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  1. Their play on the ice just makes us sick...
  2. They have a top notch goalie, and one of the best players on the planet. Crazier things have happened. I don’t think they will win the Cup either, and you’re right their chance at #1 is much better, but I disagree there’s “absolutely no shot.” If Shestyorkin went on an insane run (like Binnington or MAF) I’d be pretty damn worried. This also isn’t your typical year, so who knows what to expect...
  3. Your first sentence says the best case is for them to lose the play-in, but your very next sentence says you’re rooting for them to win it. I understand why, I just thought it didn’t quite come out right?
  4. That would be a huge NO for me on keeping Nas. And I completely disagree with Button that it would be “delusional” to believe the Devils could make the playoffs next season. They add a capable backup, and Mac keeps playing at a high level they could be a bubble team. Especially if Nico, Jack, Bratt, and Gusev all have better seasons, which I think is pretty likely. Also, how about having a more experienced coach behind the bench precisely because we have such a young team?
  5. Your first statement seems contradictory. As for the conditional picks, iirc correctly, we want Vancouver to make the playoffs to get their pick this year instead of next, and Arizona we get their pick no matter what unless they win the lottery (which is scary with them having Hall). So I think we want Vancouver to get bounced in the 1st round of the actual playoffs, and Arizona to lose the play-in, but not win the lottery. Which would give us the highest possible pick. I think...
  6. Perfetti is supposed to be one of the best natural goal scorers of this draft class (after Laffy). The only knock of him seems to be his skating, but we desperately need guys that can put the puck in the net for Nico and Jack.
  7. Looking at the last 10 #7 picks and it’s extremely encouraging... Jeff Skinner, Mark Scheifele, Matthew Dumba, Darnell Nurse, Hayden Fluery, Ivan Provorov, Clayton Keller, Lias Andersson, Quinn Hughes, Dylan Cozens There’s some great players in there. I don’t know much about Fleury, and Cozens is obviously still TBD, but the only real bust in there looks to be Andersson (LOL).
  8. He might of been, I’m not really sure. I’d still say Drysdale has been a much more touted prospect though. He’s the #1 defenseman in his class. Ty’s had Dahlin, Hughes, and a couple other guys go ahead of him.
  9. Drysdale is a much better prospect than Ty Smith. He’s pretty much consensus top 5 pick. Smith went 17th. That’s a big difference.
  10. There’s no point even talking about Drysdale. We’re not getting him at 7. We’d have to trade up
  11. Why 2020? WHY??
  12. Rossi could definitely be there at 7. I think he goes anywhere between 5-7. No way Quinn goes that high. If we can’t get Rossi, I’d probably go with Perfetti if he’s there.
  13. Who are you including at #2 that’s clearly above the others? Byfield or Stutzle? Cause I could see either one going 2nd.
  14. Remember, having the #1 can be bad depending on who you ask... there’s the risk of him not being the absolute best player in the draft.
  15. I wonder if there’s any hot names among the assistant GM’s around the league right now? I know Fitz interviewed for the Minnesota job last year.
  16. Not true. You can just get a Lambo or Ferrari SUV...
  17. I’d just assume keep Nas if the other other options are Ruff or Stevens.
  18. Iginla was always one of my favorite non-Devils (probably top 5). I loved when he fought Vinny Lecavalier in the 04 finals. Pang’s call... “I don’t believe what I’m seeing, period” LOL
  19. They literally had a letters section for fans to write in with their thoughts/comments... I wasn’t complaining about my Starbucks order being messed up.
  20. He won a couple medals with the Czech’s in the Olympics and World’s, too. And ofc its the hockey HoF, not just the NHL.
  21. Yep. I wrote them a letter years ago (before I canceled my subscription) calling them out on it. Think it might have been after a certain cover story about Marty being one of the greats, “but please don’t let his team win another Stanley” or some such bs. Three guesses on their main reason why... As far as Elias being a “compiler” GTFOH with that sh!t. He’s one of the most underrated players of 00’s. If he played on a league darling franchise he would have been a big star.
  22. Sanderson seems to be moving up some lists. If we drafted him we’d have 2 players in our system that I remember watching their father’s play. I saw a lot of Geoff Sanderson in the early years of the Blue Jackets. Always liked him.
  23. https://www.tsn.ca/bob-mckenzie-s-final-ranking-lafreniere-the-surest-thing-in-most-uncertain-draft-year-1.1488272 Few more days until we know where we’re picking...
  24. Arnott was gone for the last one.
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