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  1. 2nd on the team after Goose (I know low bar), and he will more than double his number of assists from last year. I guess machine was a bit of a stretch though.
  2. Well, relatively speaking. For him anyway. He couldn’t buy an assist last season. Kind of what Hughes is going through right now actually.
  3. Severson had almost 40 points last season. He’s hardly an offensive scrub. Zacha has turned into an assist machine this year. But yes, it is surprising. So is the fact that the entire draft class is struggling, so who knows. But you didn’t answer my question. Do you think Hughes has a 30 point rookie season if we where stacked like that team was?
  4. I actually remember him being quite calm about trading for Subban...
  5. Yeah, Cory is another case entirely. If Jack struggles 4 seasons in a row I’ll be totally fine with people calling him a bust. Cory being unreliable is just a fact. Not pessimism.
  6. So much this. I’m really trying my hardest to be less pessimistic the older I get. It’s just an unhealthy way to live. With Jack I see a lot to be excited about, so that’s what I’m choosing to focus on. Hell, I’ve been one the more critical posters here wrt Zacha, and I’m even coming around on him lol. Earlier this season I was making snarky posts about him dragging down anyone that he plays with, but that clearly not the case anymore. I’ll be glad to eat crow, and admit I was wrong if this isn’t just another tease. Nas might have really found something with this Bratt-Zacha-Gusev line.
  7. Now you’re going to get crucified for going all the way back to the 80’s!!! Lol Another good example though. I asked in another thread, and it went ignored, so I’ll ask again, does anyone honestly think Hughes would have such low point totals if he was lucky enough to join the 2017 Leafs instead of the 2019 Devils? Matthews had 4 guys that had 60+ points to play with (Marner, Kadri, Nylander, JVM). We have ZERO. And yes, obviously Matthews was far more ready. I’m not saying Jack would have scored 40 goals.
  8. Well, he’s the GM until he’s not. And I do think he gets the job. I would also probably worry a little less about a totally new GM with no relationship to Cory bringing him back.
  9. Fitz should be fired over it if this happens.
  10. I’m totally disappointed Jack on the 1st line hasn’t worked out. I won’t deny it. But I do think there’s factors that are fair to point out. He’s not playing at his natural position, Nico hasn’t looked right since the injury, and Palms is in the middle of one of his cold streaks. Coleman has only been in the league for 4 years (he was obviously a late bloomer). And his rookie season he only played in 23 games. So 2 out of 3 years he’s played a full seasons worth of games he’s scored 20+ goals.
  11. This is not what happened though. A couple people started the bust talk, some others (myself included) countered with examples of some great players that struggled early on, and were then mocked because they were “too long ago” or something.
  12. Right. But we all knew Hughes was going to need to be eased in this year. He never “played against men.” So while I’m disappointed with his point totals, I’m not putting our lack of success on him. Or at least he’s not high on the list. Guys like Subban, Cory, and the other vets that were expected to lead this team are the ones that should be held accountable.
  13. If you’re blaming an 18 year old rookie for lack of wins therein lies the problem.
  14. Who care what the circumstances of Thornton’s rookie season was? Stats are all that matters right? We’re certainly not allowed to make excuses for Hughes about 3rd line minutes with Wayne Simmonds and Miles Wood, or poor coaching, etc. And Thornton only had 41 points his second year, wonder what the problem was... Coleman is a multiple 20 goal scorer that could play top 6 for most teams in the league. That is not a “role player.” John Hayden is a role player. Kevin Rooney in a role player. Blake Coleman, who one of the best teams in the league gave up a haul for is not.
  15. What else would I be talking about though? He’s a playmaker. Making passes that send guys in alone, or are basically tap ins (that guys somehow managed to flub) are absolutely creating prime chances. I guess he could be getting breakaways that he never score on like Miles Wood or something, but I’m actually more encouraged by vision and anticipation than just being really fast.
  16. I think the uncertainty swirling around the Hall situation was a MAJOR distraction early on.
  17. You’re just a glass half empty guy in general. It’s not just with Hughes. Can you at least admit he creates a lot of great chances? Almost nightly. I’d be much more concerned if he wasn’t even doing that. And he was truly “invisible” like some have claimed.
  18. Because he’s done this before. As soon as there’s pressure in meaningful games next season he’ll turn into a pumpkin. I can’t believe we’re going through this again.
  19. Tbf I don’t think anyone thought we’d be a basement dweller this season, particularly Shero. But pretty much everything that could go wrong, did. Poor goaltending early on, Subban has been terrible, Hall got traded, coach was fired, Nico missed double digit games, etc.
  20. Yeah, Thornton. If Hughes can come anywhere close to his career we’ll be dancing in the streets. So I’m not quite sure what point you think you’re making by continuing to mock that example. You, and Daniel, and the rest of the doom and gloomers act like we brought up someone from the original 6 or something. As opposed to a guy that’s still playing in the league, and has been one of the best ever. But maybe you know what you’re talking about though. You were the guy that knew Coleman was “nothing but a role player” and that he would never come close to scoring 20 goals again...
  21. Also, I find it funny that Zacha had maybe the best game of his career (certainly of the season) on a night @mfitz804 started the GDT...lol
  22. I’m also worried about Nas getting a chance next season at this point. Hopefully the fact that there’s a couple really good coaches available will make the decision easier.
  23. Ofc Zacha is hurt now. We just can’t have nice things.
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