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  1. Schmid is now 5-0, with a .949 sv%, and 1.42 GAA. Obviously a small sample size, but it will be very interesting to see how Ruff handles the Blackwood situation.
  2. Our first homegrown superstar forward anyway. And certainly the most electrifying player we’ve had since Kovy. Slump seems like a bit much considering they’re still finding ways to win (or at least get a point like against the Preds). They were never going to keep outshooting every team they played by almost double, or keep winning every game 5-2. Anyway, I just finished the game on the dvr, and I thought Wood had his best game in weeks. Nice to see after a pretty rough stretch, and with Bastian missing from that line. Hell of a game for Schmid, too. Hope he’s ok from that collusion at the end. He looked pretty shaken up when Vanecek came out to celebrate with him.
  3. This would be a hell of a squad.
  4. I’m so hyped for this. The first game is easily one of my favorites of all time, and between the cast, and it being HBO, I have a decent amount of faith that it will be really good.
  5. lol at the jersey collectors here talking themselves into liking these things. You guys are delusional.
  6. Brady Tkachuk punched Trouba in the head a bunch too, so that’s a bonus.
  7. Michigan lost 6-3 to Wisconsin, but Luke scored a pretty nice goal.
  8. I’m talking about his career so far as a whole. He’s missed a lot of time. And even played a bunch last year while injured.
  9. If he can stay healthy I’d love for them not to have to rush Schmid into a full time NHLer at just 22.
  10. I thought the exact same thing lol.
  11. Possibly the wackiest goal I’ve ever seen.
  12. Is this a serious question? For the same reason it’s annoying when former Devils players score against us. Can’t believe I have to explain this.
  13. Dude is a mutant. Guys that big are not supposed to be that skilled.
  14. What does this even mean? He beats the Devils every time we play them. That’s all I care about.
  15. fvcking Saros. I’m going to be seeing that save on Jack without his stick in my sleep.
  16. A Nico breakaway, a Jack chance all alone in the slot (with Saros missing his stick), and a PP all at the end of the 3rd with a chance to close it out. Just unbelievable. The worst part is losing to Hynes. Ugh.
  17. You thought they played well for 59 minutes? Cause I’d argue they really only showed up for the 2nd. Preds dominated large portions of the game in the the 1st & 3rd.
  18. Sharongovich is neither a slow skater, or weak on defense. He’s probably the best penalty killer on the team. He’s usually very sound without the puck. That said, he was brutal during that sequence. If it’s not there in OT you can’t force it, and he really screwed that possession. Hamilton didn’t play it particularly well either. Oh well. Frustrating loss to a team we just can’t seem to beat. Still got a point despite only showing up for one period of hockey though.
  19. Not sure I love how passive they were on the power play. They played not to lose, instead of playing to win. I’ll take a Nico or Jack goal here please.
  20. Playing Smith at forward makes me wonder why no coach has ever tried it with Severson.
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