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  1. Miles Wood looking good tonight .
  2. Apparently his finger was healed and he was a healthy scratch for the first time in his career. Cangialosi mentioned it before his first game back.
  3. Scratching Auvitu was not a great choice during the west coast skid either.
  4. Ffs. Can they just win ONE game handedly?
  5. Does Kinkaid get the start tomorrow?
  6. I'm a little irritated with him right now tbh. It's why I changed my avatar. He needs to be better.
  7. Not great positioning by Andy Greene. Oh well.
  8. I'm from Ohio, and I have no problem with that name. It has historical significance, as Ohio fielded more of its population during the Civil War than any other northern state. They also made the majority of Union uniform coats (hence Blue Jackets) in Columbus. Maybe it's just cause I'm into history, but I think it was a cool choice. The canon they fire off when they score a goal is pretty cool too (although I hate hearing it when they play the Devils) and their 3rd jersey with the canon on it is one of the best in the league, imo.
  9. Best home record in the league. Now if they can just play a little better away from the Rock...
  10. At least JJ is good for something! What a comeback.
  11. Jfc with that pass... Double shifts for Cammy please.
  12. I'm really getting tired of all these shots not going on net.
  13. It's not good when Schneider is the best passer on the PP.
  14. This team is going nowhere if Cory keeps playing like this.
  15. People still want Kovalchuk to stay in Russia?
  16. So much for them being fun to watch...
  17. Soft as can be in front of the net.
  18. Wtf why was Auvitu a healthy scratch after his finger healed up?? Along with Severson, he's easily been the best defenseman so far.
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