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  1. My uncle mentioned to me in late April/Mat that his former business partner/friend was contracted to paint Parise's apt/condo. Makes sense in hindsight that he was spiffing it up to sell
  2. I remember reading where ZP's new house is. If only I had the address. Lol not to be a total creep
  3. I'm sending my Parise jersey to his house in MN. Just kidding, but that would be amazing. Probably donating it.
  4. Hahah! Seriously, what he did was the opposite of loyal. I'd have a lot more respect if he didn't go on and on about wanting to be a Devil and wanting to win. He could have just said "looking forward to the FA process" or something along those lines. But to find out he was waiting on his bestie to sign and had them take matching deals points to the fact we were nothing but second choice (if not third or fourth) for him. It all sounds a little immature to me. I don't understand how you can get so close to hoisting a cup as a CAPTAIN of a team and spew BS about wanting to win and then do this. Either ZP is as phony as they come or he's delusional/so full of himself he thinks he&Suter automatically equals cup run for the Wild
  5. @jessespector: Parise said that he and Suter talked "throughout the year," in case this didn't already feel enough like the Heat.
  6. LA03

    Devils party it up

    Hahah my mom even saw these videos and she seriously asked, "wait? Are those 2 women hookers?!"
  7. LA03

    Devils party it up

    That one chick is wearing the ugliest shorts and shoes. Ugh. Hot mess.
  8. LA03

    Devils party it up

    Henny looking gooood in that suit.
  9. LA03

    Devils party it up

    Not for nothing, but you can still be a good person who believes in their charity work and make a mistake.(or several..) I believe Zubrus and Poni also have children.
  10. LA03

    Devils party it up

    F'in seriously. You are in LA, don't be so friggin' stupid. Idiots.
  11. LA03

    Devils party it up

    That sucks if that's not Poni's wife. I didn't know he was married.
  12. LA03

    Devils party it up

    I've seen a picture of Zubrus' wife and she is GORGEOUS. I don't know wtf he's thinking. (Assuming he is cheating, because obviously we dont know)
  13. LA03

    Devils party it up

    The videos are already on youtube. Spot has already been blown. They are a little stupid for doing this in LA land of paparazzi. out in random bars in northern NJ and Hoboken? No problem. Out in bars when you're playing in Columbus, Ohio? No problem. LA...asking for problems...even if it's innocent it's going to look bad.
  14. LA03

    Devils party it up

    Happy to see Zach isn't anywhere in this videos. I believe he's getting married soon.
  15. LA03

    Devils party it up

    Clarky got on the bus with those two chicks...I'm hoping that they are other players' significant others just catching a ride back to the hotel.
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