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  1. What in the actual FVCK?? The guy across the river literally has a statue outside the arena LOL. Who wrote that sh!t?
  2. Sucks for you guys about Lawson. He was an absolute force for us in Cincinnati when he was actually on the field. Problem with him has always been staying healthy though.
  3. I just saw that Sonny Chiba (The Street Fighter, Kill Bill) died from covid related complications. RIP
  4. I had The Hockey News for years. Probably kept it way longer than I should have tbh. They never even tried to hide their disdain for the Devils. Seriously, they literally had Marty on the cover one year with some bs tag line like “he’s one of the best ever, but please don’t let his team win another Cup.” Those assclowns pushed the Devils almost ruined hockey narrative as much as anyone.
  5. Same. Now I’m off to listen to this for the millionth time…
  6. Pistachio is a pretty great name lol.
  7. Speaking of the greatest show ever (yes it’s better than Breaking Bad and The Wire, don’t @ me), the Talking Sopranos podcast has been excellent. Michael Imperioli and Steve Schirripa really play off each other well. I particularly enjoy Imperioli. He’s just a wealth of movie, music, etc knowledge. They’ve had tons of great guests on already, and we still have at least one big one left in Steven Van Zandt. I’m definitely going to miss it when their re-watch is over (they’re already on S6 part I). Hopefully they’ll do an episode for The Many Saints of Newark.
  8. Harley has a sex scene but there’s no nudity. Lots of sexual jokes and references though. John Cena literally has a line where he says he’d eat an entire beach full of dicks for liberty lol. Most of the R rating probably comes from the over the top violence and language, but there’s enough that I probably wouldn’t recommend watching it with your daughter.
  9. The Suicide Squad was a blast. James Gunn is the man.
  10. I feel bad for him over the whole He-Man fiasco. I haven’t even watched it so I have no opinion one way or the other, but man have people just been straight up eviscerating him since it came out.
  11. Bernier is 33. Tatar is 30. And Hamilton is 28 (but is famously not a partier or into that kind of stuff). Last year who was our 2nd oldest player, Subban? And ofc he acts like a big kid himself lol. But like I said I don’t really want Trav back anyway, so I don’t really care. Just pointing out that if he did come back he’d have some guys in the room now that are closer to his age than to Jack’s or Ty’s.
  12. Don’t discount Bernier. Our non-Mac goaltending has been trash the last couple years.
  13. Maybe now that they’ve added Hamilton, Tatar, and Bernier he’d feel a little more comfortable? Personally, I don’t really want him back tbh (love Trav but I just want to move forward).
  14. We’re talking about the same site that had almost daily dick jokes for about a year right? Lol
  15. I’m sure the model/ beauty pageant contestant who has an Instagram full of pics of herself in bikinis really doesn’t want people commenting on her looks… good thing you’re here to look out for her.
  16. We’ve already got plenty on young guys. Veteran experience is exactly what we needed. Plus you know…more goals. Literally no one should hate this signing. But I guess there’s always one.
  17. Just saw Mrs. Tatar…oh my
  18. The Devils are having the best offseason in years? Let’s argue!
  19. Yeah, I hated Crosby early on, but the older he got the more I respected him. Still like Ovi better, but I’m thankful I got to see both play for this long.
  20. Carrick had the 2nd best celly last year (after Jack’s goal against the Rags). Always liked the stuff I’d see him post online, too. Good luck him in Seattle.
  21. Severson continues to be extremely underrated on this board. Especially by CR76 with the whole “minus man” stuff. Damon is a top 4 D on most teams around the league. But as it’s been pointed out a million times he’s always been asked to do too much in NJ. He was our leader in ATOI last season ffs. Now that Hamilton and Graves are on the team he’ll be able to properly slot in as a 3/4. That pairing with Ty Smith looked legit for a good long stretch last year so I hope they’ll be kept together. Personally, I’d be more interested in extending Severson when the time comes than I would including him in any possible trade scenarios.
  22. Tbf it was only 8 games. Being traded to a terrible team in the middle of the season and thrown right into a new system is probably tough. I saw some stats on another site that said he was actually a pretty elite penalty killer for the Caps. Which is an area we could definitely use some help. To say the least.
  23. No idea how that happened. Could have sworn it was a new post. My apologies.
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