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  1. Per Pierre LeBrun from The Athletic. They apparently had a virtual chat with him last week. Sounds like Fitz has spoken with several other candidates as well, and that Nas is also a “legitimate candidate.” Gallant is probably my first choice, with Laviolette being a close second. This is encouraging news. Particularly that they’re letting Fitz get to work on the search, and maybe even pull the trigger on a coach himself, which bodes well for the interim tag coming off of his title.
  2. I like it. Might look even better with red numbers though. Our local ECHL team has red numbers (but names in white) on their black and red jerseys and they’re pretty sharp.
  3. Agreed. No more past their prime players. Did we learn nothing from Wayne Simmonds?
  4. It gives us the Vancouver 1st, so I’m all for it. Lol
  5. I love What We Do in the Shadows! Have you seen the movie? It’s even funnier than the show. Pretty much everything Taika Waititi does is gold in my book.
  6. Already been posted in around the league. Sounds like it was not C19 related.
  7. And his wife couldn’t even be with him in the end. Had to talk to him on a walkie... heartbreaking.
  8. Pretty much admitted he only plays for the money... Sounds like he hates living in NYC... I love it! I so hope he bolts back to Russia and leaves them high and dry.
  9. That would suck but if we still end up with two top 10 picks I’m a happy man.
  10. Basically nobody knows...
  11. You’re next would have won anyway.
  12. As much as I’d like to have Rossi, if Drysdale is there I think you have to take him. I’d feel much better with both him and Smith in the system. You’d think at least one of them would pan out.
  13. According to this it was late December. https://www.businessinsider.com/coronavirus-pandemic-timeline-history-major-events-2020-3 Who knows what to believe out of China though...
  14. China hasn’t even resumed their basketball season yet, and this started way back in January for them. Way too soon to be talking about bringing any of ours back.
  15. Understandable. Whoopi Goldberg doesn’t instantly come to mind when I think about hockey. Kiefer Sutherland would have been good.
  16. He’s got about as much chance at winning a Cup (at least as a starter) as Cory Schneider at this point...
  17. https://www.tsn.ca/craig-s-list-alexis-lafreniere-solidifies-status-as-hockey-s-top-prospect-1.1461675 Some surprises on his list. Stutzle jumping ahead of Byfield, Perfetti in the top 5, Quinn and Askarov in the top 10. If things fell this way and we pick 6th I’d definitely want Rossi.
  18. Do we know for sure he’s interviewing for the GM spot though? Could be for another FO position. I keep seeing it mentioned that Gillis doesn’t even want to be a GM again.
  19. I saw someone online once say the Blackhawks logo has a set of elongated balls in the chief’s hair and I will never be able to unsee it... still think they have the best jerseys though.
  20. I want to try and make the “ram-dom” from the movie Parasite. Looked so good. That’s adorable.
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