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  1. If Hynes goes right back to Cory next game he'll have completely lost me. Can't give Kinkaid enough props for this one. He was fantastic.
  2. C'mon JJ earn your roster spot...
  3. Wtf did that bozo just say? The Devils d look like Stevens and Daneyko out there? Lmao
  4. KK looking like Hasek out there.
  5. Wtf Rico looked like a statue on that goal.
  6. At least splitting games. I was saying it weeks ago and it wasn't well received.
  7. He might suck the most though.
  8. The way things are going they'll probably finish last but not win the lottery anyway.
  9. Nicomo


    He only has 1 point more than Hall. In 8 more games too.
  10. This. I wasn't expecting to compete for the cup anytime soon, but this is fvcking unacceptable. Rebuild or not, nobody is going to pay good money to watch this team if things continue this way.
  11. And the Jackets have won 13 in a row. My how things have changed.
  12. Lol at Cangi talking about standings and games in hand.
  13. It can't get any worse. He's not the guy (I'm tired of hearing about lack of talent, they're not even competitive), fvcking move on already.
  14. He's been doing plenty of that this season without me making fun of him. He's the best player in the world, imo (although I like Ovechkin better), but that doesn't mean he wasn't a complete crybaby for his first handful of years in the league. He's gotten a little better, and I respect that he'll even scrap once in awhile, but I still don't like the guy.
  15. Hell of a move by Hall. I'd like to see him start putting the puck in the net himself, but I can't get on him too much when he'sdoing stuff like that.
  16. Agreed. Should have kept Helgeson up. Although tbf I didn't see the game against the Pens last night.
  17. Didn't get to see the game, sounds like that's probably for the best. Not sure why I let last night fool me. This team fvcking blows. Glad I got got all these wonderful Devils related gifts for Xmas...
  18. Most complete 60 minute game they've played all season. The playmakers stepped up, the whole team played with some snarl, and Cory gets the shutout. Gives me a glimmer of hope.
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