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  1. Hard to call a 20 goal season a complete disaster. Now, it would be nice to see him get his point totals up a bit, but he just doesn’t seem like he’ll ever be a big assist guy. Not sure his drive is really an issue either though. Not when he scores pretty much all of his goals from the dirty areas.
  2. What a weird comment. Dude literally has as iron man streak of 246 games (plus playoffs) going, and we’re questioning his toughness?
  3. Yeah, I didn’t either. And he’s probably a long shot. I just perked up when I saw defensive defenseman award.
  4. I couldn’t care less who wins as long as it’s not the Rags. I guess I’d rather see a team from the west. Maybe Stars or Canucks. But I won’t be “rooting” for anyone.
  5. I thought before even reading this that the only way Sullivan becomes available is if Crosby isn’t a Penguin anymore.
  6. I’m sure David Carle from Denver is a hot name right now. Two national championships in the last three years.
  7. At least that Rags team can be rattled. And the Caps have Tom Wilson.
  8. This is just choosing to put a negative spin on it. You could also say that Mercer was a 20 goal scorer even in a down season. Holtz scored 16 goals despite being buried on the 4th line most of the year. And Casey was just days ago named First Team All-American.
  9. Because he let personal feelings get in the way. Sobby Fitz
  10. President’s Trophy curse do your thing.
  11. It was indeed. Team record for points by a rookie defenseman, and he should be a Calder finalist.
  12. One bright spot - Luke with another strong defensive effort.
  13. Ok this is a bit much. I’d at least take it and sell it.
  14. Askarov has played a total of 3 NHL games. If they have the cap space (I have no idea if they do), they should be trying to re-sign Saros, with Askarov as the eventual successor. I highly doubt the kid is ready to take over next season at 21.
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