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  1. I didn’t say I hadn’t heard of them. I said I never had one. I’ve heard of them a bunch, but honestly it was always in old movies or shows. I didn’t even know they still made them. Can’t say I’ve ever seen them in stores, or even seen someone eating one. Maybe they were more of an ice cream truck thing? I can probably count on one hand how many times I ever bought an ice cream from one of those - even as a kid.
  2. I won’t try it just to spite you a$$holes!
  3. Me either. As long as they keep these around I’m good.
  4. That would make a ton of sense. And would be well earned. I know he’s helped a lot of the young guys. He was one of the coaches that really helped Sharongovich develop his shot. From an Athletic article: Two assistant coaches in particular — Sergei Brylin in the AHL, Mikhail Grabovski in the KHL — have put in the hours of work with Sharangovich before and after practices to fine-tune his shooting ability.
  5. The heritage are still the best of the bunch, imo. The only Adidas jerseys I’ve purchased have been a game issued red John Ramage (whoever the fvck that is) that I had turned into a Hughes, and a white heritage that I had done up with Hischier. I actually liked the RR a lot but the crest was too low if I’m being nit-picky, and enough has already been said about the Jersey jerseys…
  6. Nothing concrete, but it sounds like our next RR might be Scouts inspired. I definitely prefer the one with KC’s old crest on it. Don’t want to see blue on a Devils jersey.
  7. So we saw Nope (it’s great), and there was a preview for Jaws on IMAX. It’s one of my favorite all time films, and even seeing a trailer for it on the big screen was awesome. I’m definitely going to try and go. @SterioDesign Do you know if you guys are getting it up there?
  8. I just saw that the Panthers don’t have a 1st round pick until 2026 now. Crazy.
  9. This is a big one. This MUST happen.
  10. I wouldn’t give Bratt $8 mil. He needs to be making a little bit less than Jack. Right in between Nico and Jack is probably fair. I’m not going to try and convince anyone that they should be excited about next season. But with Brunette over Recchi, VV in goal over guys like Gillies and Hammond, Palat in the top 6 over Tatar or Johnsson, Marino over Subban… I’m at least somewhat hopeful ? I’ll take that after some of the dark years recently where there was literally nothing to be hopeful about. We’ve added some proven NHL players, a President’s Trophy winning coach, and if - and it’s a big “IF” - but if the kids stay healthy, and take another nice step (would it really surprise anyone if Jack is our 1st 100 point player as soon as next season?), then this team can at the very least challenge for a playoff spot.
  11. You’re incredibly wrong, and this a REALLY bad take! Bratt has made every player he’s played with look better, including absolute scrubs like Zacha and Gusev. He’s easily the 2nd most dynamic player on the team, and his advanced stats are fantastic. His transition game and possession numbers more than make up for lack of size or toughness. Don’t get the “never finds the back of the net” comment either. Kid is coming off a 26 goal season despite being on a team with an absolute dog sh!t power play coached by Mark Recchi.
  12. And no - Nemec wouldn’t have been there. There was a lot of talk that he was Seattle’s guy.
  13. A “vanilla draft pick” would have been just taking Shane Wright. They swung for the fences with the upside of Nemec.
  14. Yeah, this. It’s been a solid offseason for Fitz, just not an overly exciting one. Which honestly it was probably never going to be after landing the top prize just last year. I’m pretty happy with Recchi being swapped for Brunette, and some actual NHL caliber goaltending coming in. Palat and Marino will probably move the needle more than some may think, too. A top 6 winger and top 4 D.
  15. 5 years younger than Huberdeau, too.
  16. Huberdeau and Weegar are both kinda on the older side. I don’t really get this for the rebuilding Flames.
  17. Oh well. At least now we can move on. Bratt probably has a little more leverage now.
  18. fvck em. Enjoy wasting Johnny Hockey, and good luck keeping Laine interested for the duration of that contract.
  19. That’s fair. Tkachuk does bring a lot more than just scoring (he’s one of the top pests in the league right now), but I get it - that’s a lot to give up. Normally I’d say too much, but he really is just exactly what we need.
  20. Is he? It’s kind of hard to rank them after the big 3 (Luke, Nemec, Holtz), but I’d probably have at least Zetterlund and Gritsyuk ahead of Thompson right now.
  21. A 5th round pick - who won’t be over here for a least another year? I seriously doubt it. They will want Holtz, Luke, or Nemec. And Holtz is the only one of the 3 I’d be comfortable moving.
  22. You can say the same about MT, though. Last season was a bit out an outlier when you look at his first 5 years. So basically it will take Bratt, Holtz, and a 1st. I would do that (with an extension ofc).
  23. If anything I could see Bratt’s numbers going up. Health permitting he’ll be playing with either Jack or Nico, and you have to think Brunette will improve the power play.
  24. Nico isn’t small though…
  25. Nicomo

    What to do with #2?

    Yeah, I’ve definitely seen some speculation about him being a bad interview. He was already kind of an unexciting #1OA to begin with, so I don’t really blame the teams at the top for passing on him.
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