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  1. Apparently the Rags are making Trouba their captain. Dirty - elbow throwing - head hunting son of a bitch that he is. Seems about right.
  2. Already seeing a bunch of people online that like those. They will probably sell just like the Jersey jerseys have.
  3. Not sure why this pic is so funny to me.
  4. Well, fvck - they really put blue on a Devils jersey. Another one I won’t be getting. 0/2 with the last couple as far as I’m concerned. nvm missed the “concept” this isn’t official yet.
  5. Well, Bratt just scored 73 and MB3 offered exactly 0 sexual favors. So I guess we have the answer.
  6. He must of really wanted to play with Pavel Zacha lol.
  7. *This new guy sounds pretty encouraging to me. Notable NHL players that have worked with Naurato include Zach Werenski, Quinn Hughes, Dylan Larkin, Jacob Trouba, Jack Hughes, Kyle Connor, JT Compher and Andrew Copp. https://mgoblue.com/news/2022/8/7/brandon-naurato-named-interim-head-coach-of-ice-hockey.aspx *not technically new, as he was at Michigan last year. So at least Luke is already familiar with him.
  8. No, but I’ve given you half a dozen examples of similar top defensive prospects to Luke, that have never played a minute in the AHL (or very little in the case of Drysdale ). Idk why the coaches and GM’s are choosing to bypass the AHL for these guys, but they are. So I expect to see the same with Luke, just based off recent history. Now granted - some of the Euro guys were at least playing in professional leagues like Heiskanen and Seider, but the ones that just stayed in juniors (Byram for example) were basically playing against the same age and type of competition as the American kids that go the college route.
  9. It’s not just his brother though. Like I mentioned in my previous post - none of the top young defensive prospects (Makar, Heiskanen, Seider, Byram, Power, Drysdale, Sanderson, etc) have spent any significant time in the AHL in recent years. The trend seems to be to leave them wherever they’re currently playing (college, junior’s, Europe) until they’re ready to make the jump directly to the NHL. As MB3 stated - basically the simple answer is they’re too good for the AHL, and don’t need to ride the bus down there for an entire year.
  10. As bad as he was - Tatar did score 15 goals last year. Even if at least a handful felt like they came late in games in garbage time. Still, Tatar’s floor (15-20 goals) is Johnsson’s ceiling.
  11. But they play the same position, and a overall very similar style of game. With the instant success Quinn had in the NHL, there’s really no reason not to try and replicate the exact same trajectory for Luke. This. You don’t really see a player as talented as Luke in AHL much these days. At least not for any significant amount of time. Guys like Byram and Drysdale had a cup of coffee down there, but that’s about it. The US born players like the Hughes brothers and Jake Sanderson seem to be bypassing the AHL all together.
  12. Because it’s probably what’s best for his development? Quinn did 2 years there, and Luke probably isn’t ready for the NHL yet. He doesn’t even turn 19 until next month.
  13. Tatar I can live with. Johnsson is the one I want gone the most.
  14. Speaking of… it sounds like Prey is really good. I need to watch it this sometime this weekend.
  15. We are apparently right up against the cap now. Kinda goes against a certain someone’s “cheap owners” narrative.
  16. Also, people would have lost their minds if we gave 30 year old Campbell $5x5 like Edmonton did.
  17. Vanecek has more career NHL games under his belt than Husso (who everyone wanted so badly). We also ended up extending VV for much less than what Husso got in Detroit. I thought Fitz played that one pretty well.
  18. What more did you expect him to do on the goaltending?
  19. We did get a tad bigger and stronger on the back end. Ty Smith is tiny, and super soft. Marino is neither.
  20. Perfect for me would have been moving on from Ruff - and bringing in a Trotz, Cassidy, Montgomery, etc.
  21. B He did plenty. Lots of addition by subtraction (Recchi, Nas, Ty, Zacha), and guys like Marino and Palat are going to help win hockey games. Most importantly - he added a solid goaltender. Landing one of the ex-Flames would have been exciting, but I’m not going to kill him for not getting one of them either. He also swung for the fences with the Nemec pick (and yet the same people that continually bring up Nico over Makar are still bitching) instead of just taking Shane Wright. Now we just need the young core to stay healthy, continue to progress, and a nice bounce back season from Hamilton.
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