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  1. Got it right back! Nice response.
  2. So weird seeing Marleau on a different team.
  3. Hopefully the Leafs underestimate them as well.
  4. He's obviously the next Henrik Zetterberg or Pavel Datsyuk...
  5. Why was MOJO wearing an A? I wonder if Hynes is going to alternate one of them with all these new faces. Anyway, another great game. I know it was just the Avs and Sabres, but this team looks like they can compete with anyone right now with just their speed alone. What a start.
  6. Was there many people wearing the Adidas? And if so how'd they look on your average fans?
  7. Awesome seeing his dad get choked up after the goal.
  8. What a fun game. I can count on one hand how many games were this exciting last year.
  9. Bush league knee on knee there. fvck Johnson. Love Nico's reaction. Hope Palms ok.
  10. Think good Cory is back! Goddamnit I jinxed him. Not that that was a soft goal.
  11. Looking at it again that was a really stupid question...
  12. Speaking of a letter being too close to the crest, the jersey I just got back from them is an Elias with an A, and I thought it looked a little odd where it was. I had to look at pics online to make sure it was accurate (it is). Why did they move the letters for the Edge jerseys anyway?
  13. Just out of curiosity, what kind of errors? Like wrong name and numbers? They've done 3 jerseys for me and luckily I've had no problems.
  14. Hawks giving them an absolute drubbing!
  15. Anywhere? How about the Rags or Flyers?
  16. +Palmieri & Zacha. The future looks pretty bright. Finally.
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