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  1. “I didn’t like the effort on that goal” ~ Lindy (probably)
  2. Ask the fvcking dinosaur behind the bench.
  3. Ofc this bum who couldn’t stop a beach ball against anyone else will show up against the Devils. Like clockwork.
  4. They honestly might be my favorite Adidas era jerseys. The whole uniform really pops on the ice. I’m already kicking myself for not getting an authentic when I had the chance. I really wanted one of the younger guys like Luke or Nemec, but having a Nico after that performance would be awesome.
  5. Who is that to his left? Have to give him the award for looking the most like someone who could have actually been on The Sopranos.
  6. That’s actually low compared to what I’m seeing on there now. And most of the Adidas left are in smaller sizes.
  7. And there you have it. We’re doomed with fanatics taking over for the next however many years.
  8. I kept checking that Jersey Baron you mentioned but he never got any in (that I saw).
  9. Seems like Fanatics is just straight making things up at this point. I can’t imagine this being true. What an all time fumble from start to finish.
  10. Clearly his one season with the Rags meant more.
  11. How the hell do you blow a 3 goal lead with Sorokin in net? Terrible. Ray Ferraro can’t hide his excitement for the rags. “Foxy” gtfoh
  12. fvcking Isles are useless. Imagine how many less goals Kreider would have scored pre-2005 when you could actually clear the front of the net.
  13. https://shop.nhl.com/new-jersey-devils/stadiumseries/t-36040746+c-0134615005+z-94-4018754795 Very limited sizes though.
  14. It just sucks it’s only the fanatics version. I at least want the “authentic” Adidas if I’m getting one. Watch those never come back in stock though.
  15. Saw someone last night say that The Sopranos tried to get Lou on for a cameo at one point (it ended up being Eric Mangini instead) and it bummed me out. That would have been awesome. Man does he hate harmless fun.
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