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  1. When you combine it with all the rest of the stuff before February it is.
  2. 3-2-1. But like I said, he hasn’t been the same since. And it really looked like he was about to break out right before that. So maybe if we had a red hot Nico since January we might be a bubble team right now.
  3. Even after that. Nico got hurt against Dallas at the beginning of February, and missed a ton of games. Which really sucked as he was playing great right before that. He hasn’t looked the same since.
  4. I think there’s reasons to be cautiously optimistic going forward. This season pretty much everything that could go wrong, did.
  5. Yeah, it sucks everything from that era looks so old now. Although, that Stevens gif still somehow holds up. probably on shear ferocity lol
  6. Except that one looks like it was filmed with a potato.
  7. Yeah, but what are Hutton’s thoughts on the universe though?
  8. If there wasn’t a couple really good coaches available like Lav and Gallant I’d say just give Nas a shot, but you have to think those guys are better options. Maybe Nas gets a shot somewhere in the AHL after this run.
  9. I’m at an ECHL game, and I forgot to set my DVR for this one, but I’m loving the score. Great to see Palms break his cold streak. Probably means he gets hot and finishes strong down the stretch.
  10. Then he should have been left in Bing to help them.
  11. Wood hasn’t scored a goal in over a month (Feb 6)...
  12. So right up Nas’ alley then...
  13. He might not even play, but if he does you’d have to think Rooney is the obvious choice.
  14. Yeah, surprising. Especially with Bing having games tonight and tomorrow.
  15. Canes fans are probably so pissed right now. Kuokkanen has been lighting it up since coming over, and Vatanen might not play a single game for them at this point...
  16. Unfortunately, I just don’t see anyone taking on that contract. And he would have to wave his NTC.
  17. Starting this thread early so I don’t forget. Got us wins against CBJ and STL so far this season, so hopefully the trend continues against another group of blue shirted jack wagons tomorrow night. LGD
  18. LMAO we can’t even name the right players?
  19. Made a nice play to chip out right before that, too.
  20. Credit when it’s due. Zacha is playing really well right now.
  21. I like pissed off Subban.
  22. No, I’m saying if Jack followed his brothers path to the NHL he wouldn’t even have been in the league yet.
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