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  1. Yeah, these guys are clearly no joke...lol
  2. If only you could make money playing devil’s advocate online... you could probably buy your own team lol
  3. Well it is Switzerland...
  4. Bunch of guys I’ve never heard of ahead of the A-Line and the dynasty era Isles... fvck the Rags
  5. Idk...MLB is a pretty big mess itself. They can’t even get out of their own way right now to work something out to start playing. Add in the strikes, steroids era, declining interest among younger sports fans, etc. I’m not sure I’d say the NHL is any worse as far as how it’s run.
  6. Philly for sure, Nashville he never really had the deepest roster as far as his forwards (there’s a reason they had to trade away Seth Jones), and being a well balanced team. Rinne also chokes in the playoffs at times, otherwise he might have another Cup. Or at least another run. My list (top 5 anyway) would probably be... 1st choice: Gallant 2nd choice: Lav 3rd choice: Montgomery (he might be the good “fit” some of you are looking for as far as doing well with younger players (think he won a college title with Denver?) 4th choice: Euro guy, cause why not. If he doesn’t work out we can just blame moustic 5th choice: Boudreau
  7. There’s definitely no “fluke” involved with making it to the finals 3x with 3 different franchises. You’re obviously a really good coach if you do that. And even if you want to discount his Cup win because it was the weird post-lockout year his team still won 16 games to win the Cup. As far as being a compiler, you don’t last long enough to win 600+ games unless you’re pretty damn good. I don’t see how that’s a knock against him. Could some other coach end up having a better career? Ofc, but all you can do is speculate on that But this is pointless to keep going back and forth. Some of you don’t want Lav, which is understandable, if you like someone else better like Gallant, but I can’t believe anyone would be upset with that choice if they hire him.
  8. Well, there’s only one guy available with 600+ wins, 3 finals appearances (with 3 different teams), and a Cup... On paper Lav is the best available.
  9. No, you’re right, we should just keep perpetually worrying about “the future” You hire the best coach available. Period. Leave the crystal ball out of it.
  10. I have no idea what you’re going on about. Lav has won it all, so idk why he’d be seen as a “win now fvck the future hire.”
  11. Torts had a winning record in Vancouver though. Sounds good to me right about now... Again, results.
  12. He also had a winning record with FLA. CBJ is the only place he didn’t. And we have more talent than those BJ teams did. It was basically just Rick Nash and not much else when Gallant was there. He’s probably my first choice (although I’d be really happy with Lav), but I certainly don’t get the “Gallant or bust” crowd. He’s not that good of a coach. He just happens to be the hottest name right now.
  13. You mean like John Hynes? Who Taylor Hall and the rest of the guys supposedly loved so much... No thanks. Been there, done that.
  14. I have no basis to compare, but from everything I’ve heard about Philly sports fans you mostly only have to worry in Philly. But Steelers fans travel so well (especially to close places like Cincy and Cleveland) you basically lose home field advantage. Probably similar to what you guys deal with with Rags fans. Just worse because football games people are drunk as sh!t and fights are much more common.
  15. Jack is obviously the player I’m focused on the most, and according to an article from The Athletic a while back he has been working out with his brothers in Michigan at their home gym. Apparently their parents live really close to USNDT complex, and they received a bunch of equipment from them. Which was encouraging. Even after Quinn returns to camp at least Jack can continue to work out with young Luke. Not really worried about Nico either honestly as far as staying in shape. You said that kid doing them crazy flips online? Lol. The rest? Who knows...
  16. Noooooooooo!!!! They’re my most hated team in all of sports, and if I’m being perfectly honest it’s really not even close. I mean, ofc I hate the Rags, and Sean Avery is my most hated hockey player of all time, but since I don’t live up there I don’t really have to deal with Rags fans like you guys do on a daily basis. The Steelers otoh fill Paul Brown Stadium with their awful piss yellow terrible towels every time they play the Bengals in Cincinnati. And their Yinzer fans are insufferable (sorry if anyone here is from Pittsburgh). Talk about living in the past. They’re still boasting about Super Bowl’s won in the 70’s ffs. Some of the nastiest fights I’ve ever seen at a sporting event involved Steelers fans too. I don’t like this one bit.
  17. Well if Todd Cordell says it... But I’m not surprised a young analytics guy doesn’t want an old school coach like Lav. Personally I think that’s probably exactly what we need.
  18. That part is fair, even if I disagree with it. I just personally like his fiery style, without being a full on POS like Torts. And the fact that he’s succeeded everywhere he’s gone. Here are the only coaches currently in the NHL with more wins than Lav (637) Joel Q, Trotz, Maurice, Vigneault, Julien, Torts. That’s a short list.
  19. You said he’s the most overrated coach in the league...
  20. Their best forwards (Duchene, Forsberg, Johansen) are all typically around 60 point guys. Not exactly TB, TOR, BOS, etc. Those are the types of teams I think of as far as being “loaded.” And before Duchene they were pretty think down the middle. They never even have a single PPG player in any given season down there.
  21. Lav took the Preds to the Cup finals in 2017. That’s not “ancient history.” And as good as those Nashville teams have been the last few years “loaded” is a bit of a stretch. They mostly get it done with defense and goaltending. Hell, Josi led them in points this season.
  22. Btw who the hell is that girl?
  23. I thought you were talking about Boudreau. I’ve only seen one person (at least here) that stated they were completely against Lav.
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