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  1. Rice lasts forever, and it goes a long way. One of the best things to have other than can goods honestly.
  2. Scary stuff. I can’t even imagine how the elderly people that have it are doing if someone young like you feel that bad.
  3. It’s getting to the point I’m dreading opening this thread. Hope everyone here and their loved ones that are dealing with it feel better soon.
  4. Remember what Shero said to him... Reilly Walsh started laughing when New Jersey Devils general manager Ray Shero told him immediately after he drafted him that his upcoming college career at Harvard was going to be the “best three years” of his life.
  5. He could have signed in NJ and still finished his degree (online).
  6. Please no more Harvard guys in the draft.
  7. Wonder what the chances are he actually becomes a Devil at this point. With all the d prospects in the system now it’s not like when Butcher chose NJ because of guaranteed playing time.
  8. I think so. 70 GP is plenty. The only one I care about is Mac getting some Calder votes. He should be 3rd place.
  9. Yeah, the only surprise was that they waited so long to announce it.
  10. They can win the lottery and have picks 1, 2, or 3, but if they don’t win we get the pick and the highest their it can be is 10 and lowest 13 (you can only drop back 3 spots). It’s based off where they finished.
  11. True, but I don’t know that things will really be back to normal by this summer. Although the warm weather is supposed to help slow it down, but unfortunately it sounds like it would just come right back in the fall.
  12. The Summer Olympics just got postponed until 2021. We’re not getting back to “normal” anytime soon.
  13. The fact that Lou drinks Starbucks was the most noteworthy part. Can’t picture that. Lol
  14. The very first sim they ran ARI ended up with 1st pick, which would suck. The worst one was a scenario where the Rags won the 1st and we fell all the way back to 9. Which would be catastrophic.
  15. Apparently a second Ottawa player has tested positive.
  16. One of those picks is from Shero (for Hall).
  17. The Athletic ran a draft simulation 100 times on Tankathon and we ended up with a lottery pick 25 times, and the #1 12 times. Which is crazy with only the 6th best odds. I can’t wait to see how this all shakes out. I haven’t even let myself entertain the idea of winning the #1 again, but I would be ecstatic to even land the 2nd or 3rd.
  18. Probert was a little before my time, as he was finishing up his career right around the time I got really into the NHL, but apparently he had a decent amount of skill for an enforcer. Scored 29 goals and 60+ points one season.
  19. I’m watching a documentary about Bob Probert on Amazon Prime and it starts off with a couple fights against Domi (who Probert called a clown) the second of which Probert beat the piss out him. And Steve Yzmeran was mocking Domi afterwards. Loved that part. Pretty sad overall though.
  20. Right? I work nights and trying to sleep while half the dogs in the neighborhood are barking back and forth at each other is enough to send someone over the edge. We have a large dog with a really loud bark, and if he starts up we instantly bring him in. You know, that whole being courteous to others, and acknowledging there’s other fvcking people in this world...
  21. Apparently Spittin Chiclets is trying to set up something to get the ECHL players paid. Good stuff.
  22. fvck Tie. No talent ass clown. At least guys like Claude Lemieux and Brad Marchand were/are actually good at hockey. Domi only had 245 points in over 1k GP. Lol
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