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  1. And my entire bracket for the west coast is garbage... Let's go east coast picks!
  2. Way to go Blues.... Ya blew it!!!! (See what I did there???)
  3. Frustrated. Nothing but frustrated... 44SOG... And not a single one went in... No words. Caps played strong. The entire game was a power play for them... Idk...
  4. Yes. It looked like the Rangers just didn't show up to play today. Horrible performance. Game was very boring to watch. I was on my phone mostly then watching.
  5. This is going to be an ugly game for the Rags...
  6. Clean hit on Laughton... Announcers are right... He kinda lost his edge and fell... Unfortunate he had to be taken off on a stretcher. Hope he's ok. Maybe this will pep the Flyers game up.
  7. That was a disgrace to the NHL, and to the entire Snider family. First home game, finally paying tribute to the Snider family... And everyone goes crazy because the team is losing... No one in that building (besides the Capitals) had any class or respect. Throwing the bracelets and booing on hurt players is low. They should all be ashamed of themselves.
  8. Duh. They are going to be doing whatever it takes... And penalties will be giving... And Caps will take advantage.
  9. Literally no luck for Mason this series. Earlier the puck bounced off the refs skate and he had to block it... Now a weird bounce off the boards... Hockey gods must want the Capitals to just win.
  10. Really... REALLY??? Flyers fans are booing Orpik as he's getting CARRIED off the ice. He's barely concious... I've never ever liked their fans. Always so disrespectful.
  11. Adidas stripes would make the jerseys so busy. To many things going on.
  12. Probably because on court there aren't many ads. On ice, all around the boards are ads and sponsors. They should leave the jerseys alone. No need for color changing. And the NHL should not puts ads on jerseys.
  13. Haha. Oh Mason. Couldn't help but just chucke. You have one job... And YA BLEW IIITTTTT!!! Haha
  14. Hey, so I think i am going to go with Dan's Guys team.
  15. Thanks man. Should I post when I decide on a team with my email?
  16. Or just ignore me and my misunderstanding of how you have it planned out and I'll wait patiently lol. Sorry, just kinda excited.
  17. I can't seem to find the league at all. DevilsFan118 gave me the league ID number, but I can't actually look at your league... Do I have to be invited first into it?
  18. Hey guys, I'm the guy Devilsfan118 was talking about. I would love to be in the fantasy league. I played in a random league this season. Was top 3 for a good majority. Then with lack of goalies dropped to 5th and finished 5th out of 12. I'm still learning but love the thrill.
  19. Caps over Philly.. Ovechkin is hot right now. Flyers are a bunch of bullies, that did have a nice push at the end to get the last spot, but they were gambling on other teams winning/losing. Rangers over Pittsburgh. Fleury is back at practice today... but idk... still undecided on who will move on. Florida over Islanders. Because JAGR!!!!!!! You know he's going to be done soon... give him one more cup, its been many years. Tampa over Detroit. West....Anaheim or LA go all the way.
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