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  1. The Devils, with this cast of characters, unfortunately need a coach with some "oomph" behind him. They can't just make a minor leaguer their head coach because his credibility/influence will fall on deaf ears quickly. Look at DeBoer. He always catered to the players "with experience" and always cold shouldered players like Larsson and Josefsson. Why? Because he may have been affraid of the backlash veteran players like Jagr, Elias, and Salvador would have had. I can't see the Devils not hiring a coach with experience unless they are willing to jettison players the likes of Elias and Zu
  2. Ovechkin as a Devil would be phenomenal...pipe dreams unfortunately. :-(
  3. D'Aquila - you live in a fantasy world. Their "thank you" to Lou is one of many things that have been done non-outwardly/non-verbally, such as: 1. Allowing him to retain his job from the get-go 2. Not firing him outright 3. Oh, and we forget, his actual paycheck. We got to step away from entitlement issues. With all the "secrets" Lou keeps, we can only wonder the real truth about how many things Lou should be grateful for and not the other way around. The Devils demise the last half a decade can possibly be attributed to Lou. Team owners can't afford to get caught up in sentimen
  4. My mistake. Yes, Larsson is RFA this summer. Elias won't get a return classified as a "steal" as a 39 year old, so I think we will definitely keep him. I could see a player like Zubrus benefit a younger team like Calgary or even the NY Islanders come playoff time. Same goes for Bernier and Gionta. I would keep Bernier and Tootoo.
  5. My question is what Shero will make of the following situations: 1. Larsson - UFA 2. Havlat / Ryder (what SHOULD happen to these two is a given, but hey, you never know) 3. Tootoo / Bernier / Gionta / Gomez - bring them back? 4. Zubrus / Elias - find suitors / waive / declare them as declining role guys? 5. Try to find a package deal for Zajac (I would take Eric Staal / Jordan Staal in return for example) Lot's of questions...oh yeah, and find a coach too.
  6. Curious to see if ZubRUT and Patty stay on with the regime change....
  7. Roomtemp - everyone cheats. Just ask Scarface. "I tell the truth even when I lie..."
  8. Discipline, if done in the right doses, can be a huge benefit to any team. It's no surprise that a team like the New England Patriots, under the tutelage of Bill Belichick, have 4 superbowls in the bag, and two almost superbowls to add to that (Let's Go Giants!). Belichick has a team-first attitude. Says very little in press conferences, and ensures his players do the same. In an NFL that is riddled with the most narcissist, self-endearing, off-the-hip player base in professional sports, Belichick's philosophy has yielded great results. It helps that he has a player like Brady, who mu
  9. How much has the "bad press" Lamoriello has gotten - 1. Law suit / 2. no playoffs / 3. Mike Peluso's speaking to the press about his disdain for Lamoriello had an effect on the accelleration of Lou leaving the position as GM?
  10. Lou seems like a freightened animal during the press conference.
  11. Given Yakupov's struggles, would you say Gelli for Yakupov straight up is a fair swap?
  12. EDM may shop one of their recent firsts at the draft, so I would be interested to see if Lou goes for it...
  13. Lou should just pick the best available player at 6 in the draft and move on. Unless a team comes to you with a decent proposal there is no need to go blowing your wad on players past their prime. For example, if a team like EDM comes to Lou calling to see if he's interested in Hall / Eberle / Yakupov or if Toronto comes calling to see if Lou is interested in Kessel or JVR, then there is no need to actively seek a trade. I would love my darndest to see Patrick Kane in a Devils uniform some day, but I have a better chance to see Torts coach the Devils to a SC championship than seeing Kane
  14. Well, the first item on the agenda in the coaching interview is to ask: "So, if you got the job, what exactly would you be able to achieve with this exact group of players..." Take your best, most productive answer, and go from there...
  15. Enough of washed up players past their prime. No to FROLIK, No to St. Louis, No to THORNTON. If you make a trade for Kessel, Toronto better be retaining at least 25% of his salary or it's a no deal.
  16. How different can a new chef make an omlette when he's using the same expired eggs?
  17. Don't sign anyone. Wait for the big ticket player via trade or free agency and then execute. What would it take to pry Oshie from STL?
  18. He's not a first or second line player on a legitimate contender team either, so let's not dissillusion ourselves Patty. Now, whether he is comparing himself to our current slew of first and second liners, sure, he may have a point. But, Elias doesn't play on the 1st or 2nd line on a team like Anaheim, Chicago, or the Rangers. His pride is hurt, and I can understand that. He feels he is better than most of the cast of characters we have on this squad and hence his gripe. I don't blame him. But, truthfully, he hasn't played exactly "lights out" this season either... Also, I think thi
  19. I will find it hard to watch Devils hockey the last 19 games of the season...
  20. If Toronto wants to purge itself of Kessel, would any of you be opposed to unloading Zajac and Ruutu for Kessel?
  21. Beyond the deadline, the Devils should waive Ryder and Havlat and call it a day.
  22. Mitico12

    Zidlicky to Det

    Why couldn't we just tank for McDavid or Eichel...WHY!WHY!WHY!!!!
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