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  1. Damn where’s that shot been from Bahl?
  2. It’s insane. I’ve never seen a coach fvck with his lines and pairings this much. Just the absolute definition of throwing sh!t at the wall.
  3. Shutout by Blackwood, with goals from Zetterlund and Okhotiuk.
  4. No one said they failed, or that it was a bad trade. I just miss the dude is all.
  5. Still has 20 on the season though. Only Bratt and the guy we traded him for have more on the Devils.
  6. I miss this dude so much. One of the most likable guys in the league.
  7. Now show Nico’s stat line with 0 SOG… it’s just all bad right now.
  8. Teams lose a ton of money not making the playoffs. No way the owners are ok with this.
  9. Thanks bud, appreciate it. Anyway, as far as the pick not being that high? The Devils would currently be picking 13th if the season ended today. That’s a pretty high. And if they trade Toffoli and truly concede the rest of the season it could be even higher. Some notable 13th overall picks in the last 10 years or so: Seth Jarvis Nick Suzuki Spencer Knight Josh Morrisey 3 of those guys are already very good players. And Knight was one of the top goalie prospects in years. They could get a big piece at 13.
  10. Yeah, those responses were just super obnoxious tbh. And I like both guys to be clear, but was it really necessary to tell me how much you don’t care about the thing I just posted? Just scroll on by.
  11. Cool, I don’t care if you care. There’s at least a handful of people here that are into prospects.
  12. I mean, I get it, but with the season being essentially over it’s something to actually get into. I love the sport too much to just pack it in until next October. And it interests me more than following other teams who I REALLY don’t give a sh!t about (other than rooting against the Rags ofc).
  13. Time to start digging into the draft. I know Jerome Iginla’s son is in this year’s class, and is a projected top half 1st rounder. If he plays anything like his dad I’d love to have him as a Devil. Jerome was such a great mix of skill and toughness.
  14. Failure Fitz and Loser Lindy thanks for possibly the most disappointing season I’ve experienced in my 24 years of following this team. Heads better role this summer.
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