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  1. Yeah, Wood has been a little off lately, but that BMW line has been a big part of all this success. Hope it’s not as bad as it looked.
  2. Bastian going out probably threw the power play off at least a little bit. He’s the main screen guy on the 1st unit. If he’s going to miss time they’ll have to practice a completely different setup.
  3. Mercer deserved one. He was fantastic. A couple points and a couple takeaways.
  4. McLeod has plenty of warts to his game, but bad skating isn’t really one of them.
  5. I don’t like Jack being on the ice right now…
  6. This was our Ralphie vs Scut Farkus moment.
  7. Remember how unlucky we were to land 2 “low end #1’s” Well those take’s certainly aged like milk.
  8. Have you seen pumpkin cutter’s take on Bratt? It’s kind of hard to tell with some of you weirdos. That hat has a purple bar! See my post above.
  9. Seriously, someone give Wood a breathalyzer test already.
  10. Smith has been playing much better recently. Doesn’t mean he doesn’t occasionally mess up here and there, but I will gladly take this level of play from a 3rd pairing guy. Another classic Jack interview. “What do you mean?”
  11. No wonder we’re kicking ass, baby Gio is in the building. The timeless art of seduction!
  12. Guys I think this Jack Hughes kid might be kinda good.
  13. What a play by Jack. Intercepts the pass and scores from an impossible angle. That’s just making something out of nothing. So the opposite of what McLeod did in the 1st period.
  14. FFS McLeod somehow made absolutely nothing out of a prime chance.
  15. Yeah, that didn’t take long lol. Good kill though.
  16. Keys to winning: - stay out of the box - Nico point
  17. The NHL next to all other major North American sports…
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