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  1. A beach ball would have even been wide of the net
  2. Besides what I am right now, the team is hard and tight tonight.
  3. Power first counts as a smile. What a goal! They are definitely not “soft and loose” tonight
  4. Taylor Hall not smiling. Can confirm. At game.
  5. But why? How is it related to Colorado? Is it just a thing that’s been around for years for them?
  6. I’ve seen more of Lovejoy this period then Vantanen.... or I’m just blind.
  7. Is Vantanen (or how ever your spell it) benched?
  8. Rico already got a stick to the face and had to get repaired. He’s alright according to Duck fans. “Welcome to the Ducks”
  9. After they scored, the camera went to show everyone clearing the devils bench, and Nico was sitting there with Hall, then Hall left, and Nico was sitting there just upset, grabs water, and you can see he was shaking. It was quick, with a bad angle of the camera.
  10. You see Nico on the bench??? He looked like he was ready to just.... loose his sh!t and cry. He was shaking.
  11. Peanut butter......... top shelf........ where mama hides the cookies...... thanks Dano......
  12. When did Larsson become so aggressive against us??? But then again, Hall was chirping McDavid earlier. Idk.
  13. Talbot is Swiss cheese with his save percentage. Throw the puck on net any chance you get.
  14. Literally just said the same thing....... why are they booing Hall? He was TRADED. It wasn’t HIS DECISION.
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