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  1. I always kind of figured Nico’s absolute ceiling offensively would be about 70 points. So with him sitting at 66 with 12 games left to play I’m indeed very happy with this version of him. He should probably finish with around 75 points. What I’m most curious about is where he’ll be in the Selke voting. I’d say Nico, Bergeron, Pettersson, and Marner are the top candidates, just not sure the order. Oh and btw Nico now has 9 GWG on the season. That’s tied for 2nd in the league. Only Draisaitl has more with 10.
  2. It still doesn’t feel like he’s hitting very much, but he’s not making mistakes. I’ll take that from a young 3rd pairing guy.
  3. That’s why there’s no reason Fitz can’t get both Timo and Bratt re-signed. It’s all setting up perfectly honestly.
  4. So far. But tbf Jack hasn’t really been Jack since Timo arrived. If anything that just points to how special Jack is when he’s on his game. Look what he did with guys like Haula and Sharongovich.
  5. Agree about Bahl. I didn’t really think he was going to amount to much but all of a sudden he looks like he might end up being a pretty decent 3rd pairing guy. And no one other than Connor McDavid can play like this “all the time.” Nico has been doing it plenty lately though.
  6. Best game (other than Carolina) from Jack in while, too. He’s looked much more like himself tonight.
  7. Bratt and Jack look better apart. They play too similar a game to play on the same line.
  8. Aaaaand we’re back to Jack setting up glorious chances with nothing to show for it lol.
  9. Not only the pressure of going #1OA in what’s probably going to go down as an all time draft class, he was also made the youngest captain in the league (at the time). He’s done a hell of a job stepping up since Jack cooled off.
  10. Rags up 5-0 in the 1st period against the Preds.
  11. If you say so. Seems to me this team hasn’t bought any good will with a lot of you. How many games have they lost “5-1” this season?
  12. He’s actually been slowly improving at the dot. Currently at 35.%. Obviously still bad, but better than the low 30’s he was much of the season. Hopefully by next year he’s at least up into the 40’s.
  13. They so rarely look ready to go at the start of games. I don’t get it.
  14. It would be nice to finally get a win in these. I think they’re the best looking Adidas era Devils jerseys by far.
  15. That’s why it should have been Clarke. We could have actually gotten a look at him in a game.
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