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  1. But there was a clear and obvious reason he had a bad game. It wasn’t a matter of anything being “exposed.”
  2. He played 5 games in this tournament, and he was fantastic in the 4 that he actually had two functioning ankles to skate on. Judging him off the one game where he was clearly laboring is pretty silly. His defense was actually really sound in the other games, including the one against a good team in Sweden. One bad turnover that probably came out of desperation due to not being able to rely on his biggest strength (skating) is not being “exposed.” It’s just one bad play. And if USA hadn’t totally sh!t the bed and got down multiple goals in the first place Luke probably wouldn’t have been on the ice at all. There were shifts he literally could barely skate.
  3. Obviously a sh!tty outcome, but Luke had a great tournament overall. He’s going to be a terror at Michigan this year.
  4. It’s so bittersweet. I’m sad to be leaving this universe for good, but it’s also going out on top. So few shows maintain their quality for 6 seasons like this. The worst part is I have to work tonight so I can’t even watch it right away. I will have to avoid spoilers like the plague.
  5. Luke looked more physical to me in that game last night than the 6’6 Edvinsson did. Just sayin.
  6. I’m sure it’s on the inter webs somewhere lol.
  7. USA 1-0 Luke with the Apple on the PP. Think that was his first secondary assist of the tournament so far.
  8. Ok now I’m jealous of your basement and your pool lol.
  9. My wife was stationed in Iraq for a year, and judging by how she talks about it, I wouldn’t last 2 days there. “Dry heat” is all fine and good, but 115 is still 115.
  10. Like I said, psychopath. Guess it all depends just how hot it gets where you live though, and how much humidity.
  11. Give me literally every other season over summer any day. You have to be a complete psychopath to enjoy extremely hot weather. I also miss Fall/winter sports too much in the summer.
  12. That’s the GOAT - Anthony Munoz btw, so please, no slander. It was quite a choice of words though.
  13. Remember the ne’er-do-well’s that didn’t want us to draft Luke just to make Jack happy?
  14. That would be pretty tough considering he’s dead.
  15. What does the voice have to do with the age of the players? Honest question, not trying to be snarky.
  16. Those are the only Spaulding’s I know. I still want Don La Greca.
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