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  1. Can we start a petition or something to have the refs be investigated about the Devils?
  2. Why the fvck is Mojo back in the box?!?!
  3. Hey NHL... get your sh!t together.
  4. New England is full of cheaters.
  5. Please don’t tell me Cory is hurt now...
  6. I guess it’s a New England thing.... the refs help the team.
  7. And what about that hit on Nico.... and then Miller checking back on Wood?!?! fvck Boston.
  8. Palms practicing his Ovie one timer there
  9. I love the city of Boston. I hate their fans. LGD. Playing strong this 1st period. Please don’t exhaust yourselves in the 2nd and 3rd.
  10. Good for Boyle. That’s why I love him. Also, fvck Tom Wilson
  11. What a goal! Sliver of a hole and he gets it in. (That’s what she said?)
  12. I was going to say his shoulder? Maybe dislocated? Looked like he had it hunched skating off.
  13. Get the lube! Here comes the refs!
  14. How does a “game” even happen? Is it more of a show.... and not a game? The league they are in, the team they are playing against, just doesn’t count as a win/loss????
  15. There must be some in my room somewhere.
  16. I’m not crying...... ok.... I’m balling my eyes out
  17. Pretty sure he said “take that mother fvcker” probably little redemption from that hit.
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