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  1. It's hard to shoot the puck when you don't have someone who can do so. The Devs, with the exception of Brown and McGillis, don't have someone, even a forward, who has a laser of a shot...alla Richer, Friesen, Sykora... Maybe when Elias gets back we have another point man... The Devs need to start looking for a shooter... I've got the solution...work on one-touch passing to get the goaltender moving side to side...sooner or later you'll get the shot in...
  2. Well, at least LL had enough respect to give Abs his number back...I mean, the guy did spend a few months practicing for no pay...makes sense...
  3. Parise, Martin, and Langenbrunner are not playing well enough to even merit consideration to play for the women's national team... However, Pando should have been selected...I'm disappointed that Pando won't be going...he would have made a great addition.... Sorry Pando! You're still our favorite!
  4. Guys...this is the New York/New Jersey area...remember, Lamoriello has an Italian last name...so, with that being said, Malakhov is retired, and that's final. He'll take an envelope with some cash in it, and call it a day...he's been made an offer he can't refuse, and so he'll return to Russia with some pocket change, and never look back... Get it...
  5. Raffy, Martin...they don't deserve to go... Parise...not even a chance... Langenbrunner...I think he's got a better shot at making it...
  6. Mitico12

    Malakhov retires

    We should name this event (these happenings), "Devils Holiday Bash '05"... ;-)
  7. Mitico12

    Malakhov retires

    I wouldn't doubt that Malakhov retired. He signed based on the fact that Robinson was coaching the team. Since Robinson's gone, there will be no one to get his back, so I'm certain Vlady made his way home for the holidays... Our defense has been nothing but lack-luster this season... Paul Martin hasn't produced, and Raffy is seemingly the only guy that can do something on the PP... Whitey has played strong, but has been nagged by injuries... Any chance Al Mo retires now too??
  8. Mitico12

    It's time

    SUNDSTROM- I really think you haven't been all that observant lately. How would you figure trading away Scott Gomez would work? I mean, he's the only guy on the team that can carry the puck across the blue line, and is actually putting up points... He's one of the top 10 play-making centers in the league, and is not making a big salary... Agreed, trade away a defenseman, but Gomez you must keep!
  9. I think not too many people have mentioned the fact that the morale on the Devils team is not what it should be. A lot of the players are playing scared because they fear being traded or waived once Elias makes his return to the lineup. It doesn't take a genius to realize that unhappy employees make for poor producers. Bobby Holik, in an article written by Tom Gulliti, confirms this very point. Not too many players on the Devs are comfortable right now knowing that they may have to ship themselves and their families away once Elias returns...this makes for poor team chemistry and a very, v
  10. Guys, keep dreaming...although Luongo for Brodeur seems like a good deal, Marty's presence in net, and off the ice, is what will ultimately keep him here until the end of his career... Marty's the Devils only franchise guy right....
  11. Everyone is talking about Sykie making a possible return to NJ...quite improbable if you ask me, especially considering the amount of money he makes. What everyone should be speculating about is a true, bonafide center making his way to New Jersey. As it stands, the only guy that can really break the blue line coming down the middle is Scott Gomez. The Devs don't have another play-making center in the fold...Parise has been shifted to the wing, Madden was never known for his play making ability, and Rasmussen isn't exactly Sydney Crosby.... Yes, Brylin can play a variety of positions, but h
  12. Mitico12

    Mogilny's MIA

    Folks, very interesting points, but none of you have gone into detail at mentioning the lethargic play of Zach Parise. Much like the previous holder of #9 (Jiri Bicek), Parise appears to be skating for absolutely no reason at all. Hustle, Hustle, but then, nothing. Here's the future of the franchise, and yet, he's produced absolutely nothing beside being (-) minus for many of his shifts and for taking questionable penalties. Granted, you can't fault him personally for a lot of the issues the Devs are experiencing, but at the same time, he's not making much of a case for himself. Part of it
  13. Mitico12

    D Key for Devils

    Hey everyone...I just jointed the forum again after a while, and really think the conversation is interesting... Here's the deal: Is Niedermayer gone? Well, it all depends. However, given Scott Niedermayer' tenure with the club, and his position as acting captain two seasons ago, I really believe he will be staying in New Jersey. Nieds is still in his early 30's, and is arguably the best defensemen, both offensively and defensively, in the game today. The Devils, and organization that prides itself on defense, will most likely do everything immaginable to keep Scott Niedermayer as part of t
  14. Emulating the game of soccer, do you think it would be a prudent idea for the NHL to entertain the possibility of having each season's top five ranked clubs play clubs from other part of the world? Tournament would be held at the end of the season, or the beginning of the season, or during the season (on a rolling basis)? Or, do you believe the top-ranked AHL teams should have a tournament against the top ranked NHL teams in something like a "Pro-Cup" or something? Just shooting out some ideas...
  15. Hey everyone, interesting forum as I just joined. Great to see Devs fans and hockey fans alike throwing the banter around! Good stuff. As for the shootout proposition, although it is exciting to have a shootout, I think it will eventually lose its appeal if you have many, many overtime games played out during the season. In additon, the shootout may become an NHLPA tool to drive up player salaries if indeed it becomes a fan favorite... All remains to be seen...
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