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  1. Nothing maybe about it. That goal was terrible. Stop the fvcking puck.
  2. This is my take as well. It's bittersweet. On one hand it's a good thing he can't crack the lineup. Otoh it's the end of an era as Elias is obviously the last player left from the cup teams. He's also probably always going to be my favorite F. Hall or any future offensive star will have big shoes to fill to overtake him in my book.
  3. My heart was in my stomach during that final minute. I thought I was going to half to post a Groundhog's Day gif lol.
  4. I don't agree with that. I've been fairly impressed with Zacha so far. Especially defensively. Although I'm suprised to see he's -11. He's made some nice plays while backchecking, and he's certainly going to score more goals than JJ.
  5. Just got done watching the game, that might have been the most exciting game of the season. The resiliency of this team is really impressive. The defense was sloppy yet again, and Kinkaid let in a couple softies, but the best players stepped up (Hall, Cammy, Rico) big time. Cammy is absolutely on fire after the slow start. Hall's goal he batted out of the air was awesome, and Rico is going to break out now that the mustache isn't holding him back lol. Just have to get Palms going now, and tighten up the defense. Also, this team is totally going to break the single season record for most OT games.
  6. I hope you all are right and Cory just needs to play through this slump and find his game. I've just been pretty impressed with what little I've seen of Kinkaid so far this season. I'm not saying they should split starts or anything though.
  7. I don't understand Hynes' love affair with Lovejoy. At least Moore is capable of scoring some goals.
  8. It's encouraging that they've been so competitive, but they're not going to make the playoffs 1 point at a time. Wins are coming way too few and far between at this point.
  9. Only 5 teams have less wins than the Devils (Canes, NYI, Sabres, ARI, Avs). Not good company.
  10. If he's playing poorly what's wrong with giving Kinkaid (who's playing better) more starts?
  11. I'm looking forward to hearing the excuses for Cory. I'm giving Kinkaid more starts if I'm Hynes. This is getting old.
  12. Great effort in the final few minutes.
  13. They suck. Soon to be 3 of 14 on the road. Pathetic.
  14. +Zajac should have the C on his jersey. -Cory's rebound control has been terrible lately.
  15. Looks like a completely different Devs team. Hawks could have 2 or 3 in the first couple minutes of the 2nd.
  16. Nice PK. Zacha continues to impress me defensively.
  17. I really don't understand why Hynes keeps scratching him. His finger was apparently healed during the west coast skid, but Hynes chose not to play him. I'd argue he's been the second best defenseman after Severson. He's definitely better than Moore, Merill, Quincey, and Lovejoy, imo. Maybe even Greene.
  18. I wouldn't say all around. Some of the young players showed up.
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