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  1. Probert was a little before my time, as he was finishing up his career right around the time I got really into the NHL, but apparently he had a decent amount of skill for an enforcer. Scored 29 goals and 60+ points one season.
  2. I’m watching a documentary about Bob Probert on Amazon Prime and it starts off with a couple fights against Domi (who Probert called a clown) the second of which Probert beat the piss out him. And Steve Yzmeran was mocking Domi afterwards. Loved that part. Pretty sad overall though.
  3. Right? I work nights and trying to sleep while half the dogs in the neighborhood are barking back and forth at each other is enough to send someone over the edge. We have a large dog with a really loud bark, and if he starts up we instantly bring him in. You know, that whole being courteous to others, and acknowledging there’s other fvcking people in this world...
  4. Apparently Spittin Chiclets is trying to set up something to get the ECHL players paid. Good stuff.
  5. fvck Tie. No talent ass clown. At least guys like Claude Lemieux and Brad Marchand were/are actually good at hockey. Domi only had 245 points in over 1k GP. Lol
  6. I hate that Dano is friends with that little POS.
  7. I had the Kariya hit up originally, but I deleted it when people got mad I posted so many lol But what the hell...
  8. Impressive for a big man lol
  9. I don’t even remember this one...
  10. ECHL has completely cancelled their season. I feel bad for those guys. They don’t make much as it is.
  11. Yes, but that’s the last thing in the world people should be watching. Talk about increasing panic...
  12. We seem to be getting close to full lockdown here in Ohio. Our governor is closing all dine-in restaurants, bars, etc. Count me as another that never thought they’d see anything like this. I also saw that the movie Outbreak is in the top 10 on Netflix right now. Wtf is wrong with people? Lol
  13. I just threw out Smith as an example of a pick most felt we were lucky to get where we did.
  14. I’d honestly be completely fine with taking Askarov at 17. Especially with 2 other picks in the 1st. I know he had a rocky WJC, but he looked amazing at the U18, and he’s the best goalie prospect in years. Rather roll the dice on him than end up with another McLeod type player that will never move the needle much either way. Now if there’s a Ty Smith level talent sitting there that’s a different story.
  15. That’s good. The workers at the Rock are some of the nicest and most friendly I’ve ever encountered at a sporting event. Glad they will be taken care of.
  16. You’re right, I got a little carried away lol. I’ll stick with just one. @DevilMinder could you delete all my edited posts?
  17. Speaking of Clerks, I have tickets to the Horrorhound convention in Cincinnati for next weekend, and ofc there’s a bunch of people I wanted to meet this year, including Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes, Brian O’Halloran and Jeff Anderson. And for some inexplicable reason it’s not been canceled or postponed yet. Even though our governor is putting a mandate on sporting events, parades, etc. I don’t think I’ll go either way at this point. I know this stuff is trivial in the grand scheme of things, but it still sucks.
  18. I feel bad for the guys in Bing.
  19. Talking about trading a kid who’s 18, and has the potential of Jack Hughes, after 60 GP, is absolutely insane.
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