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  1. Remember when Rags fans cheered for us drafting Jack over Kakko?
  2. He was playing 4th line minutes, and at least wasn’t noticeable for the wrong reasons. It was also his first NHL game in over a month, so I’ll give him a bit of a pass. It’s pretty clear we’re just going to have to be really patient with him.
  3. 9 different Devils with a point, and Vanecek slammed the door shut with a .919 sv%. sh!tstork .892 That team is not that good when he doesn’t stand on his head. You can make a VERY strong case that Mercer has been a better pick than Laf.
  4. In previous years that Haula miss would have cost us the game. I love this team.
  5. A couple uncharacteristic miscues for Marino. Not the time bud.
  6. Terrible icing to take right there.
  7. Ugh Marino so close to getting it out of trouble.
  8. If a Rangers player even breathes on a Devil too hard in these final minutes they better call it.
  9. Ugh bad penalty to take for Mercer right there. He had been playing great, too.
  10. Leprechaun looking motherfvcker.
  11. Just caught up with the broadcast and I’m begging Lindy to leave Jack and Mercer together for the rest of time. They’re magical together.
  12. I hope it has both the C & A on the front.
  13. They definitely do look a little better personalized though.
  14. Just checked to confirm - it was indeed her.
  15. Is anyone else surprised to learn Graves is that big? I thought he was like 6’3 tops.
  16. Win the Cup. I love the Devils more than I hate the Rangers.
  17. Speaking of - isn’t this the woman that was claiming Luke had character issues?
  18. Someone in the replies said Schmid is sick. Hopefully that’s all it is.
  19. We should probably just have a pinned Bratt extension thread at this point…
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