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    2018 UFA Thread

    I think Severson's stock was overly inflated by a good, unexpected rookie season. However, I can't put all of our defensive eggs in the "Severson basket" and therefore, I would be willing to ship off Severson - find a stopgap solution in the interim - if it meant being able to land Panarin. I am more than happy with Santini.
  2. Mitico12

    2018 UFA Thread

    Apparently Panarin negotiations have hit a halt in Columbus. I would LOVE to see Panarin in NJ. How about sending Palmieri, Severson, and a 1st to Columbus for Panarin (with extension)?
  3. Mitico12

    2018 UFA Thread

    Kovy's comments were unnecessary. What a d!ck.
  4. Mitico12

    2018 UFA Thread

    Tavares to the Leafs is admirable. Good to see he probably left money on the table to go home to a team he's wanted to play for all his life. They are a good team, and no reason why they can't possibly make a splash in the East this year. I always thought Lou Lamoriello going to the Islanders last month was based on a few things - namely him knowing the pitch the Leafs were going to make to Tavares in advance. Him having the intel on Tavares would have acted as leverage with Isles ownership giving them a chance to counter on the points that the Leafs prepared to present to Tavares. Pink elephant in the room now is the who Lamoriello/Trotz team that is set up for an Isles team that isn't really set to compete.
  5. I think they hired Lamoriello to give the Islanders some credibility in the Tavares negotiation. On top of that, it prevents the Maple Leafs from making a pitch for Tavares now that Lamoriello is the "insider" from the Islanders side of things. But all things considered, I don't think Tavares is any more an Islander on July 1st than Nikita Kucherov or Steve Stamkos is.
  6. Hope he has a fantastic WC. Trade him immediately after. Get some picks or a Top 4 d-man, or secondary scoring.
  7. I think Patrick Kane or Brandon Saad could be had from Chicago. Everyone has a price. Drew Doughty can also be had since Dion Phaneuf is now a poorman's version of Doughty on the same team. Tavares will be a tough buy. I want him, and I think he can possibly end up captaining our team, but there will be teams out there looking for him, and surely we're not one of the target destinations he has.
  8. I would really like Shero to work his magic to bring in Tavares, although I think that there will be a lot of teams vying for his services. I just don't know if Tavares will want to sign here and for the price. Shero has a lot of work to do this summer. Yes, we made the playoffs, but the team needs to be re-freshed, especially on the back line. I know I'm dreaming, but what is the chance that Shero can take advantage of Chicago's abysmal year and try to pry away Patrick Kane or Brandon Saad from the Blackhawks? Is Galchenyuk back in the conversation from Montreal? D-wise I would like to see no one short of Drew Doughty on the Devils. Maybe a pretty-boy like Severson, and some young guns like Bratt/McLeod and a 1st can land Doughty?
  9. I think Santini is in for Game 5. I would like to see Gibbons back in too.
  10. Too much trying to play like Barcelona on the PP.
  11. We gotta get Tampa doubting themselves. That's the only way we can beat a team of this caliber. They are clearly, pound-for-pound, the better team. A cheap goal by us, a few posts by them, and I think things can change.
  12. Tampa is weathering the pressure in their own end. No high quality chances down low.
  13. I'm at work and can't watch the game. How dirty are these guys playing? I'm hearing rumors of Tampa playing like the 1970s Flyers. Is this true?
  14. I'm not sure why everyone is on the Kinkaid sympathy bandwagon. You're paying $6 mil + for a goalie who shouldn't be playing backup. Schneider was brought here to replace Marty. He was brought here as a bonafide #1 goalie. He needs to put up or shut up. Plain and simple. Give him a chance to play in the playoffs. If he effs up, then you go back to Kinkaid. You're down 2-0, you make a move that could be psychological, especially to the other team that is going to be shooting against him. Remember when Marty lost 2 games to Boston back in the day, and Terreri played the next 2? It was a must move. If it backfires, so be it. But it was necessary. Kinkaid, for stretches, reminded me of a glorified version of Scott Clemmensen, so let's not crown him the heir apparent to Marty just yet. He didn't steal any games from Tampa, and that is what a goalie needs to do in the playoffs.
  15. The way we are playing making the playoffs would represent a waste of time. I would rather see a hungry Panthers team play Tampa in Round 1. That may be mildly entertaining compared to our one trick pony show.
  16. I don't know why everyone is saying, "This is a good trade if the Devils sign Grabner in the offseason..." Grabner was "up for grabs" (no pun intended) when he was UFA a few years ago and the Devils balked for whatever reason. So, what bothers me is this guy could have been had for free in his UFA year rather than having had exchanged a 2nd and Rykov for him now.
  17. You are absolutely off your rocker. Karlsson is on the downside, and not worth two 1st rounders, let alone Santini and Bratt.
  18. Chances of prying Patrick Kane from Chicago?
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