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  1. Yay! First post in years to welcome back Adam Henrique!
  2. What step in the grief process are we in? Anger? Denial? Both? Zach is gone. He can have fun smoking a $20 in the cool Minnesota air. Good riddance.
  3. He is clearly laboring and I agree that it's not something that gets better with rest like a groin. I feel it could be a knee issue that will require surgery.
  4. ok no basically it's nothing.
  5. What is the rumor? I have apparently been blocked by incarcerated douche bag.
  6. yes the poem is really that long! lol Somebody on twitter said waiting for July 1 feels like the night before Christmas. So I went with it.
  7. Twas the night before the frenzy, when all through the league Not a player was stirring, not even Mike Green. The contracts were printed from the computer with care, In hopes that free-agents soon would be there. The players agents were nestled all snug in their beds, While visions of dollar signs danced in their heads. Their cell phones all charged up, hoping teams would call back, As GM’s try dealing to stay under the cap. When out in New York there arose such a clatter, I sprang to twitter to see what was the matter. Away to the computer I flew like a flash, Flipped on the monitor and grabb
  8. I asked TG about Lou's plans to interview and of course he said that Lou has not said he interviewed anybody but TG added that the Devils are super secretive about these things and anybody that is interviewed is sworn to secrecy during the entire process. For all we know Lou is parading candidates in and out of his office. Hell he may just do his interviews via Skype!
  9. Take off the kool-aid flavored glasses the 2003 series was boring. A big Stevens hit, a dramatic comeback from that hit. shut-outs galore, a 1-0 OT game. yawn. I hate hockey
  10. Devilish Dilema: Who Will NJ's Next Coach Be? Anybody have an opinion as to who they would like to see behind the bench next season?
  11. Anybody heard any good jokes lately?

    1. Pepperkorn


      No joke for you -- but now I know why you've gone all silent! I just saw your blog link!

  12. Holy cow! I've been around for nearly 10 years too! Does that mean I'm getting old?
  13. No Devils, No Ducks, No Kings....No luck for me.

  14. I like that he glazes over the Kovy parts on each question and pretty much came out and said Maclean confused the team. Good stuff. I also believe that he truly has the intention of remaining with the team long term.
  15. Let's get goals early and often! We will not be denied! :burn: :gd:
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