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  1. I was literally just trying to find right now, current highest PIM by team. Can’t find anything so far. Probably to early in the season.
  2. How hard is it to stay out of the fvcking box!
  3. Make that two turn overs, and now a penalty.
  4. Mojo with another turn over on a week pass
  5. No Lovejoy tonight!!! Wooo!!!!!
  6. Ok Nico..... lets do this..... time to get yourself a goal. LETS GO!!!!!!!!
  7. What a rocket! As my uncle just said to me “Top shelf.... He knows where all the good liquor is... TOP SHELF... “
  8. I wouldn’t know about the goal, because the NBC app on my Xbox is sh!t and I got the notification on my phone before I even saw it. Stupid app.
  9. Well, even though that was a bs call, the PP looks good.
  10. It’ll be interesting to watch Nico on the first line tonight. Really hoping he finally gets a goal. I feel once he does, a bunch of weight will be taken off his shoulders. LGD
  11. Omg please win tonight. My annoying coworker needs to shut up about his stupid Rags of a team. I want to go into work Monday with my head held high. LGD! Definitely watching this one tonight. Stop making stupid penalties and keep out of the box.
  12. If we lose tomorrow I’m rage quitting
  14. https://twitter.com/ikhurshudyan/status/918974568756326401 Backstrom is back now?
  15. Backstrom out. Took a puck to the head with no helmet on during warmups. Now a scratch.
  16. Oh Deb, never change.... pronouncing Marcus as “Joe-hanson”
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