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  1. I think unintentionally in the bench isnt a penalty. But intentionally is?
  2. My body and mind is ready! Let’s go! So happy hockey is back!
  3. I as well can’t do Saturday night. I will be in the Pocono’s in a house with no WiFi. And I don’t really want to set my phone as a “mobile hotspot” because the cell service isn’t quite the best. But, if it comes to that, I’ll go find a Starbucks or something.
  4. If you log into your Yahoo account, and go to the real page, not the phone app, or mobile page, but the real website, at the top in a green box you’ll see an option to “select keepers”.
  5. To bad Hall is out. He would be on FIRE this game. He doesn’t stand for any of this bullsh!t.
  6. Its New England.... the clock is always in NE favor.
  7. Can we start a petition or something to have the refs be investigated about the Devils?
  8. Why the fvck is Mojo back in the box?!?!
  9. Hey NHL... get your sh!t together.
  10. New England is full of cheaters.
  11. Please don’t tell me Cory is hurt now...
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