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    Jagr Out

    Who really cares if Jagr is out and if Weekes is playing? In my opinion, bring in Weekes, Jagr, Ruchinsky, Ward...bring them all. If we're a good team, we can beat them no matter what. I'm tired of hearing about Jagr and Weekes...bring it on!!!
  2. from philly.com Umberger rallying; can the Flyers? R.J. hopes to play tonight after scary hit By ED MORAN morane@phillynews.com BUFFALO - The hotel lobby was quiet and dark. A large floral arrangement against a rear wall set a backdrop for what easily could have been a funeral parlor. A guy in a dark suit, standing with his hands folded in his lap, was all that was missing. R.J. Umberger was sitting by himself on a low wall in front of the collection of flowers, sending text messages. Anyone who saw the hit he took Saturday night in the first overtime of the Flyers' playoff-opening, 3-2, double-overtime loss to Buffalo, the one where Brian Campbell stepped up and caught Umberger with his head down, would have found the scene appropriate. Especially if Umberger was laid out in front of the flowers. But despite what it looked like Saturday night, despite the television replay constantly being shown, the one with the close-up of Umberger getting nailed and lying on his back, eyes rolling up into his head, he was very much alive yesterday morning. In fact, he said he was hoping to play in Game 2 tonight at HSBC Arena. "I feel all right, I feel fine," Umberger said. "We'll see what happens, see what the doctors think. I have good signs for today and I've just got to get some massages on my neck and see how it feels. It's their call, but I want to play. "My nose was broken but they snapped it right back into place and I had a sinus headache from that, but I feel fine right now. "I wanted to go back out [in the game]," he said. "I got everything back real quick. I remember everything about the game up to the hit, but I don't remember right after. I went into the training room and they said they put me through all the tests and that I was fine, but I don't remember them. "I remember the hit. I received the pass from [Niko Dimitrakos]; I was just going up and I kind of had my head down and I was going up ice and I wasn't expecting a guy to step up right there, especially not Campbell. It kind if caught me off guard." That Umberger was feeling fit and looking forward to the possibility of playing in Game 2 of the Eastern Conference quarterfinal series is a good thing. It will be an even better thing if his bounce-back from what could have been a knockout blow sets the tone for the rest of the Flyers. After losing Game 1 in double overtime and falling behind in the series, the Flyers will have to rally tonight and make sure the loss does not become a death blow.
  3. I agree completely. This is definitely what I was thinking all along. Dude, he couldn't possibly have gotten hurt on a play like that....
  4. Totally clean hit. I really feel for Umberger. By the way, does anyone see how Umberger, especially after the camera focuses in on him after the hit, looks a lot like David Hale???
  5. Again, I would like to point out that Jagr left the Continental Airlines Arena yesterday WITHOUT a sling or cast...if his shoulder was badly damaged, they would have put one of these on him...Also, no cast on his hand. I think he's a go for Monday...
  6. Elias' little "kick assist" on Langenbrunner's goal looked more like he should be playing the midfield general for the Czech Republic this summer at the FIFA World Cup...he must have learned that trick watching Pavel Nedved...
  7. They showed a clip of him walking out of the locker room after the game and he didn't have any braces or casts on...I think it's all a hoax...
  8. Mitico12

    Jagr's Condition

    Just got a chance to hear Jaromir Jagr's interview on Hockey Night New York Live. From the look on his face and the sound of his voice, he may know some information that may not be made public. He looked very "dejected" and it may seem that his team doctors told him he's a "no-go" next game... Thoughts? Jagr or no Jagr, the next game will be a challenge for the Devs. Thoughts?
  9. Mitico12

    Cam Janssen

    Janssen cannot skate...yesterday he had a partial breakaway against he Flyers (on the right wing boards), and almost tripped on himself... But he's a team guy...gotta love him...I wish he was a littel more like Grant Marshall...
  10. Mitico12


    I hate both teams so I guess that means that it cancels out...no? Go DEVS!
  11. Calling Louie Lams, Johnny Mac, Laps...please play this video on the airplane, bus, etc. before the Devs first playoff game...what a motivator...!!!! Here we go De-vils, Here we Go!!!
  12. Lou Lamoriello has Patty in his "shopping cart" already. Expect him to make Brodeur-esque numbers next year. He will sign at least a three year deal, or maximum five year deal. Here's what Patty knows: 1. Brodeur (barring injury), will be with the Devs for at least five more years. Toronto, on the other hand, doesn't have a goalie. 2. Gionta will be re-signed, and so will Scott Gomez 3. New building, new opportunities 4. Lou waited for him, and took care of him during his illness 5. The Rangers stink, and Elias would be hated more than Osama Bin Laden if he ever decided to sign with the Rangers alla Holik All in all, I expect the Devs to sign Elias. My guess is that teams that will make a pitch for Elias will be: 1. Colorado Avalanche (Patty would play with Hejduk and Sakic) 2. Florida Panthers (FLA wants to improve in order to sign Luongo) 3. Toronto Maple Leafs (love the Devils players, and will do anything to spite Lamoriello) 4. Phoenix Coyotes (Wayne Gretzky knows how good Elias really is, and will want to take a stab at him) 5. Washington Capitals (Ovechkin needs help, and the Caps have money to spend)
  13. Mitico12

    Hartford Penguins?

    16,000 seats equates to: Less Seats = Increased Demand which in turn equates to higher ticket prices. Smart move...
  14. Mitico12


    Ha-Ha-Ha...the @sshole who sabotaged our site is totally retarded. I hope you are reading this you dick...sabotage the site all you want, but remember, it's your hockey team's inability to finish during the playoffs that you should be worrying about... By the way, Bob Clarke is a ++++... Why should worry about you...hmmm, let's see... Robert Esche...??? OK...I'm trembling... Antero Nittymaki....? Hmm, let me think...I'll tremble knowing that we're playing a goalie who's name sounds like a Hawaian seafood dish... Petr Nedved...? Hahaha...what a joke....! Peter Forsberg...? Ok...I'll give you that...but, we'll put Mad Dog on him, and you're finished... Philly Fans...??? Give me a break...you guys can't even drive straight on the Turnpike when you come up to the CAA... We're the Devils!!! The Devils!!! The best team, the best fans, and the best forum ever!!! Today we salute you, Mr. Devils Forum Sabotager Guy...cuz when you're thinking of nothing else but putting baby-blue wallpaper on our website, and a "Devils Suck" slogan as a header, we're cracking open a Bud-light celebrating our three Stanley Cups in nine years, and admiring the effeminate side of all the gay Flyer fans... Let's Go Devils!!!
  15. That is, of course, if the Devs muster enough courage to play hard and smart to make the playoffs....
  16. Lou's biggest concern should be making sure that Elias returns to New Jersey to a minimum three to five year deal. Secondly, he needs to make sure that in the long term he has money to sign Gomez to a long-term deal as Gomer is arguably the best play-making center in the league. Thirdly, Gio needs to be signed to a long-term deal as well. Three to five years.... As for other free agents... Langenbrunner is a crucial part of this team, as is Grant Marshall...to be re-signed... I would get rid of Rasmussen, Wiemer, Klee... We also need a second play-making center alla Martin Straka Defense...Redden, Chara...no dice. They're way too expensive. In summary, it should be an interesteing free agent period this coming summer... We need Patty and Langs!!!!
  17. No #23 Bruce Driver??? I guess you gotta wait until Gomer says bye-bye...
  18. Canadian broadcasters (especially Pierre McGuire and company) can't stand the Devils. Hey, at least we won the game tonight... I was biting my nails saying "what if we had Kozlov" in the line-up during the shoot-out, but I guess it worked out for us this time... We need to find a way to get Kozy in the line-up...(a healthy way)
  19. After a week like the one coming up will the Devils have enough juice to survive the playoffs if they make it...I don't think so... Louie Lams must do a lot of soul searching...he's really fouled up this season...
  20. Mark my words...if the Devs play the Rags in the first round we're coming out of that series in six games...no doubt!!!
  21. Mitico12


    Absolutely. A better Brodeur defintely makes a difference tonight. What in goodness sake happened on Stajan's goal??? Yuuuuuk!!!
  22. Mitico12


    Kozlov is not a benchable player in my estimation. Yes, he's played peekaboo during stretches of the season, but he's an offensive threat, who can finish plays... Madden, for example, is great defensively, but can't finish for the life of him... Kozy needs to play against Ottawa. Another reason why he needs to play...say we're tied, and we need the two points, Kozy's a threat during the shoot-out...he needs to be there!
  23. Mitico12


    OK...now that we've officially decided to play "Jekel and Hyde"... Can anyone answer the question...where's Viktor Kozlov??? Why has he been scratched? Fallen out of favor with Louie Lams? Need help as our team is in jeopardy... thanks...
  24. What ever happened to "if it ain't broken don't fix it?" Yes, I agree that reinforcing the defense was necessary, especially with Matvichuk's condition and with the age of Albelin, but for goodness sake was it necessary to insert them "immediately" into the lineup??? Then...this is what is ticking me off even more...what is Johnny Mac...Laps...or Louie Lams thinking with the lines...I mean, there's no continuity with the lines... Geeze, roll the lines for goodness sake...you keep seeing the same 'ol guys out there...I thought Kozzy was playing well...but he got limited playing time... Parise was playing well...but, then again, limited playing time... Boys/Girls...we're in trouble....
  25. Dude, admin or no admin...who cares... Buddies get into kahoots, and that's reality... Move on...
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