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  1. Bennett can't buy a goal right now... He'd probably miss the ground.
  2. Auvitu now too? Ugh. When it rains it pours.
  3. ^That sucks. The league needs it's stars.
  4. Severson would hurt a lot too. Tied for 1st on the team in points, and is 2nd in TOI.
  5. Nicomo


    I knew things were going to well. Thankfully others have been doing the scoring as of late. Still, what a blow.
  6. Because it was at all realistic that he would keep up the pace he was on?
  7. Haha. Same here. I had one of the black ice one's that I gave to Goodwill.
  8. Hard feelings aside, at the end of the day it comes down to this. I'd like to have him back tbh. Even if he's lost a step his shot would help the PP.
  9. I thought Zacha looked really strong on the puck in OT. I got home at the end of the 3rd, how did he look the rest of the game?
  10. I think most AHL teams could beat Vancouver right now.
  11. I'll never forgive him for that softie he left in from Crosby in OT at the Olympics either.
  12. Nicomo


    At least Zajac is playing well though. And we've seen PAP can contribute as well. I'm also glad to see Severson putting up points.
  13. Cammy off the schneid! Great pass by Zajac.
  14. They need to get their first road win soon. Don't want to see this become a thing. At least they got a point though. Nice to see Zacha get his first goal too.
  15. Nicomo


    Marty was a bad guy here?
  16. I was able to pick up the Halloween one Saturday night. Very cool poster. Already hung it in my basement.
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