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  1. Damn, apparently Michael K Williams (Omar from The Wire) was found dead in his NYC apartment. The Wire is my second favorite show of all time, and Omar was certainly one of the most iconic characters in tv history. I actually think my very first avatar on this board was Omar wearing a Devils jersey. RIP
  2. The chest stripes ruin it, imo. Don’t like the color of the pants and gloves either.
  3. This was really entertaining btw. Thanks.
  4. Bratt will probably have a good chance at making team Sweden.
  5. More of a mid round, but Wood was a pretty good pick in the 4th.
  6. 1. Shakir Mukhamadullin, LHD (New Jersey Devils) If the controversy surrounding the Devils’ first-round selection of Mukhamadullin didn’t die a quick death after a strong 2020-21 campaign (pre-injury), then his effortless control of play in all three games at this tournament should be more than enough to silence Mukhamadullin’s harshest critics. He skated, passed, shot, and defended like a true No. 1 and was once again Russia’s go-to guy for the majority of critical scenarios. Mukhamadullin’s skating looked fantastic, as he was gliding up ice with confidence and would either peel back on a dime in front of traffic or simply slice right through it. https://www.thedraftanalyst.com/2022-nhl-draft/recap-2021-u20-four-nations-tournament-august/
  7. Well, he typically looks better playing with Timo Meier than he does with anyone on the Devils (at least since Hall). But like I said, I saw enough from the other young players in NJ last season to realize the prior regime was doing them no favors. When guys look like completely different players (Zacha, Jack, Wood, McLeod, etc) that’s at least partially on the coaching.
  8. There’s plenty of NHL players in those tournaments.
  9. Not to mention we haven’t even seen a decent sample size of Nico under non-Hynes/Nas coaching. Only 21 games last season, and it was never really long enough for him to get rolling. Pretty much all the other young guys took nice steps under Ruff, though, so I see no reason not to think Nico will. Just watch him whenever he plays for the Swiss team. He always looks super dynamic in the international tournaments.
  10. Speaking of Kelly Reilly’s Britishness, she’s fantastic in Eden Lake. It’s s British horror movie from the late 00’s co-staring her and Michael Fassbender. It’s about a group of teenagers that terrorize a couple on vacation. It’s really good, but it is absolutely BRUTAL. Like, it doesn’t pull any punches at all. It’s definitely one of the most fvcked up movies I’ve ever seen.
  11. 2 goals for Sharongovich in a 5-2 win against Austria. Glad to see Marco Rossi is playing hockey again.
  12. Yeah, Marchand seems way too low. I’m also surprised Matthew Tkachuk isn’t on the list. He’s a grade A pest.
  13. That’s a good one. This should be coming back on soon actually…
  14. And if you don’t mind subtitles, Gomorrah is fantastic. It’s on HBO MAX.
  15. How many of the HBO golden age shows have you seen? I’m assuming you’ve at least watched The Sopranos, but after that there’s The Wire, Deadwood, Rome, Six Feet Under. All of which are excellent. Some of my favorite non-HBO stuff…Justified, The Shield, The Americans. Not sure if they’re on Netflix or not, but Amazon Prime definitely has at least The Americans (that’s where I watched it).
  16. The team didn’t send the one Luke had on draft night.
  17. ^nope. Not doing it with you…
  18. Yep. And yeah, that’s basically what she said.
  19. I’ve only been to Prudential Center twice, but we tried Dino BBQ the first time, and I thought it was awful. Mediocre food, and terrible service. My wife was super disappointed since she really liked the one she went to in upstate NY when she was in the army. We went to one of those bars that are in the alley right next door on the second trip, but for the life of me I can’t remember which one. Think we just got an appetizer and drinks that time. Wonder if was Edison…
  20. I still hate Avery with a passion even after all this time, but there’s a huge difference between his antics, and simply hating Subban for being really good. Or for other reasons… Idk, it’s hard for me to give Boston fans the benefit of the doubt on this. I’ve just heard too much sh!t over the years.
  21. Right. Sterio would be all over it if there was anything.
  22. What circus? He hasn’t caused one bit of drama in NJ.
  23. We’re finally seeing the makings of an actual NHL defense. Trading Severson is the last thing I’d be thinking about. He’s going to flourish now that he can play on a second pair where he belongs.
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