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  1. I don't know the facts, but the court will determine whether or not this is bvllsh!t. But, I must say, that I find it odd that this guy would commit corporate suicide by shooting off a law suit against Lou. There must be a foundation for it...
  2. Outclassed. This game should serve Lou as a barometer for him to see how far we are from actually being a newer generation NHL team. One day closer to the end of the season. That's the way I see it...
  3. Keeping Jagr beyond this season is a double-edged sword. He thrives because he knows "he's the man" and he's considered the "go-to-guy". If a player like him is relegated to 3rd line minutes, he starts to stink beyond all description. So, keeping Jagr means guaranteeing him 1st or 2nd line minutes, which in today's NHL, won't carry too much success for the team in the longrun. Good player, fantastic work ethic and humility, but do you guarantee him 1st or 2nd line minutes at the ripe old age of 43?
  4. Some kids could use a kick in the ass, so I'm all for it even if he did it...
  5. Go 15-2-3 in the next 20 games and I'll believe we're going somewhere...
  6. You go 1-3 in the "new regime's" first four games it is safe to say that this team is not capable of much. I'm hoping Lou is exploring getting some return on our aging veterans while working with the few salvageable parts of our roster...
  7. Lou Lamoriello comes from the old school of management, where professionalism, tradition, and ethics are paramount centerpieces of the club culture. His achievments as a NJ Devils GM have earned him the opportunity to have a say in maintaining that very culture even when he moves on to retire. With that being said, Lou's main priority should be to work with ownership at grooming his successor. I think now is a good time to consider putting someone under his wing that values the very principles mentioned above so that there can be a soft transition from Lou to the next GM in the next 2-5 y
  8. Lamoriello is senile. "We were tired"...??? Of course dude...ur average age is 99...what do u expect...
  9. Devils conspiracy to not have their pre-game or commentating done on this game...no feed for FIOS...what bvllsh!t!
  10. Any reason why the pre-game on MSG Plus 2 is showing the Islanders pre game? ( I have Fios)
  11. This reeks of no one wanting to take the head coaching job. This also reeks of Lou losing his marbles. I can't see how "coaching by committee" is going to work with this group of washed up vets. It's going to become a beer league team soon considering that Oates and Stevens will only be there to facilitate lineups and line changes and that's it. Honestly, if he was going to go this route, he should have had a "player coach or player coaches" like Jagr or Elias. Remember when Chelsea FC had Gianluca Vialli as a player coach? I think that would have been interesting to watch...lol. Qu
  12. Bad move. As much as PDB gave me the sh!ts on a constant basis, I would rather have seen the season play out the way it was and then have a total house cleaning at the end of the year. We still have the following problems - Salvador / Ryder / Zubrus / Clowe / Elias / Jagr / Zidlicky Havlat / Gomez - all an average age of around 34 years old. The only salvageable forwards are: Henrique / Josefsson / Zajac / Cammaleri We are fVcked for a long time boys...just sit back and watch with interest...
  13. I'm actually enjoying watching my own team tank. Perhaps some of the guys will be so embarrassed of themselves, they'll just retire on their own, including Elias, Havlat, Ryder, Zubrus, etc.... We don't stink per se...we are just old and finished.
  14. In the playoffs, sure, we do suck against Carolina.
  15. Ryder will not play in the NHL after this season. Mark my words. No one wants him.
  16. Kinkaid played solid. I was sitting 20 rows up from his net (TB attacking side) and got to focus on him twice up close. I liked what he brought, especially in the shootout. While I don't think getting rid of Cory Schneider is feasible, if KK continues playing solid, a good 1A - 1B tandem is in the making. Although, it has crossed my mind, imagine Kinkaid ends up stirring up a goalie controversy for Schneider much like he did for Luongo in Vancouver. That would be ironic....
  17. I dunno, Pittsburgh's "luck in the lottery" with Crosby kind of has me doubting the whole process...
  18. To twist it up a bit, how about shipping Schneider and a roster player to Carolina in exchange for Cam Ward and Jeff Skinner?
  19. Half the posters here have no "eye" for hockey. Trust me, on a hunch, I think Kinkaid has the technique to be a solid goaltender. Let's see if he has the character. I'll be honest, thank goodness we only lost Bo Horvat as a result of the Schneider trade, because he is NOT impressing me his first two seasons here...
  20. William - finally we agree on something. Definitely. Cory Schneider can certainly be the centerpiece of a blockbuster trade, and given my "blehhh sentiments" of how he has played this season, I would not be opposed to entertaining offers for Schneider that will bring us a bonafide first line winger that is below 26 years old. He is not going to win us a Stanley Cup folks. Schneider is not everything everyone has him pinned to be (at least from what I can see so far). Kinkaid, however, has impressed me. It started last season against the Bolts. He is a cool customer and for certain, wi
  21. My man, I have been watching and playing hockey for about a good 27 years of my life, so let's say that I think I have a good eye for what I wrote. I wrote the original comment about entertaining trading Schneider so I will answer your skepticism. With regards to Kinkaid, let's just say that we don't know the "intangibles" regarding a long term career and his potential to be a game changer under pressure. After all, he hasn't played more than 4 full NHL games in his career. So, comparing this with Schneider, surely, Schneider is the clear winner. Especially because he helped get the
  22. Not exactly a player I would exactly mortgage our future over. I would consider mortgaging a future on players like Patrick Kane or Jamie Benn, but at the right price, perhaps Hall can be something to discuss with Edmonton. Edmonton needs a change and so do the Devils, so perhaps they are a good trade partner. Actually, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that if Kinkaid keeps playing this strong against very difficult opponents, I wouldn't be opposed to auctioning off Cory Schneider to the highest bidder. I can see Schneider being a good trade piece with Edmonton.
  23. We are a bottom six team. What a disgrace.
  24. Brunner is a star player in a 3rd division team. In the NHL, however, he sucks.
  25. William, william, william...bro, you gotta take your Devils googles off for a second here. You're really that far up Lou's @ss? I love our team, or organization, and Lou Lamoriello. But there are some HUUUUUGE question marks about the decision making process he has taken the last several seasons... Explain how we robbed the Hurricanes? Ruutu? Robbed the Canucks? Schneider? Cammaleri I'll give you. But let's see if we're singing the same tune 4 years from now at the end of his deal. What about Clowe and the shortsidedness of signing him? What about Ryder? What about Brunner? What
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