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  1. I take it back again, the refs are continuing to fvck us.
  2. I take it back, Rico forgot how to skate.
  3. I see nothing has changed with the refs fvcking us with breakaway chances.
  4. You usually don’t celly in a away game, Wood just doesn’t give a fvck and cellies HARD lol thats why I love the kid. Is energy is always high and always upbeat.
  5. Palms is back. LGD. Face infection boy got his first goal last night... Nico probably heard, now it’s time for him to net a goal. Keep playing the way you are. I’ll definitely be watching this game tonight. These next couple games will really be a test for us. Toronto tonight, Ovi and the Caps Friday, and the dirty Rags on Saturday. If we win 2 of the 3, id be a happy camper (especially if the win comes against the Rags)
  6. I tweeted MSG Go. They replied with, “Hey Josh, game replays on MSG & MSG GO at 6pm, however, the Game Rewind (video on-demand) will be available later this evening.” So my guess is sometime after 6pm???
  7. The MSG Go app will upload the game to the app. Idk what time it’ll be available later, but I looked and saw Saturday’s game on there. I might do that. Just watch it from the MSG Go website.
  8. It’s Thanksgiving in Canada today, and Columbus Day here in the states. Oddly enough none of the Canadian teams have a home game today. Ill be tuning in at work, LGD. Keep the high energy up and let’s go!
  9. That last paragraph though. That’s the part that made me love this kid more. 18 years old, and he’s just living the dream right now.
  10. It’s game day boys! Good luck to everyone!
  11. https://www.nhl.com/app/devils/news/devils-announce-roster-for-start-of-2017-18-nhl-season/c-291548742
  12. This fvcking face off sh!t. Lappin was lining up and his foot slipped. fvck this rule.
  13. I meant Sunday October 1st. That’s the new date? I got myself all confused because I have something that Saturday (Sep 30th).
  14. Checking in. Ready for another season! Did the draft now officially move to Sunday’s October 2nd?
  15. Guys we won!!!! I can see Lord Stanley already!!!!
  16. I need to clean up.... I'll be back in awhile....
  17. Make sure the steam opens in the YouTube app, then there should be a "cast" button. And it'll go to your tv. The little square with a arrow in it is the cast button.
  18. Idk if I'd even want a free adidas jersey.
  19. Yeah but it looks like it's almost game time... so it lowers? Or it's just not ready yet for this game...?
  20. Do the speakers block the actual bored during the game?
  21. NBC reporter - "so what made you select Patrick?" What Hextall really wanted to say - "Well, we got the leftover from the fvcking Devils, stupid Devils always beating us"
  22. please be better then Nolan please be better then Nolan please be better then Nolan please be better then Nolan
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