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  1. Clear as day high stick. Should have been called off right away.
  2. Now Fitz can go ahead and inform Green he’s not getting the job so he can go join Ruff’s staff.
  3. Scrolling through the comments on this tweet they actually seem quite happy… Every other reply is “we’re back!”
  4. Green couldn’t even find a way to squeak out a WC birth despite getting stabilized goaltending, and a star forward playing absolutely out of his mind for the last 6 weeks of the season. Not to mention just how pathetic all the teams they were actually competing against for that WC2 spot were. There is no world where he should be a serious candidate.
  5. You have to be fvcking kidding me.
  6. He was always pretty good in Buffalo despite being on some truly terrible teams. .912 sv% in 112 starts.
  7. But the thing is you need 2 quality goalies these days. I seriously doubt they would just give him away.
  8. I’ve wanted Ullmark since he was in Buffalo. I’d definitely be happy about landing him.
  9. Hard to call a 20 goal season a complete disaster. Now, it would be nice to see him get his point totals up a bit, but he just doesn’t seem like he’ll ever be a big assist guy. Not sure his drive is really an issue either though. Not when he scores pretty much all of his goals from the dirty areas.
  10. What a weird comment. Dude literally has as iron man streak of 246 games (plus playoffs) going, and we’re questioning his toughness?
  11. Yeah, I didn’t either. And he’s probably a long shot. I just perked up when I saw defensive defenseman award.
  12. I couldn’t care less who wins as long as it’s not the Rags. I guess I’d rather see a team from the west. Maybe Stars or Canucks. But I won’t be “rooting” for anyone.
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