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  1. I can’t decide if these are as bad as ours, or are kind of fun. I’m leaning towards the latter.
  2. What methods has your therapist used to try and curb your obsession with this stuff?
  3. Tyce Thompson? If that’s where we’re looking for some toughness we’re in serious trouble lol. Kid is like a buck 75 soaking wet, and looks like he was a member of the drama club.
  4. And Jack Hughes has 5 more points than Laf and Kakko combined. The Rags continue to not be able to develop their young prospects very well. If they couldn’t buy their roster through free agency they would be perennial bottom feeders.
  5. Yeah, the difference is Akira is still a classic 30+ years later, and absolutely no one will care about the 86th MCU movie in 6 months…
  6. Says the guy that was just talking about the latest MCU movie in the off topic thread lol.
  7. Another strong game from Schmid, too. The goal was on the weaker side, but I wouldn’t call it a total softy. He’s doing all you can ask for from a call up.
  8. I was wondering about the Akira first name. Thought maybe his parents were fans of the Manga/Anime or something.
  9. Stuff will get called more when the games aren’t in Canada.
  10. Ruff needs to go heavy on the BMW line in the 3rd. Limit the Sens opportunities to cheap shot Jack, Nico, Bratt.
  11. “What in the world was Stützle doing right there??” I’m really starting to like Spaulding lol.
  12. I hope the powerless power play and the Bastian save don’t come back to haunt them…
  13. Someone take Watson the fvck out. Enough already.
  14. If Schmid keeps playing like this they will have an interesting decision to make when Blackwood comes back.
  15. Dano mentioned it (he said bulldog), but Zetterlund really is built like a brick sh!thouse. Must have been a Boy Named Sue type situation - growing up with a name like Fabian and all lol.
  16. Yep. Nobody seemed to want to shoot on that power play.
  17. Should be the 3rd penalty Nico has drawn today.
  18. I feel like Spaulding is probably already annoyed with Dano lol. He’s been particularly bad today.
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