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  1. Sounds like he was actually interested in trading up with that pick…
  2. Dad’s the only calm one in the room lol.
  3. Actually, it was me. Don’t think Jag was even involved.
  4. And it was such a happy night… I’m just gonna go watch this a few more times
  5. Appreciate you clarifying, but I assure you the bold is not true. Unfortunately, this stuff (actually something far worse than nude pics) hits very close to home for me. I don’t really want to get into much further on a hockey message board, so I’ll just leave it at that.
  6. The “YMMV” comment. Please don’t assume I take this stuff any less seriously than you or anyone else. I assure you, I don’t. I just don’t think invoking Godwin’s law was the right place to take the discussion.
  7. You really don’t want to go here do you?
  8. PK broke that face. We’ve moved on to Jack, now.
  9. Seriously, that’s a bit much.
  10. Their parents did a hell of a job with those boys. That’s for sure.
  11. He’s actually not even 18 yet. He missed the cutoff for next year’s draft by like 2 weeks.
  12. I wasn’t going to say anything (cause I also like Guadana a lot), but I have to agree. I’ve been trying to bite my tongue on the “sugar puppy” stuff, in hopes he’d embrace the pick once it was made, but man he’s uncharacteristically grumpy recently.
  13. I mean, they took him at 29. Bastian was 41, is it really that big of a difference?
  14. Yeah, I kind of sh!t on the Mercer pick last year in the live draft thread (tbf I was drinking lol), and now I’m higher on him than Holtz. I know nothing about Stillman, so I’ll reserve judgment. I would have been excited about Raty though.
  15. *Quinn* he’s not a shark hunter lol
  16. What a dumb take. Barkov, Laine, Heiskanen, Aho, Teräväinen…
  17. Luke put on one Jack’s jerseys that the family already had, and Mfitz thought it was lame because it was a replica.
  18. It was still cool. 99% of people would never notice.
  19. I guess, but they would have had to send out at least a few more in case Luke went before we picked. Luke putting on Jack’s jersey made for a better moment anyway.
  20. Teams are not going to send out dozens of jerseys to each player. It’s not really a big deal during a virtual draft.
  21. I would. Having a 2nd 1st is when you do that.
  22. They didn’t give him the jersey. Luke just said in his interview with Amanda they already had it. I’m guessing they didn’t fully decide until the last minute.
  23. Mackie Samoskevich is quite a unique name lol
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