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  1. Bratt played pretty well his rookie season, even if he hit a wall in the second half. Smith turns 20 this month, and Bahl turns 20 in June. They’re not exactly babies. Okhotyuk is a little younger (doesn’t turn 20 until December). Ofc defenseman typically take longer to develop, but it would be extremely disappointing if at least Smith doesn’t make the opening game roster.
  2. It was a bit of a heat of the moment overreaction post. Mueller has actually been slightly better lately. He just looked completely useless on that goal. I wish he would use his size more.
  3. Eh, we’re throwing Mac to the wolves, and he’s doing just fine.
  4. If Smith especially can’t beat out guys like Dakota fvcking Mermis and Josh Jacobs we have a major problem on our hands...
  5. He meant a month of this miserable season.
  6. Frustrating night. At least things get easier Friday against the Blues...
  7. Mueller and Subban have to be the worst 1st pairing in the league.
  8. Vegas is an extremely well coached team. I so want to be able to say that about NJ again someday...
  9. Game over. Welcome back to reality.
  10. You would have been hard pressed to find many bloopers of Niedermayer...
  11. Nico is a really good hockey player. Period. That’s how I look at it.
  12. Well, there’s a bit of a difference between an 18 year old rookie struggling to score, and a veteran goalie not winning a game for a full year at a time...
  13. That’s honestly pretty encouraging. If he gets consistent time on the PP next season, and stays with Goose and Bratt, he might finally take a nice step forward.
  14. I wonder if Duchene and Forsberg even played double digit minutes...
  15. Again, all how you look at things. Makar, Pettersson, and Heiskanen are all absolute studs. Nico even being close to them is huge, but everyone gets so hung up on the the #1 thing. We could have taken Nolan Patrick. I thank my lucky stars for Nico lol
  16. Why was that necessary though? What did you hope to achieve by pointing that out? I think we’re all well aware of his struggle right now. I wouldn’t mind so much if you (or Daniel) ever said anything positive about the kid. Instead of just regurgitating box scorers after every game.
  17. Also, the fact that there’s so much negativity in a thread for a game we won 3-0 is pretty weird. If that’s not focusing on the negative, idk what is.
  18. Yeah, Nas was such a huge upgrade at HC. Can’t believe the guy that scratches Gusev and Bratt, and puts Hughes on the wing hasn’t fixed everything. Lol People were actually joking about him getting the job before it happened. You can’t make this sh!t up.
  19. Right. So we’re in agreement that being coached by Hynes (and Hynes Jr) is a detriment, and that there’s a lack of high end talent surrounding our baby rookie. Seems like we’re not that far apart after all...
  20. Here’s just a few notable players (forwards) with less than 40 points right now: Matt Duchene Ryan Johansen Nazem Kadri Jeff Skinner Do they all suck, too? Hell, two of them have something in common... And yes, the Metro is stacked. Best division in the league, by far.
  21. 2nd on the team in assists while playing 3rd line and virtually no PP time for the majority of the season... yeah, I’m just “accepting mediocrity” though by pointing out his jump in production.
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