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  1. Brunner will report to Albany. He is stupid if he doesn't because he would be walking away from his $2.5 mil salary.
  2. Unless the coach is Jose Mourinho (of Chelsea) when players either do what he says, or they end up playing in Congo.
  3. Marty's comment may be a underhanded jab at what losers the Devils have become...
  4. I dunno guys, but if I didn't see the jawing that both Bertuzzo and Jagr had all night, I wouldn't think that hit was suspicious at all. It looked clean from my perspective. Shoulder into Jagr who put his head down. Am I missing something?
  5. Marty is so vain that he will make this 3/4 season work for him. He has that type of motivation. I predict he will steal the show in St. Louis.
  6. Lou took Cyber Monday literally and went out and signed a discount center and half the price... Oh Boy...what was worse, the Giants debacle in Jacksonville or us fielding a 2006 contender for the 2014-2015 season? LOL...oh my goodness....
  7. The Devils have a huge quagmire on their hands because we have a lot of "used, spare, pin-ball machine parts" that are really unusable anywhere else. To add insult to injury (no pun intended), we have players with a fair amount of salary on the books that makes it doubly hard to get rid of. I can see a player like Brunner, Ryder, Zubrus, Elias, Jagr helping a young, inexperienced team come playoff time. I can see them doing decent things in a 3rd/4th line role with teams like Pitt, NY Isles, the Habs, and St. Louis. Would Lou trade to a division rival? Probably not. If the Devils are
  8. Lou is a man with experience, but as it showed when Johnny Mac was canned a few years ago, he took too long to pull the trigger. Let's hope he remembers his shortsidedness from 2010-2011.
  9. It's a business. Everyone is out for themselves and loyalty doesn't play a factor so it doesn't surprise me that Marty is playing for another team (or trying out). I wish him the best of luck. His legacy in NJ is sealed, so whatever he does in STL is icing on the cake.
  10. The best trade the Devils could make is trading Elias', Ryder, Zubrus, Zidlicky, and Clowe for retirement papers. The team's future prospects get better once that happens.
  11. Can someone help answer a question for me - Why are there various law enforcement entities within one jurisdiction? What's the difference between a Sheriff Dept. police officer and a local police officer? What tasks do they have that are differentiated?
  12. A few concrete observations about last night's loss and overall assessment of the situation: 1. Clemmer - good at the big stuff, bad at the details. Glenncross' goal was a juicy rebound that should have been stopped but wasn't. Don't wanna blame him outright, but he's gotta win the game when he's up 4-2 with 3.5 mins left in the 3rd. That's what makes you an NHL goalie. On the other side of the ice, Ramo played well enough to keep his team in the game and ultimately win it. 2. Mental Capacity / Lack of Endurance - the Devs have demonstrated to be unable to hold on and lock down oppos
  13. How funny if a Marty Brodeur signing now to backup Cory would significantly boost morale (at least for a short while) because our team is doing miserably bad...lol
  14. Kessel is an interesting idea to float around, but his $8 mil. per year is quite hefty on a very barometric player with high volatility. He would have to score consistent seasons of 85+ points per year to make that a worth while endeavor, and while I really like Kessel, I don't think his physique lends itself towards being a speedy winger for the next five years. If I'm Lou, and want to make a splash, I would go out and seek out what it would take to get a player like Jeff Skinner or, I'm not crapping you here, Patrick Kane. I would even take a look at possibly landing Pavelski. Compare a
  15. Different voice (aka Deboer getting fired) won't necessarily spark up this group of old stags. It could have an immediate "honeymoon effect," but over the long term it won't make a difference. Complacency seems to be very evident when I watch this team. They aren't miserably bad, but they aren't remarkably good either. They're just "ehhhh"... Scratching players like YaYo and Tootoo don't make much sense, and that is what needs to be addressed via a coaching change. Keeping players like Zidlicky / Ryder / Brunner / Zajac / Elias / Zubrus etc. accountable is what a coaching change need
  16. We suck because plain and simple we can't compete with teams that have an average age of 25.
  17. This team has accepted being relegated to a bubble, mediocre team that performs poorly. PDB and staff love to kiss up to their older players - aka Ryder, Zubrus, Zids, etc. What keeps me engaged watching this team now is to see how low we can go, and if we go lower, what moves will be made to adjust the organization. Zajac is horrible btw....
  18. Tootoo is a scratch as is Ya Yo. Rico is back in. PDB, you're a DOUCHENBAGENS!
  19. Imagine Burns saw some of the performances of Zidlicky and Salvador this year...wonder what he would do...
  20. The way the Devils are playing this season, an appropriate sponsor would be "ALWAYS MAXI PADS"...
  21. Unfortunately, I think the Devils will continue spiraling downward like the NY Jets or NY Giants without making a change at the helm. Lou has been showing "zen-like" patience the last few years, and I can only imagine it being a result of Lamoriello having messed something up along the way and him being loyal to the guys that went along with it. Also, he isn't gonna fire DeBoer when he prevented him from getting the head coaching position in Toronto. He prevented him when he basically said at season's end "DeBoer is under contract for next year"...if that's really true, we will never know.
  22. When u hang ur hat on a 43-year old playing 1st line ninutes it just messes the whole team's balance...I would like to see the team jettison the following in this order: Clowe Salvador Ryder Zubrus Gionta Dimminish/redefine the roles for: Jagr Elias Zajac Replace: DeBoer
  23. Anyone think Carolina would give us E.Staal for Zajac?
  24. Kinkaid will lead the way for a Schneider trade at some point...mark my words. Just a hunch.
  25. Can Zubrus finally score a freekin goal...wtf! Oh, and Elias...and Zajac...and...(fill in the blank with whatever name).
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