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  1. Nah. We blew the very first game (that 4-0 lead against WPG).
  2. Him and Gusev are off to a brutal start. Way too early to worry about it, but it’s almost a guarantee we’re trading one of them at the deadline, and it would be nice to get them both going soon.
  3. Everyone other than Zacha looks like dog sh!t to me on the PK right now.
  4. Absolute horse sh!t. How did we end up with the only penalty anyway?
  5. Ok they want to play that sh!t send Wood out to start running people. He has the slowest most telegraphed shot I’ve ever seen.
  6. Ugh the Rags are absolutely buzzing. If they can escape this period without giving one up it will be a miracle.
  7. Ty Smith does a good job at getting pucks through to the net. I see a lot of tip in goals in Nico’s future.
  8. Guys I’m pretty sure Wood is now the best player in the NHL.
  9. fvck the Sabres, yes. They’re in our division, but I will never understand the animosity towards Hall. Dude gave us the 2nd most exciting season of an entire decade. His biggest offense was putting his hand to his ear after a goal FFS.
  10. Claiming Dell seems like a good move. He’s played way more games than Wedgewood or Comrie. Now they won’t have to overwork Blackwood.
  11. Ruff has a lot of confidence in a kid who isn’t trying hard enough...
  12. Yeah, that’s just straight up nonsense. His compete level has been extremely high. He’s doing things (throwing checks in the corners, making nice defensive plays with his stick) we did not see last year. If you want to knock his lack of finish ok that’s fair. His slap shot is still pretty bad (he really should just stick with his wrist shot), but that has nothing to do with “not trying hard enough.” I swear, the silly sh!t you see people say on the internet...
  13. Not sure. I didn’t join up here until 2016 (the Hall trade really revitalized my interest in the Devils). I know the Ruff hire wasn’t particularly exciting, but you can’t argue with the guy’s results. I think he’s the 3rd winningest active coach and like 6th all time? He was probably exactly what a super young team needed to just right the ship and help develop the kids. I know it’s only 2 games, and I’m sure we’ll be mad at him soon enough, but for now I like how he has them playing. Especially this odd defensive system. Now the true test is how are they’re going to look without Mac in n
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