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  1. This one really bothered me. Jon’s story was connected to the WW the entire time, and the show even gave us an epic stare down between him and the NK, and yet Jon was essentially useless at the end of the day. Arya just swoops in with her ninja skills and kills him. I honestly thought it was even more anticlimactic than Snoke in TLJ. Dany’s heel-turn was also way too abrupt (part of the problem with the rushed shortened season). Yes, she was ruthless to her enemies from the beginning, but never to innocent women and children. She literally spent the majority of the story saving the oppressed. And the fact her BFF being killed drove her to such madness was not very consistent. This is a girl who lost her brother, baby, husband, Barristan, Jorah, one of her dragons, and yet still held it together, but she completely loses it over Missandei? That wasn’t handled well, and didn’t work for me Also, I HATE King Bran. If GRRM ever bothers to finish the books (lol yeah right) I’m going to hate it when he writes it, too. Hell, he’s like 10 in the books.
  2. Crazy that he just now turned 19. He’s SO damn young. I feel like Nico turned 19 halfway through his rookie season.
  3. Probably a bit of both. I know he hit about 4-5 posts over the course of season, but his shot could definitely stand to improve. Although, his wrist shot is actually better than I expected it would be. His 1st career goal (against Vancouver) was a pretty nice shot.
  4. For me it’s The Sopranos and The Wire. Pretty much 1 & 1A. I do love Breaking Bad as well though (definitely top 5 along with Deadwood and The Shield). As far as the ending of the Sopranos, I didn’t like it at first when I originally leaned towards it being ambiguous, but over the years I am much more in the camp that believes Tony was killed. There was just so met setup and foreshadowing for it. Between his talk with Bobby about “never hearing it coming” to the final season opening with all the crazy Egyptian stuff about death, etc. As David Chase has said “its all there.”
  5. I was reading an article on The Athletic about Jack, and apparently him and his brothers are all working out together with a bunch of equipment they got from the USNDT. I guess they live really close to the main training facility in Michigan. Jack mentioned the big thing he wants to improve is his shot, and becoming more of a scoring threat. Which I liked hearing. The kid can damn sure make great passes, if he can strengthen his shot a bit it will help a lot.
  6. Trust me that was not the case with me. I defended the show to book purists and haters for YEARS. But I really did hate the final season.
  7. Six Feet Under is my 2nd favorite series finale of all time after The Shield. Those final minutes absolutely wrecked me.
  8. I highly recommend The Shield. Especially since you like crime shows. Along with The Sopranos, it really was one of the OG dramas that paved the way for future shows to have that kind of antihero character as a lead.
  9. Go back and watch the battle at the Wall in S4. Which was also shot at night, but they used additional lighting, and you could you know...actually see what was going on. And then later the other big episode they somehow managed to make a dragon destroying a city boring as hell. Quite a feat.
  10. Ofc battles are chaotic, but there’s a huge difference between chaos, and total darkness. The choice to shoot the battle with only natural light was a terrible one. It was hands down the worst large battle the show ever did. Completely disagree with the finale being on par with The Wire’s. (And I won’t even compare it to a comedy like Seinfeld) But then again I don’t think GoT was ever on the level of The Sopranos or The Wire. The best finale of all time is The Shield though. And it’s not even close.
  11. He did deal well with it though. He won an MVP, took the team to their first playoffs in years, tried to be a leader (asked for Jack’s locker to be put next to his, etc). The only thing I didn’t like was the hand to the ear thing, but whatever, it really wasn’t that big of a deal, and I quickly forgot about it. The only good memories I really have of this team in recent memory is pretty much thanks to Taylor Hall. I’d welcome him back. And he’d instantly be our best player again.
  12. It was absolutely not “perfectly fine.” It was horrendous. There’s a reason it’s the most panned series finale since Dexter. And that’s just the last episode. The entire season was a mess. Between rushed character development, anticlimactic storylines, to a battle nobody could see...The only decent episode was the slow burn lead up to the battle where Brienne was knighted. The rest was sh!t.
  13. The ending of GoT was 100% the fault of the 2 guys that rushed it and failed to stick the landing though. The sh!t show that was the 2019-2020 Devils was not completely on Taylor Hall. Not even close. Plenty of blame to go around there.
  14. I’d love to have Hall back. Him and Pietrangelo are pretty much the only UFA’s worth any big money this summer.
  15. Hey, you have Korean baseball, what more do you want??
  16. He’d be a pretty uninspiring choice. I’d probably rather just stick with Nas.
  17. The average NFL career is only 3 years. NHL is 5.
  18. That twitchy eyed bastard was my best friend’s favorite player at the time. We had both just got really into hockey during our senior year of high school, and he liked the Stars, and I liked the Devils (because of Stevens). We watched game 6 together at my mom’s house and when Arnott scored he threw his Stars hat at my tv. Good times. Lol
  19. Disgruntled was probably the wrong word. It wasn’t just the traffic though, he was also crying about getting all his money and saying it’s the only reason he plays. I didn’t say he was unhappy with the team personally, but would I be surprised if he pulled a Kovy at some point in his career? Not really. Also, he’s not really a “kid.” He’s already 28.
  20. I was going purely of talent/prospects. I sure as hell wouldn’t want to live in Calgary. Lol
  21. Well, other than Panarin (who’s already somewhat disgruntled in NY) there hasn’t been many FA’s I’m terribly upset over missing out on. Maybe Tavares, but he was only going to one team. But I get what you’re saying. Still, I’d rather have money, than be up against the cap and still not be a contender. As far as the coaches, and potential openings, the teams with interim coaches are (I think) Devills Leafs Sharks Flames Stars Wild If I’m a coach I’d take the NJ over Minnesota or SJ, but that still puts us 4th, so we’ll see...
  22. Simmonds was a gamble that he could find his game again, but NOBODY expected Subban’s play to drop off so much. Hindsight is always 20/20 though...
  23. And without Gusev they’re probably battling Detroit for last in the league.
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