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  1. Is so crazy that I just posted that about Elly De La Cruz he was actually on our flight this morning!
  2. Not sure where else to put this since there’s only a Mets thread here and not a general MLB thread, but this kid is just absolutely incredible. Definitely one of the most exciting players in the game right now.
  3. Nico and Bratt are the longest tenured Devils if you go off when they entered the league.
  4. Pretty much what @Colorado Rockies 1976 has been saying about Lou and Isles for a while now. Yikes.
  5. First of all - wut? Secondly, it’s so weird to me that you guys aren’t allowed to pump your own gas up there. Is NJ the only state that has that law?
  6. They have one of the best team names in all of hockey.
  7. My local ECHL team has gone to the dark side. 🤮
  8. Ridiculous. 3rd best team in the league, and 3 finalists for major awards. They’re relevant again whether people like it or not.
  9. Nicomo


    Really? Wow? I wouldn’t think not wanting an 80 year old who the game has clearly past by back would be a particularly controversial opinion. You seem to be basing your desire to have him return on pure sentimentality. He’s done nothing since leaving NJ to indicate he’s still particularly good at his job.
  10. Nicomo


    Yeah, don’t need Lou back in any capacity. Marty being in the FO is enough of a connection to the glory years.
  11. Dude can be very negative when it comes to the Devils. He kind of rubs me the wrong way at times tbh.
  12. Compared to almost 39 year old Parise? Yes.
  13. We have Jack Hughes for that.
  14. Hell no. This team is built around speed.
  15. I remember seeing that reported as well. That’s the thing, he brings a lot more than just goal scoring. Dude was leading the team in hits for the playoffs through a bunch of games (not sure if he finished with the most or not). Anyone that watched the Rags series could see how much he got to Shesterkin. Can’t always go purely off glamour stats. Plus he was on an absolute dogsh!t Sharks team the last 4 years.
  16. Because this UFA class was absolutely terrible. Timo would have been far and away the best player available. I do think he left some money on the table. Not a ton, but if you look at the list of wingers making $9 million + Timo could have likely joined that group. Artemi Panarin, Mitch Marner, Patrick Kane, Johnny Gaudreau, Mark Stone, Alex Ovechkin, Nikita Kucherov, Matthew Tkachuk, Mikko Rantanen, Kirill Kaprizov, and Jeff Skinner.
  17. Dude was never the same after the hip surgery. Rare misstep for Sakic, imo.
  18. Definitely a sick setup, but I agree with DM you need to upgrade that tv! You could get one hell of a nice tv for the price of a game worn jersey.
  19. Canucks are supposedly interested in him.
  20. Nicomo

    Draft 2023

    “You can reveal many nuances,” Nikolishin continued. “I can show the correspondence when I wanted to meet him and, being a scout, ask a few questions, do an interview, how he answers. I have never seen such disrespect for other people in my life.” Sounds like another Nail Yakupov.
  21. Nicomo

    Draft 2023

    Could have been worse. Could have been Bedard.
  22. My only dilemma is whether to get a Timo or Luke jersey… I know, I know, “why not both?” Also debating on waiting to see what the new Fanatics will be like once they take over.
  23. Devils ticket reps right now…
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