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  1. As much as I would hate to admit this, the Rangers have really no competition in the Eastern Conference. Granted, if the Islanders played the Rangers, the adrenaline could boost the Isles past the rangers. I also think the only team that could beat the Rangers on "heart factor" would be the Habs. But pound for pound, no team can compete with the Rangers other than Pittsburgh, but they suck.
  2. Mitico12

    Zidlicky to Det

    I don't get it why Zidlicky wouldn't want to go to any team that was suggested to him. I mean, most teams making a play for Zid are most likely playoff teams. Besides, at the worst case, he lives out of a hotel for 2 months... What's the problem...
  3. Mitico12

    Zidlicky to Det

    I wonder if we're shopping Ruutu...
  4. Mitico12

    Zidlicky to Det

    Makes it more palatable....
  5. Mitico12

    Zidlicky to Det

    I think we're done for the day. No one wants Ryder or Havlat.
  6. Mitico12

    Zidlicky to Det

    LL was pigeon holed because of Zid's NTC. I'll take a 3rd, especially since Severson is back.
  7. Kessel to NJ only if they retain salary. I would do it.
  8. Everyone on the Devils, including Cammy, could have a price tag. If the Blackhawks want him enough, and are ready to part ways with some good assets, then why not entertain a possible offer. The Clowe, enigma, doesnt need to be resolved. I think if he is on an insured contract (which I'm certain he is), then the Devils have no issue putting him on the LTIR and his numbers come off the books regardless. But I repeat, EVERYONE on the roster should be fair game for a trade if the right price is met.
  9. A good GM would always open an ear to an offer, sure. If, let's say, Carolina offered up Jeff Skinner, Cam Ward, and a 1st rounder, I would do it. Why not.
  10. I could see Jagr / Ryder / or even Zubrus as a last-minute stop-gap option for Chicago if they aren't able to pick up Vermette to help barely replace Patrick Kane.
  11. Starting to see the reason why Jagr still thrives and what the consequences are: If he plays, and plays a lot, he will do well. If he does't play, and is relegated to a lesser "I'm the man role" and asked to do other things other than offensive production, he isn't as effective. Jagr will not thrive on teams that give him less than 1st or 2nd line minutes. Bottom line.
  12. NBC should have packaged and marketed this game as "Battle for McDavid - who will rollover in a move for the phenom"...something like that...
  13. Dude, we got Cory Schneider for our 9th overall pick two years ago (Bo Horvat, who is actually being shopped by Vancouver). At the draft, anything can happen. I'm sure EDM is making their evaluations on the TOP 5 picks, obviously with McDavid and Eichel rated 1 and 2 respectively. But if they see something good in the next three picks, and the Devils have 1 of those picks, I can't see why they wouldn't go for a guy the likes of Larsson or Gelinas or Severson or Merril and one of either ZAJAC or CAMMALLERI plus our first and second round picks. Doing that they get a bonafide top 4 NHL de
  14. I didn't elaborate enough. See, the EDM top brass will have to give McDavid's camp some "guarantees" in terms of what the project is going to look like. Obviously, EDM suffers premadonna syndrome, with numerous top draft picks going through there without a cause. This time, the EDM mgmt. team will have to clearly outline a plan to make McDavid's time frutful in EDM, which means they may need to eliminate some of his premadonna teammates first - AKA Yakupov / Hall, etc. With EDM building a new arena, and money surely going to pour into McDavid's lap, I don't see him "refusing" to sign in E
  15. If McDavid goes to EDM, RNH and Yakupov are sure bet probables to be shipped off. The EDM top brass will want to build around McDavid. Or, if they model their team like the Pens, who have the Crosby/Malkin 1-2 punch, you can see them pitching Hall and Eberle to other teams in order to conserve cap space.
  16. Let's not expect anything earth shattering from Lou this trade deadline. I will, however, expect a bonehead move in the offseason like giving Salvador another 2-year deal...
  17. Kane, apparently did push ups with a Las Vegas background with a stacks of cash on his back. Mario Ballotelli, when pulled over in his Ferrari in the Northern UK, was asked why he had so much cash in his car. He said, "Because I'm rich..." I think Kane and Ballotelli should have a talk show together...
  18. Evander Kane is the NHL version of Mario Ballotelli...no thank u.
  19. No part of either Kane (unless it's Patrick Kane) or Wheeler. We need to rebuild around draft picks. Give up players in exchange for draft picks and move on. Neither Kane or Wheeler will help us short term or long term unless we build teams around them.
  20. Cangi doesn't know soccer. Yeah, he did RBNY games, but he knows nothing about soccer. IMO, the NHL equivalent of Pirlo was a guy the likes of Scott Niedermayer or Pavel Datsyuk. Patrik Elias in his hey-day could have also been considered that.
  21. I'll tell you what, if Lou indeed was that honest with Marty, I will give him a LOT of credit. Because telling the best ever goalie of all time that "right now, I don't have a job for you" isn't easy. It takes a lot of courage and reasoning, and for this I am starting to change my mind of my recent thoughts of Lamoriello's incompetence. It would have been a three-ring circus if he hired Marty in ANY capacity other than the "good will ambassadors" that Grant Marshall, Bruce Driver, and Jimmy Dowd already have locked down. Certainly, Marty wasn't going to take that job...
  22. Avery is certainly emotionally disturbed and most likely has a crush on Marty.
  23. Making room for Mike Richards?
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