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  1. Matthews had 4 players with 60+ points (Marner, Nylander, Kadri, JVR) to play with his rookie season. McDavid had Taylor Hall (in the only seasons he ever played all 82 games) and Leon Draisaitl. Patrick Kane had the luxury of coming into the league with Jonathan Toews. I could go on, but if you look at it objectively, Hughes has honestly come into one of the worst situations of any #1 in the past 20 years. Also, I couldn’t disagree more that Nico’s game hasn’t progressed at all. He’s much, much, stronger than he was as a rookie, has improved on face offs to the point he rivals Zajac, and he was playing great until he got injured in February. He was driving right to the net, and scoring goals that looked like a power forward. Pretty sure he was hovering right around a PPG for most of January. Nico is probably never going to be an offensive dynamo, which I think some people expect because he went #1, but if he can be a 70 point two-way forward who’s competing for Selke trophies year after year I’ll be more than happy.
  2. They’ve be playing MUCH better lately, yet certain people still choose to be negative, and focus on an 18 year old kid’s point totals. Sorry, but there’s been plenty to be positive about; Blackwood has been one of the best goalies in the league, Bratt is emerging as a highly skilled top 6 winger that can actually be counted on even late in the season, Goose is every bit as good as advertised, and Pavel Zacha of all people is centering our best line. But the doom and gloom crowd doesn’t care about any of that. It’s just nonstop bitching and endless negativity. It’s exhausting.
  3. As stacked as that USA team was not a single one of Jack’s teammates are in the NHL yet. The rest of those kids are off at college. So as disappointing as his season has been, you’d still have to ignore the circumstances to actually be so doom and gloom about where he is development-wise. What I don’t get is having an opinion set in stone after 60 games. Other than the immense pressure, and unfair expectations of him being a #1OA. One of the other things I find the most irritating is this claim that Jack is getting so much more of an opportunity than the other rookies from his draft. Here’s the ATOI of the 3 lottery picks: Hughes - 15:52 Kakko - 14:20 Dach: 14:14 So while he is averaging a couple more shifts per game, he’s also on the worst team of the three. The Rags top scorer has 94 points. The Blackhawks has 82. The Devils...45. Bit of a difference, no? Jack is currently one point behind Dach, and two behind Kakko. None of them is lighting it up, yet we get proclamations that Kakko will be the next Draisaitl, Dach is on his way to being a future star, and Jack is the next Nail Yakupov. Idc what anyone says, that is CHOOSING to be negative.
  4. His “detractors” mostly just said he’d need some time to develop, so in that regard you’re correct.
  5. VAN back in the WC2 spot with a win over NYI.
  6. The whole size obsession is really quite silly. It’s 2020 ffs. Jack’s brother Quinn might win the Calder this year, and he’s the exact same size (actually Jack might be a hair taller).
  7. “Played against men” with 2 goals tonight...ugh. I so hope they miss the playoffs by 2 points, and that stomping the Devils gave them is the difference.
  8. Like Dahlin or Eichel? Who are on a team we were just AHEAD of in the standings. Your’e ridiculous. Especially if you truly believe Nico Hischier isn’t a good hockey player.
  9. Not when there’s proven options out there.
  10. Remember games like this when the Nas extension talks start... Not saying it’s on him, but man they looked bad tonight.
  11. Most of the team sucked tonight, but yeah let’s blame one kid.
  12. Great. Kevin Rooney is 26 years old. Jack is 18. Get a grip.
  13. Not scoring on the 5-on-3 cost them this one. Should have went the other way with it.
  14. To even talk about trading him already you lose all credibility. If he’d buried that breakaway you’d be MIA. As usual when anything goes right.
  15. Wood showed up tonight. He’s doing everything he can.
  16. How? That contract...
  17. At least we can laugh at them hiring Hynes.
  18. Look who’s back lol
  19. He makes Damon Severson look like Bobby Orr.
  20. Just shoot the fvcking puck PK.
  21. Haha they always get the 2nd guy.
  22. Damn you got pass it to Kokunuts there.
  23. Yep. And the Devils team that won 11 in a row to close out the season in 2006, and then swept the Rags in the first round, got bounced in the 2nd. Go figure.
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