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  1. They were on the unveil video posted a page or 2 back.
  2. The only thing I like is the Cup years on the collar.
  3. The huge white stripes on the arms are as bad as the no stripes on the bottom imo. I feel like my eyes go right to the arms before the logo.
  4. They look way better as hoodies.
  5. Looks like German flag colors on the sleeves. I don't hate that grey though.
  6. In a picture so dark you can barely see the bottom...
  7. That'll sell jerseys.
  8. I hate it even more after a better look. The white on the arms is way too big and bottom just doesn't look right. Ugly and boring.
  9. Only bright side is I'll save some money not buying one of these. Still dissapointing though.
  10. They already had the ugliest color jerseys in the league and it got even worse. Oof.
  11. The Jackets current jerseys are a million times better than original versions at least. Still not great, but better. They have one of the best third jerseys in the league though, imo. Those new Preds look terrible. Blues look fine.
  12. Wow thought the poll would be closer.
  13. That should make a lot of this board happy. You would think he looked as bad as Killjoy during this year's playoffs judging by some of the comments here.
  14. Would love to see Cammalerri and Lovejoy both go but I'd be happy if LV takes even one of them. Rather keep Merill.
  15. I went from Nolan to Nico and now back to Nolan. I'll be happy with either, but for some reason the Flyers getting Nolan worries me more.
  16. I'd prefer 3 on 3 over the shootout as well. It's way more entertaining and at least it still resembles TEAM hockey.
  17. Barring injury to Crosby or Malkin who's going to stop them?
  18. Missing their #1 center and the poor play of Rinne on the road was just too much to overcome for the Preds. Wonder how many Cups Crosby will have when he hangs them up? Unfortunately I doubt this will be the last time we see him lift it. Seems like it's either the Hawks or Pens every year. It's getting old.
  19. Nashville is a totally different team away from Bridgestone. Pens are going to be first team to repeat since the late 90's.
  20. Why the fvck do we care what Charles Barkley has to say about hockey??
  21. Nicomo

    Nico or Nolan

    Please don't trade the pick.
  22. Loving this game. Preds flat out look like the better team.
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