hold down a permanent spot. It's the kind of label that has permanently kept many promising prospects in the minors. Suglobov saw that first-hand during his three seasons in the AHL and is eager to show that he can be more than just another tempting talent. "I always wanted to play in the NHL," he said. "It took me three years to get into the lineup but it's not guaranteed. "I have to keep going every day and work hard every day." The hard work started the moment he arrived in Toronto last March to play for Maurice's Marlies in the AHL. It continued into the off-season when he returned home to Russia and skated with players in Yaroslavl under the guidance of former national team coach Vladimir Yurzinov. Suglobov's sole focus was on making the Leafs, knowing that his US$550,000, one-way contract likely meant that a spot on the team was his to lose. He was so determined to earn an NHL job that he avoided doing anything that might be a distraction. Suglobov is still living in a hotel as a result because he didn't want to be worried about finding somewhere to live. That's now priority No. 1 as his wife decided to stay in Russia until he got them a place in Toronto. "I've got a couple options," he said of his search for real estate. Suglobov will wear No. 9 for the Leafs and probably won't see much ice time early in the season. He's currently pencilled into a role on the fourth line and will need to make the most of his limited opportunity. One thing that should work to his benefit is that Suglobov played well for Maurice in the AHL last season and a few of the players from that team are now with him with on the big club. Defenceman Jay Harrison is one of those guys and says he thinks "Sugar" could shine in the NHL. "He's pretty shifty out there," said Harrison. "He's real talented and is a lot of fun to watch." The Devils have been watching Suglobov since selecting him in the third round of the 2000 draft. New Jersey had just won the Stanley Cup and an 18-year-old Suglobov posed for photos with the trophy after hearing his name called that day in Calgary. He was part of the Russian team that beat Canada in the gold-medal final of the world junior championship in 2002 and looked headed for an NHL career. But things got derailed after he moved to North America the next year as he missed half of his first AHL season because of a serious wrist injury. Then came the lost lockout season and by the time he failed to make the Devils out of training camp last September, Suglobov's stock had dropped. "There's a lot of different reasons it didn't work out there," he said. The move to Toronto has provided him another chance. Like the other young players starting the year in the Maple Leafs lineup, it's time to prove he belongs. "I feel very excited," he said. "Hopefully, things work here for me."
  8. Grant Marshall makes for some good material down in Lowell. I'm certain his relationship with Lou and the organization is solid, and thus Lou must have had a conversation with him drawing out plans for the future. Lowell and Trenton, now property of the New Jersey Devils, will need some steady leadership, with good hockey experience. I hope Grant factors into that equation (much like Chris Terreri did). I don't think we've seen the last of Grant, and I certainly hope I'm correct. I love this guy...heart and soul a Devil! Good luck Grant! PEI and East Rutherford love you bro!
  9. I love Gio and this makes me like the guy even more. But don't kid yourself, Gio may be paying insurance through his "own dime" initially, but I can guarantee you he will be reimbursed this money by the Devils. No question about that... Gio's a good guy, but business is business, and Louie Lams owes him at least that much...
  10. You gotta love Garth Snow's apparent stupidity...you deduct from the roster Oleg Kvasha, and you replace him with a similar sized, no-good, no-effort Russian...Viktor Kozlov...ha-ha-ha...! His usage will be limited to the shoot-out, and this may make or break the Isles come time to tally up the points for the playoffs. Other than that, he's useless. The Isles should have gone back to Isbister...at least they know what he brings.
  11. Test, Test, Test!!! We do not need another baseball like scandal to afflict hockey...
  12. In this new era of NHL hockey, the NHL should have vetoed the Richards deal. It's simply stupid to pay that guy that kind of money, and it ultimately hurts the entire NHL community... Shame on you Tampon Bay!!!!
  13. Mitico12

    Groomed to excess

    "I don't know about tradition; it's because I don't like shaving. I hate it," Ducks goaltender Ilya Bryzgalov told the L.A. Times. "You have to buy the razor, spend the money, and buy the cream and spend the money. Who wants to shave?"
  14. Mitico12

    Fischler 5/22/06

    Martin Havlat or not, there's one thing for certain, Patty Elias will NOT go to Ottawa. I'd definitely like to see Havlat in a Devils uniform...
  15. A buddy of mine in Italy who was the bartender for team Canada's hockey team at their Torino Olympic House said that Chris Pronger was the biggest jerk out of all of the players... Basically, he was a bigger @sshole than George Bush... A buddy of mine in Italy who was the bartender for team Canada's hockey team at their Torino Olympic House said that Chris Pronger was the biggest jerk out of all of the players... Basically, he was a bigger @sshole than George Bush...
  16. Three things to think about here... 1. Lou just lost all his remaing hair 2. Brad Richards just made a bid to buy Prince Edward Island on eBay 3. Patrik Elias no longer needs an agent because Brad Richards/Jay Feaster just resolved that issue for him What a summer!!!!
  17. Two things here... 1. He's too expensive for a role that can easily be filled by a minor leaguer...besides, he would have to "buy-in to" the role of a defensive checker 2. About the shoot-out, my theory is, your team should be good enough to win in regulation, where shoot-out victories are really negligible Kozzy's a good player, but I think his role on this team is limited. Don't be surprised if the Toronto Maple Leafs or Pittsburgh Penguins make a pitch for him....
  18. Bottom line is that Elias isn't exactly the "face" of the NHL, which means he should definitely not be the top paid player... In my estimation, he deserves a slight increase in pay...possibly 10-15% more, but that's it... Elias' banter is exactly that...it's all rhetoric. It's a pride thing...he wants to see how much he's worth at the end of the day...bottom line, however, is that he'll stay here...
  19. Havlat's good, but I would prefer pursuing Jason Spezza over either Havlat or Gaborik. That would sure up a center spot...perhaps White, Vrana and a pick for Jason Spezza...
  20. Top dollar? Let's get serious. As Devils fans, we all love Patrik Elias. He brings grit, speed, leadership, and finesse to the rink. However, let's face it, he DOES NOT deserve top out salary. He's no Ovechkin, Kovalchuk, or even Jagr. People don't flock to stores to buy Elias jerseys, or even buy tickets to the game to see Elias play. That, my friend, is what commands a top out salary. We must understand that hockey is a business, and quite frankly, a guy who has not scored 100 points, or brought flare to the game alla Ovechkin, most certainly won't merit being paid the most of any player in the league. If Elias deserves top out salary, then what can we say about guys like Brodeur, Ovechkin, and Thornton? Give me a break....he doesn't deserve to make as much as Marty, and he should sit down and shut up and make his comfy 5 million a year....end of story. The day I walk into a store in Chicago or Phoenix and see people talking about Elias, and flocking to Sports Authority to buy his jersey, then, and only then, will we even discuss him making top out salary...at that point, it is well worth the investment...
  21. Mitico12

    Hey LOTCB!

    Is the BAT BOY on the right a picture of an "excited" Eric Staal??? It looks like him a bit...
  22. OK...so then who is that second-line center that is available, and for what price? I'd love to see Brian McCabe here (even though he's a defensive liability)
  23. If Elias is going to Germany to follow the Czech national team's mission at the 2006 FIFA World Cup, then he should take an example of what loyalty really is from the Czech captain and midfielder Pavel Nedved, who was so loyal to his club team Juventus, that at one point in his career he quit the national team just to concentrate his efforts with Juve... Patty, if you're reading this, take example from Pavel...and know, that Italy will send you guys home early...!!!!
  24. Mitico12

    Cam Janssen

    Cam Janssen can skate???? Since when? What game are you looking at? The guy looks like he has a parachute hanging from his back....
  25. Mitico12

    Thank You Devils

    It's about time someone re-writes history. Yes, only two teams have ever come back from being down three games to none...the last team being the 1975 Islanders. But you know what, it's gonna have to happen again... If we can etch our names into the history book with 15 straight wins, then I'm certain we can do this... There are three teams down 3 zip in the second round, so one team's gotta believe they can do it... Go Devs! We believe in you!!!! One period at a time, 100% all the time!!!
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