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  1. I've bought posters at 3 of the 4 games I've been to so far. I missed out on opening nights poster and couldn't attend Marty night. :/ Anyway, it IS a PITA to purchase the posters and carry them around eithger loose or in a plastic bag. Another thing that sucks about them is they're simply rolled up and held that way with an elastic band. No protection whatsoever and they can be ripped, creased, or damaged from food/drink very easily. I guess for $5 you can't expect much. I wonder how much grief you'd get if you tried to bring in a protective tube.
  2. +1 on Parkwhiz.com. It's a broker of sorts for different parking facilities. $7.50 even on weekend games at L.A. Parking on 994 Broad St and also 23 Orchard. They're in the same location and plenty of fans park there. I prefer the Broad St location since we take that to get back out to Route 21. Walking to the arena you'll see a few fans. It's all dependent on when you arrive. Leaving the game you'll be walking back with lots of fans. As the previous comment said, you need to purchase online for this rate. I've used it for all of the games so far this season and haven't had any issues.
  3. Nice job with the scans. I'm curious about the print run though. Opening night's sold out FAST and yet STH can redeem points for one. So, did they sell all 300 and have more printed after the fact or did they hold on to some of the 300 for the points redemption?
  4. I realize that, however when profit is involved, never say never.
  5. I'd bet some of the stuffed suits think this is a good idea from a financial standpoint, figuring the one or two games a season fan will still purchase from TE or TM with the option of cheaper seats through SH no longer being available. Now all of the revenue from the sale will go to TM and the Devils. I've already brought this up to a couple of my co-workers who would purchase from SH and they have said they will not be going to any games now because of this. Has Devils management even given consideration to the revenue just in concessions from fans who purchase seats through SH? Maybe because they can afford to purchase a ticket at a reasonable price through SH, that fan can afford to also fork over $35 for a couple beers and something to eat. With this new policy, there's the potential the Devils lose the fanny in the seat AND the concession revenue. I have a very bad feeling this will lead to lower attendance and within 2 years, the rumblings will begin about having to move the team for lack of fan support. Maybe that's the plan after all?
  6. Not good enough. I don't care if the T&C say the benefits are subject to modification by the New Jersey Devils. What I see spelled out on the benefits page for my membership account specifically shows commemorative ticket stock and lanyard (exclusive to season ticket members) and free ticket printing and forwarding. The Devils organization was quick to modify the T&C to reflect 2016-17, but neglected to change what the STH receives for their account. They should honor what's displayed.
  7. If the devilsmembership.com pages are out date, then maybe they should fix those pages. That's where I go to check the status of my account including my payments, not nhl.devils.com. This is a classic example of lack of communication within an organization between departments and with the STH.
  8. I saw that on the Devils membership site (devilsmembership.com) but had to logon to my account to see it. By going to devils.nhl.com the benefits are different for STH but do show different benefits for Premium accounts. The Devils organization is as much responsible for this as TM.
  9. Also, the commemorative tickets AND free ticket printing and forwarding WILL be given to Premier STH according to the Devils website . I guess the $$$ I spent on STH in the 100's isn't enough to warrant these benefits.
  10. I posted this over on HF. I've also sent a very long e-mail to numerous Devils accounts voicing my extreme displeasure and anger over this. What a FUBAR. I'll likely be a 1 and done STH. I was looking at the 5-game buyback, selling 5 games on my own and giving 5 or so games to friends and family. Since the 5-game buyback refund is applied to 2017-18 STH packages only, it's now off the table since I'm probably not going to renew. Selling the games on Ticketbastard speaks for itself. I would prefer using SeatGeek. Giving the tickets to friends and family isn't that big of a deal, but I find handing them a nice looking hard ticket more appealing. Plus they can be kept as a souvenir of sorts. I wasn't looking to profit from any of this. My intent for becoming a STH was to be able to have the same seat for each game and get to know some other fans as well. All this from the organization ranked 26th in home attendance.
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