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  1. I thought you were talking about Boudreau. I’ve only seen one person (at least here) that stated they were completely against Lav.
  2. Bit of twisting going on here...some (myself included) have stated they wouldn’t want Boudreau as our first choice. Buts that’s only because there’s coaches available who have actually won a Cup, or made deeper runs more recently. Literally everyone would want Boudreau if it was a choice between him and Nas.
  3. Carolina was rebuilding when he took over and wasn’t that great outside of Stahl and Brind’Amour , Philly is seemingly always loaded yet he’s the only coach they ever made a run with, and the Preds never did much in the playoffs before Lav even with Barry Trotz. His record speaks for itself.
  4. Huh?? He’s taken 3 different teams to the Cup Finals. There is literally no arguing with his results. I’d be thrilled with Lav or Gallant.
  5. The only downside of waiting is if their first choice ends up getting snatched up by another team. But at this point, it seems there’s no front runner.
  6. Is there anyone that owns 3 pro teams in 3 different leagues?
  7. Grant Marshall was awesome in the playoffs that year. He scored 6 goals. Only Langs and Friesen had more.
  8. Detroit is way worse. They won a grand total of 17 games this season.
  9. I saw Rossi’s coach in Ottawa compared him to a mixture of Nico and St. Louis. I would love to get this kid. Might be the player I want the 2nd most after AL.
  10. We have no idea what the future holds for these kids. Pettersson was the best pick in his draft, and he went 5th. We already have people on this very board claiming Dach will be better than Jack Hughes. Lafrenière is obviously the big prize, but the top 6-8 guys are all pretty damn good prospects this year.
  11. I can’t even spell Lav’s whole name right without looking it up, you expect me to get that guy’s right?
  12. Depends if we have football or not. If the NFL starts on time it’ll hold me over until hockey comes back. My excitement level will also be directly correlated to who our coach is. Gallant or Lav, and I’m itching to get going. Nas or John Stevens...not so much. I kind of doubt the Swedish dude is a front runner, but just the unknown with him would be kind of intriguing.
  13. That must mean he sucks right? Never mind he the fact that played big minutes for team Canada at the WJC -20 and won gold. I think you’re confusing Merkley with someone else. He’s only played in 5 NHL games (4 for NJ), but he looked pretty good. Scored a goal against Columbus.
  14. I can give you 6 million reasons why this surprises absolutely no one
  15. A top 10 pick is a top 10 pick. Worrying about what they do with it doesn’t diminish its value. Idk where you’re getting these expert projections on Bahl, but this is where all the big guys had him ranked going into his draft class: 2018 NHL Entry Draft: Ranked #68 by ISS Hockey 2018 NHL Entry Draft: Ranked #34 by Future Considerations 2018 NHL Entry Draft: Ranked #42 by Hockeyprospect.com 2018 NHL Entry Draft: Ranked #58 by McKeen's Hockey 2018 NHL Entry Draft: Ranked #47 by TSN/McKenzie 2018 NHL Entry Draft: Ranked #29 by NHL Central Scouting So NHL Central Scouting even had a 1st round grade on him, and 3 others had him in the top 50. Seems like a higher ceiling than 3rd pairing to me. And “spare part” Nick Merkley is a former 1st round pick who looked very promising in the handful of games we saw him in, and is only 22.
  16. Can’t tell if serious or not... but I’ll bite. We’re about to end up with a top 10 pick in one of the better drafts in recent years, a possible future top 4 defenseman who’s going to bring some much needed size and grit to our blue line, and Nick Merkley who looks like he could be a decent middle 6 forward. All for 35 games of Taylor Hall.
  17. Biz being such a meat head works for the dynamic of the show though. At least, imo. Hell, half the time he’s stoned to boot lol. Whit breaking his balls for the dumb sh!t he says is usually pretty funny. Just recently he called the best player in the world “Conor David” ffs....LOL
  18. Nico. He’s young, one of our best players, is signed to a long term contract, and will make a great face of the franchise (hopefully along with Jack in a few years). It’s a no-brainer. He really stepped up after Hall was traded, too.
  19. Have you watched it since it was converted into HD? No more 4:3 aspect ratio either. It looks great now.
  20. You guys are missing out. Spittin Chiclets is fantastic. You should at least listen to some of the Devils related ones (Gomez, Rupp, etc). Then there’s occasionally crazy sh!t like Josh Hennessy telling the story about playing for Russian gangsters in the KHL, or Brian Burke talking about one his scouts almost fighting Nail Yakupov during his interview. Lol I personally love it, and I’m not even really into podcasts that much. It’s pretty much the only one I regularly listen to.
  21. I know ratings aren’t everything, but the GoT series finale actually has a lower rating on IMDb (4.1) than Dexter’s (4.6). Ouch lol
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