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  1. Same. The last one I watched was Lake Tahoe because it was a gorgeous setting. And then ofc it ended up being a disaster anyway lol.
  2. Torts is the best part. Also wtf is Seattle’s mascot supposed to be??
  3. We’re officially relevant. Even if it’s just Jack at the kids table lol.
  4. Happy Thanksgiving MD, and to the rest of the Americans here who celebrate. Thanksgiving is my 2nd favorite holiday (after Halloween), so I love this time of year. I already watched Planes, Trains and Automobiles last night so I’m fully in the spirit.
  5. Again, he played a fine game outside of that one shift. I’m no big fan of his, but he actually made some nice plays tonight. Hamilton and Siegenthaler got outmuscled by Mitch freaking Marner on the boards to set up the 1st goal. Not sure why they’re getting a pass. And Sharongovich also completely lost Tavares in the slot. That’s at least 4 guys you can hold accountable on those 2 goals.
  6. Probably uttered by at least one Devils player and/or coach tonight lol.
  7. I hadn’t seen it posted. Uh, I was agreeing with you…
  8. Well, Vanecek gave up the first career goal to a guy named Pontus, so which is worse lol?
  9. Even without the disallowed goals they were a Dawson Mercer post away from playing OT right now for the record. They played pretty great outside of the Tavares goal (the 2nd one was just a bad bounce on the attempted clear). I think we’ll see a pretty pissed off team against Buffalo on Friday night.
  10. Weirdest game ever. I partially blame it being the night before Thanksgiving for the fans throwing sh!t. Most of these people are probably absolutely hammered. Not an excuse, but this was a powder keg.
  11. At least he didn’t draw emojis on it.
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